Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Q-finals: Malaysia v South Korea

12/12/13 (Malaysian Time)

Classifications -- Egypt v England (2pm), Spain v Canada (3.45pm), Pakistan v South Africa (6.30pm), Argentina v India (9.30pm).
Quarter-finals: Belgium v France (3.45pm), Malaysia v South Korea (6pm),  Australia v Germany (8.30pm),

Netherlands v New Zealand (10.30pm).

  RESULTS: Group A: Germany 6 Egypt 0, Belgium 2 Pakistan 2.
Group C: Netherlands 7 Canada 0, India 3 South Korea 3.

                                P  W  D  L  F  A  Pts
BELGIUM                 3   2  1   0  10   3    7
GERMANY               3   2  0   1  13   4   6
PAKISTAN                3   1  1   1  6   10   4
EGYPT                      3   0  0   3  2   14  0

                                P  W  D  L  F  A  Pts
AUSTRALIA             3   3  0   0  9   2  9
FRANCE                  3   2  0   1  7   7  6
ARGENTINA             3   1  0   2  5   8  3
SPAIN                      3   0  0   3  3   7  0

                               P  W  D  L  F  A  Pts
NETHERLANDS     3   3  0   0  13   4 9
S KOREA               3   1  1   1  12   10  4
INDIA                     3   1  1   1  8     8  3
CANADA                3   0  0   3  6   17 0

                              P  W  D  L  F  A Pts
MALAYSIA             3   3  0   0  9   5  9
N ZEALAND           3   1  1   1  5   5  4
S AFRICA               3   1  0   2  3   4  3
ENGLAND              3   0  1   2  5   8  1


Quarter-finals: Belgium v France; Germany v Australia

  RESULTS: Group A: Germany 6 Egypt 0, Belgium 2 Pakistan 2.
Group C: Netherlands x Canada x, India v South Korea x.

                                P  W  D  L  F  A  Pts
BELGIUM                 3   2  1   0  10   3    7
GERMANY               3   2  0   1  13   4   6
PAKISTAN                3   1  1   1  6   10   4
EGYPT                      3   0  0   3  2   14  0

                                P  W  D  L  F  A  Pts
AUSTRALIA             3   3  0   0  9   2  9
FRANCE                  3   2  0   1  7   7  6
ARGENTINA             3   1  0   2  5   8  3
SPAIN                      3   0  0   3  3   7  0

                               P  W  D  L  F  A  Pts
NETHERLANDS     2   2  0   0  6   4  6
S KOREA               2   1  0   1  9   7  3
INDIA                     2   1  0   1  5   5  3
CANADA                2   0  0   2  6   10 0

                              P  W  D  L  F  A Pts
MALAYSIA             3   3  0   0  9   5  9
N ZEALAND           3   1  1   1  5   5  4
S AFRICA               3   1  0   2  3   4  3
ENGLAND              3   0  1   2  5   8  1

Empty Dhyan Chand Stadium ...

THE Dhyan Chand Stadium in New Delhi can seat 16,000 fans, but since the start of the Junior  World Cup, not more than 100 ticket buying fans have turned up to watch every match day, even when hosts India are playing.
   It only costs 50 rupees per-person, and its free seating around the stadium, but still, the fans have yet to show up as the tournament enters the knock-out stages.
   This is really a worying factor for the organisers, as the International Hockey Federation (FIH) has awarded India four major events for the next year, including the 2016 (correct) men's Junior World Cup and the 2018 men's World Cup.
   India will also play host to the 2015 and 2017 editions of men's Hockey World League Finals to be held in the months of December.
   Amazing India also hosted the senior men's world cup in 2010, and will be hosting it again eight years later, not to mention back-to-back Junior World Cups.
  "Delhi is not a sporting state and people here lead a hectic life and have no time to come and watch hockey matches. I hope the organisers will hold the other major tournaments elswhere in India, because it will be the same empty seats be it senior or junior World Cup," said an official who declined to be named.
   The India hockey team, on fire during the Sultan of Johor Cup, has also been a disappointment at their own yard, as they struggled to reach their true form.
    Meanwhile, Pakistan took a 2-0 lead before collapsing 2-2 to Belgium in a Group A match yesterday. Pakistan's No 9 Muhammad Dilber scored in the 41st and 54th minutes, while Belgium's No 9 Maxine Plennevaux scored two in the 60th and 65th minutes.
    The match concluded quarter-finalists from Group A and Group B, with Belgium playing France while Australia and Germany battle it out in the other last-eight.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Malaysia keep clean slate

  RESULTS: Group B: Argentina 1 Spain 0, Australia 2 France 0.
Group D: England 2 Malaysia 4, South Africa 0 New Zealand 1.

                                P  W  D  L  F  A  Pts
BELGIUM                 2   2  0   0  8   1  6
GERMANY               2   1  0   1  7   4  3
PAKISTAN                2   1  0   1  4   8  3
EGYPT                      2   0  0   2  2   8  0
                                P  W  D  L  F  A  Pts
AUSTRALIA             3   3  0   0  9   2  9
FRANCE                  3   2  0   1  7   7  6
ARGENTINA             3   1  0   2  5   8  3
SPAIN                      3   0  0   3  3   7  0

                               P  W  D  L  F  A  Pts
NETHERLANDS     2   2  0   0  6   4  6
S KOREA               2   1  0   1  9   7  3
INDIA                     2   1  0   1  5   5  3
CANADA                2   0  0   2  6   10 0

                              P  W  D  L  F  A Pts
MALAYSIA             3   3  0   0  9   5  9
N ZEALAND           3   1  1   1  5   5  4
S AFRICA               3   1  0   2  3   4  3
ENGLAND              3   0  1   2  5   8  1

Malaysia 4 England 2

MALAYSIA started cold and stuttering, but after they warmed up to the freezing evening, England were demolished 4-2 in Group D of the Junior World Cup at the Dhyan Chand Stadium in New Delhi.
    There was little pressure on coach K. Dharmaraj's men as they had already qualified for the quarter-finals before the match, but still, they whipped up a convincing win to enter the knock-out stage unbeaten after three matches.
   Malaysia's quarter-finals opponents will be either India or South Korea, who play their last Group C match today. India need a clear win, while South Korea only a draw to meet Malaysia.
   "They took some time to settle down, again, and we can't afford this in the knock-out stage," said Dharmaraj.
    "We have a two-day break before the quarter-finals, and who we meet does not matter as we have been preparing for years for this day to arrive," said Dharmaraj.
   Defender Kavin Kartik, playing in his second Junior World Cup, wants to achieve something in New Delhi.
   "I am a much more confident player, as compared to my first Junior World Cup (2009 in Johor Baru) and I have a mission in New Delhi. There are only three more matches to touch the gold medal, and I and my team-mates will try our best to keep a clean slate in the knock-out as well," said Kartik.
   It was a comical Malaysia which attacked England like men on a mission, but for 10 minutes, all they had to show were misses, as the ball whizzed from left to right of the England goalmouth with no connection coming forth.
   And penalty corners were also won with ease, but there were either no lift-off, or the push was easily intercepted.
   It was comical, just because Malaysia had already qualified for the quarter-finals before the match. Otherwise, the number of sitters Malaysia missed would have been heartbreaking.
   After five shots at goal, the penalty corner won in the 15th minute finally sounded the board. It was Zulhairi Hashim's attempt and after scoring his first goal of the tournament, he knelt down on the artificial pitch and offered a prayer in gratitude.
   Firhan Ashaari, who is a regular with the senior side, released some pressure off his team-mates shoulders when he scored a field goal in the 27th minute. It was his second goal of the tournament.
   England pulled one back before the breather when Luke Taylor scored off their firstpenalty corner inthe 31st minute.
      Malaysia were better organised, and looked hotter playing in the coldest evening since the tournament started, and did not take long to score their third goal. This time it was a field goal scored by Rashid Baharom, from Penang, in the 44th minute. It was also his second goal of the World Cup.
    And skipper Fitri Saari made sure Malaysia win their third straight match when he scored a cracker in the 57th minute.
     England scored their second goal in the 65th minute off Phil Roper, but it was tooo late a comeback ro deny Malaysia  their glory.

Malaysia lead Asian charge...

MALAYSIA were the surprise Asian package in the Junior World Cup, as three other teams are still struggling to find
their form and break into the quarter-finals.
   Pakistan, in Group A, will meet Belgium today and have to win by a big margin, while Germany have a much more

realistic entry into the last-eight from the group as they only need to beat Egypt.
   As for hosts India, they will be meeting South Korea in their final Group C match, and a draw will see Korea

packing the hosts while a win will allow India passage into the last eight.
   And realistically speaking, Malaysia and only one more Asian side will see action in the knock-out stages.
   India skipper Manpreet Singh knows the score: "Our next game against Korea is very crucial as it is a must win

game for us while Korea only need a draw.
    "We realise that we are in the brink of losing out the quarter-finals hence we will not hold back."
   India did beat South Korea  6-1 in the Sultan of Johar Cup: "But since them the Koreans have improved a lot and

are playing very good hockey and can't be taken lightly.
   "We went through the video footage of our last game against Canada and have zeroed in on our shortcomings on

the field and have been working on the mistakes for the last 2 days," said Manpreet who skippered India to the
Sultan of Johor Cup by beating Malaysia 3-0 at the Taman Daya Stadium in Johor Baru.
   India coach Gregg Clark said: "We are still very much alive in the tournament and there is lot of positivity within

the team. The Koreans are a good side; they have consistently performed well in the tournament. The match will be
difficult but we have confidence in ourselves."

Junior World Cup results Sunday


  RESULTS: Group B: Argentina 2 France 3, Australia 2 Spain 0.
Group D: South Africa 1 Malaysia 2, England 2 New Zealand 2.

                                P  W  D  L  F  A  Pts
BELGIUM                 2   2  0   0  8   1  6
GERMANY               2   1  0   1  7   4  3
PAKISTAN                2   1  0   1  4   8  3
EGYPT                      2   0  0   2  2   8  0

                                P  W  D  L  F  A  Pts
AUSTRALIA             2   2  0   0  7   2  6
FRANCE                  2   2  0   0  7   5  6
SPAIN                      2   0  0   2  3   6  0
ARGENTINA             2   0  0   2  4   8  0

                               P  W  D  L  F  A  Pts
NETHERLANDS     2   2  0   0  6   4  6
S KOREA               2   1  0   1  9   7  3
INDIA                     2   1  0   1  5   5  3
CANADA                2   0  0   2  6   10 0

                              P  W  D  L  F  A Pts
MALAYSIA             2   2  0   0  5   3  6
S AFRICA               2   1  0   1  3   3  3
N ZEALAND           2   0  1   1  4   5  1
ENGLAND              2   0  1   1  3   4  1

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Malaysia ccheck into quarter-finals

MALAYSIAN Juniors lived dangerously, and even survived a penalty stroke to beat a stubborn South Africa 2-1 and qualify for the quarter-finals of the Junior World Cup at the Dhyan Chand Stadium yesterday.
   Theor ticket was confirmed when New Zealand held England to a 2-2 draw in another Group D match.
   After the second straight England are their last opponents to decide who tops the group.
   Goalkeeper Hafizuddin Othman had nerves of steel when he palmed away a penalty stroke: "I was not afraid at all, infact, I was determined and confident because I did not want to let my team-mates down. It was my moment, and I am happy I survived the test."
   Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) president Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah was happy with the three points, but not the way his boys played.
   "We are heading towards the quarter-finals, but still, I think the boys need to play at a higher level and stop making too many mistakes. They must keep up the momentum, and must beat England at all cost," said Tengku Abdullah.
     Malaysia were lost souls when they gave away a 20 seconds penalty corner to South Africa, and until the 14th minute, handed them another three more penalty corners on a platter after poor defending.
   South Africa bungled the first three penalty corners, but in the 14th minute Matthew Brown sent the ball crashing into the net with a powerfull drag flick.
   There was total collapse as Malaysia kept giving away penalty corners, while their attacks were harmless whizzing balls from left to the right side of the South African goalpost.
   However, luck favoured coach K. Dharmaraj's boys when a shot from outside the semi-circle by Nor Aqmal  Ghaffar was deflected in as an own goal by goalkeeper Rene de la Peyre in the 29th minute.
   After that blunder, Rene pulled off three point-blank saves to keep his team-mates in the match until the half-time hooter.
   Dharmaraj must have worked his magic in the dressing room, because his charges came charging out out and after a series of attacks, Firhan Ashaari scores Malaysia's second goal with a cool attitude in the 42nd minute.
   Thand hgandful of Malaysian supporters at the stadium felt that it was game on after that goal, but there was more erratic play as they lived dangerously with a slim lead.
   They hung by a shoe-string when in the 54th minute, South Africa won a penalty corner but it was turned into a penalty stroke when skipper Fitri Shaari defended with his body. Malaysia asked for a TV referral, but the stroke was upheld.
    Matthew Brown stepped to the spot, and faced goalkeeper Hafizuddin Othman. However, Hafizuddin brought off a super save and Malaysian lived to keep the slim lead with 16 minutes left to play.
   And they killed the clock to take a step closer to the quarter-finals.

Group B: France and Australia in quarter-finals

AUSTRALIA confirmed their quarter-final spot from Group B when they beat Spain 2-0 at the Dhayan Chand Stadium in New Delhi.
   And France followed suit from the same group, when they beat Argentina 3-2 for six points after two matches.
   The Australian win, came at the back of a  5-2 win against Argentina on the opening day, and the Aussies have

France next to decide if they top the group or finish second.
    Australia, the bronze medallists in the 2009 Malaysia-Singapore Junior World Cup, only had two weeks of

training, and two friendly matches against New Zealand before heading to New Delhi.
   Second half goals from captain Daniel Beale and his fellow Queenslander Daniel Beale won them the match.
    "Even though we won two straigh matches, but the boys still play in patches and this is not their full potential.

However, after today, I believe the players will perform better," said Australia Coach, Paul Gaudoin.
   Spain Captain Alejendro de Frutos said: "It was a tough match against Australia, and the defeat has placed us in a

very difficult position in this tourrnament, however, we need to continue and win our next game against Argentina tomorrow (today)”.

JUnior World Cup: Results and standings

  RESULTS: Group A: Belgium 5 Egypt 0, Pakistan 1 Germany 6.
Group C: South Korea 2 Netherlands 3, India 3 Canada 2.

                                P  W  D  L  F  A  Pts
BELGIUM                 2   2  0   0  8   1  6
GERMANY               2   1  0   1  7   4  3
PAKISTAN                2   1  0   1  4   8  3
EGYPT                      2   0  0   2  2   8  0

                                P  W  D  L  F  A  Pts
AUSTRALIA             1   1  0   0  5   2  3
FRANCE                  1   1  0   0  4   3  3
SPAIN                      1   0  0   1  3   4  0
ARGENTINA             1   0  0   1  2   5  0

                               P  W  D  L  F  A  Pts
NETHERLANDS    2   2  0   0  6   4  6
S KOREA               2   1  0   1  9   7  3
INDIA                     2   1  0   1  5   5  3
CANADA                2   0  0   2  6   10 0

                              P  W  D  L  F  A Pts
MALAYSIA             1   1  0   0  3   2  3
S AFRICA               1   1  0   0  2   1  3
N ZEALAND           1   0  0   1  2   3  0
ENGLAND              1   0  0   1  1   2  0

Malaysia as chaotic as Delhi traffic...

MALAYSIA were not at their best, but the three points they shaved off New Zealand was a valuable step towards their target of finishing among the best in the Junior World Cup in New Delhi.
   Skipper Fitri Saari and his men were as chaotic as the New Delhi traffic, where rules are made to be broken by every form on wheels. Whizzing in and out, honking like crazy, and daring the other driver to cross their path is the attitude of the typical India driver.
   And not to mention the carts pulled by horses, elephants, and even camels freely intermingling with the traffic with chaotic harmony.
   But there was no harmony in Malaysia's 3-2 win over the Kiwis, as they almost lost the script in their chaotic approach of the match.
    And coach K. Dharmaraj summed it up when he said "we were lucky". But luck sometimes runs out of the New Delhi drivers too, as almost almost the cars, bikes and trucks have dents and scars to remind one of their mistakes on the road.
   Malaysia can no longer depend on luck in their remaining matches against England and South Africa. For the record, South Africa beat England 2-1, and Malaysia will be meeting the Africaans today at the Dhyan Chand Stadium.
    "At times, we were really reckless against New Zealand and we can't affford that in the remaining two matches. Starting with South Africa, we need to win all matches and not rely on other results to move into the last-eight," said Fitri.
   The Evel Knievel dare-devil attitude must only be displayed in the opponents semi-circle, and not in ther own back-yard which gave away nine silly penalty corners to the Kiwis.
   "Reallistically speaking, there ar no easy teams in the World Cup. Every team came here with a mission, and to take South Africa lightly would be foolish," said Dharmaraj.
    Foolish were Pakistan, when they toyed around with Egypt in Group A, and the score stood at 2-2 at one time, before they had to bring out their best to win 3-2.
    South African coach Darryn Galagher, knew the score when he said: "We came here knowing well that Malaysia would be the team to beat in our Group (D) and it will not be an easy match, as we need to counter their speedy strikers."
    Speedy, but not sharp, were the Malaysian strikers in their opening match.
    "Now that the first match of the tournament is out of the way, I believe my players would be much more settled after a day's rest. We came here with a mission, and at no cost, would stray from it," said Dharmaraj.
    Dharmaraj's personal target, just like the other 15 coaches, is to see his charges win the gold. And the first step towards it would be to collect full nine points in Group D, and not wait for other results to work in their favour to play in the quarter-finals.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dharma's boys do just enough...

MALAYSIA were clumsy, at times playing like novices, but still managed to beat New Zealand 3-2 in a dramatic Junior World Cup match at the Dhyan Chand Stadium in New Delhi Friday.
   There was plenty of drama in the final three minutes of the Group D match, as New Zealand took out their goalkeeper Richard Joyce and replaced him with a striker as they went looking for the equalsier, but it never came as Malaysia killed the clock with some good defending.
    "It was a jittery and cold start even though the weather was pleasent, but this is to be expected in the first match of the World Cup. We were lucky to win, but then again, every team needs luck at one time of the other," said Malaysian coach K. Dharmaraj.
    New Zealand coach Grant Edwards said his charges  layed well in the firts half: "We did well for 35 minutes and should have won the match then, but nothing went right in the second half and now we will have to beat the other two teams to make sure we play in the quarter-finals."
   Malaysia skipper Fitri Shaari feels his mates will play much better after this cold start.
    "It was not our normal game, as we made too many mistakes and gave away nine penalty corners. However, we will take the good and leave the bad behind in our next match."
   After a rest day today, Malaysia play South Africa on Sunday followed by England on Monday to wrap-up their Group D fixtures.
   It was a heart-stopping start for Malaysia as New Zealand won the first penalty corner in the fourth minute itself, but the shortest player on the picth Faiz Jali, ran out like a pouncing tiger to clear the ball for a counter-attack.
   And the counter won Malaysia their first penalty corner in the fifth minute, which did not saw a lift-off but the umpire awarded Malaysia their second penalty corner.
   It was a set-piece which caught everybody by surprise, as Kavin Kartik pushed towards skipper Fitri Saari, who in turn passed the ball to Shahril Saabah to slap home the opening goal in the sixth minute.
   But after that goal, Malaysia gave away four penalty corners from the  10th to the 14th minute, and finally Kane Russel sent in a high ball crashing into the net to equalise.
   After that Malaysia had the upper hand for the remaining of the first half, but could not find the lead again, and trooped into the dressing room looking, planning for win.
   The good part in the first 35 minutes was that all the Malaysian players were highly disciplined, and never argued with the umpires, but kept their cool even when some decisions went against them.
    The boys looked much more settled after the rest, and it did not take long for Rashid Baharom to score a field goal in the 37th minute, to re-ignite the Malaysian fire as New Delhi starts to get colder, as darkness creeps in.
    But the joy was short-lived as Kane Russel scores his second penalty corner goal, this time with a low flick in the 47th minute to equalise again.
   However, even with their bungling play which gave away New Zealand many chances, the Malaysian team lived to re-take the lead for the third time in the match.
   This time, they used the video refferal to their advantage for the first time to win their fifth penalty corner, and Shahril Saabah's push was connected home by Firhan Ashaari for 3-2.
    The weather dropped a few degrees further, but even in a cold and clumsy opening game, coach K. Dharmaraj's boys sealed three crucial points which took them a step closer to the quarter-finals.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Junior World Cup scores and standings

  RESULTS: Group A: Germany 1 Belgium 3, Pakistan 3 Egypt 2.
 Group B: Australia 5 Argentina 2, Spain 3 France 4.
 Group C: South Korea 7 Canada 4, Netherlands 3 India 2.
 Group D: New Zealand 2 Malaysia 3, England 1 South Africa 2.
                                P  W  D  L  F  A  Pts
BELGIUM                 1   1  0   0  3   1  3
PAKISTAN                1   1  0   0  3   2  3
EGYPT                      1   0  0   1  2   3  0
GERMANY               1   0  0   1  1   3  0

                                P  W  D  L  F  A  Pts
AUSTRALIA             1   1  0   0  5   2  3
FRANCE                  1   1  0   0  4   3  3
SPAIN                      1   0  0   1  3   4  0
ARGENTINA             1   0  0   1  2   5  0

                               P  W  D  L  F  A  Pts
S KOREA               1   1  0   0  7   4  3
NETHERLANDS    1   1  0   0  3   2  3
INDIA                     1   0  0   1  2   3  0
CANADA                1   0  0   1  4   7  0

                              P  W  D  L  F  A Pts
MALAYSIA             1   1  0   0  3   2  3
S AFRICA               1   1  0   0  2   1  3
N ZEALAND           1   0  0   1  2   3  0
ENGLAND              1   0  0   1  1   2  0

Malaysia down Kiwis to edge closer to quarters...

Faiz Jali receiving the man-of-the-match award.

ASIAN Champions Malaysia beat New Zealand 3-2 in a dramatic Junior World Cup match at the Dhyan Chand Stadium in New Delhi on Friday
   There was plenty of drama in the final three minutes of the Group D match, as New Zealand took out their goalkeeper Richard Joyce and replaced him with a striker as they went looking for the equalsier, but it never came as Malaysia killed the clock with some good defending.
    The Malaysian goals were scored by  Shahril Saabah (sixth), Rashid Baharom (14th) and Firhan Ashaari (53rd). The Kiwi brace was scored off penalty corners by Kane Russell.

    After a rest day Saturday, Malaysia play South Africa on Sunday followed by England on Monday to wrap-up their Group D fixtures.

Skipper with a lion’s heart

CAPTAIN Fitri Saari was spotted way back in 2007 when he scored a brace to help Kelantan beat Singapore 2-1 in the National Under-14 tournament at the Pandamaran Stadium in Klang.

Fitri scored off a penalty corner and then a marvellous field goal which brought the fans to their feet.
He was only 14, and the scouts had already placed a tick next to his name on the team list.
Fast forward to 2011 and the 18-year-old made his senior team debut by playing in the inaugural Asian Champions Trophy, the same year he handed Malaysia the Sultan of Johor Cup title by scoring a goal in the 3-2 win against Australia.
As a 20-year-old with 56 senior caps, he will lead Malaysia’s assault against New Zealand, South Africa and England.
“I grew up in the shadow of my more established brother Faizal (the best senior team striker in Malaysia today) and after he played in the 2009 Junior World Cup, I told myself that I can also make the grade.
“It was not easy, but I put in many extra hours outside of normal training and now the coach has placed his trust in me to wear the arm band.
“I am ready, the team are ready, and we can’t wait for the tournament to get underway,” said the pint-sized skipper.
Size does not matter for this skipper, as he has rubbed shoulders with the giants from Europe when playing in the World League Semi-finals in Johor Baru where Malaysia finished fifth and qualified for next year’s senior World Cup in the Netherlands.
“I have been pushed, elbowed, and sent flying in tackles against bigger European players but I always keep my eyes on the ball, and never give up a fair fight for possession,” said Fitri.
And his determination, and a strong heart, makes up for his size.
“My mission is to lead the team into the quarter-finals, and then plan for the next stage. I have 17 other players who are just as determined as me, and that makes my work on the pitch that much easier.”
Malaysia need to beat New Zealand at all cost today, for Fitri and his teammates to keep their sights on the quarter-finals.

Daring to dream

JUNIOR WORLD CUP: Coach believes his team can emerge champions

COACH K. Dharmaraj is confident his charges fear no team in the Junior World Cup, as they have been turned into a hardened outfit after clocking many hour sof playing under different conditions all over the world to prepare for the showdown in New Delhi today.
New Zealand are the first hurdle, and a winning start against the Kiwis will chart the coach and his charges’ future in the tournament.
“I have told my boys many times that they must believe in themselves and dream every night of becoming Junior World Cup champions.
“And I believe, if any Malaysian team can achieve this feat, it is these boys that I have with me,” said Dharmaraj.
His players are fearless, and don’t look at the country of origin of their opponents when trooping onto the pitch.
“There is absolutely no fear in the hearts of my players for European, Oceania, Asian, or South America teams.
They have been drilled to not fear teams which have a rich history in hockey, but only fear silly mistakes which will make their quest of making a big impact on the tournament that much harder,” said Dharmaraj.
Dharmaraj went on to say junior as well as senior coaches around the globe have started to look up to Malaysia, as the players have the heart and desire to win, and keep on winning.
“I have been approached by coaches from South Korea, Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand and Egypt in the past year and all of them said that my boys are among the teams to beat in New Delhi.
“And I have also told my players, that our tour to Australia recently was an invitation, and not a request from Malaysia. Not only did the Australians invite us, but they also sponsored our board and lodging.
“Pakistan had also invited Malaysia to play two friendlies, with full board and lodging provided. It was the same with England, when we went there to play.
“Hosts India also invited us to New Delhi this year. I am not bragging, but I told the players to think for themselves why all this sudden interest to play against Malaysia?
“I told them they are now a respected outfit, and the sky is the limit, if they choose to dream big,” said Dharmaraj.
A fiery player in his heyday, Dharmaraj is also a fiery ‘preacher’ who has taken the Malaysian Juniors to new heights many times.
Under Dharmaraj, the Project 2013 players have beaten Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Argentina, South Korea, India and Spain.
“My players have only failed to beat Netherlands, and we lost twice to the Dutch under cold conditions in 2010,” said Dharmaraj.
Project 2013 were also champions of the 2009 Sea Games, runners-up in the Under-18 Asia Cup in 2009 and 2011. They were champions in the inaugural Sultan of Johor Cup 2011, and SOJC runners-up this year.
“The biggest achievement was winning the Junior Asia Cup in 2012 and qualifying on merit for the World Cup.
“My boys have performed ‘magic’ when least expected, and I have told them, dreaming of gold in New Delhi can be turned into reality if they put their heart and mind to it,” said Dharmaraj.
TheMalaysianHockeyConfederation (MHC) has set a top-six target for the juniors, but Dharmaraj believes in his players, and in tandem, they believe they are champion material.
The squad: Hazrul Faiz Ahmad Sobri, Hafizuddin Othman, Firhan Ashaari, Fitri Saari (captain), Rashid Baharom, G. Kavin Kartik, Syamim Yusof, Shazril Irwan Nazli, Meor Azuan, Haziq Samsul, Izad Hakimi Jamaluddin, Azri Hassan, Zulhairi Hashim, Faiz Helmi Jali, Shahril Saabah, Joel Samuel van Huizen, Nor Aqmal Abdul Ghaffar, Hafiz Zainol.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Special cargo Kartik..

THE Malaysian juniors left for New Delhi Sunday, with  the airlines carrying special cargo in two-time Junior World  Cup player Kavin Kartik (pic).
    The cargo is overweight, but worth every ounce on the  artificial pitch, as portly Kevin’s passes are accurate, and  deadly to open wide the opponents back-line.
     He is only the second Malaysian to play in the Under-21  tournament which will be held from Dec 6-15.
    The first Malaysian was M. Davendran who played in  Vancouver in 1985, and Ipoh in 1989.
    “It was a wonderful experience for me, as I was only 17  when I was selected to play in the Malaysia-Singapore joint  World Cup.
    “The coach back then was K. Rajan, and I played against  England, Spain, Egypt and Poland; and it was not an easy feat  to finish 12th among 20 teams.
   “But after the tournament, I put on too much of weight and  was almost sidelined from the training pool, but I fought  back, lost some weight and an proud to represent country  again,” said Kavin, who hails from Tampin, Negri Sem bilan.
   Tampin, even back in the ‘dark ages’ of 1975, had produced  a gem in N. Palanisamy who helped Malaysia finish fourth in  the senior World Cup in Kuala Lumpur.
    And present No 1 senior goalkeeper S. Kumar also hails  from Tampin, and to name one of the other famous son is Dr  Bryan Jeyhan Siva.
    “No doubt, I would prefer Kevin to lose more weight, but his  body has not responded to all the vigorous training that I have  put him under for the last one year.
     “He is not lazy, and took the challenge to lose weight by  following the training schedule religiously, but his body  structure is such that it became almost an impossible task  even to lose a few kilos.
    “But even with his present structure, he is my first choice  because he is a strong defender, and also makes accurate  passes, which tears apart the opponents defense,” said coach  K. Dharmaraj.
     Malaysia went early to acclimatise, and also play a friendly  against one of the tournament Germany on Tuesday, before  opening their Junior World Cup accounts against New  Zealand on Dec 6, followed by South Africa (Dec 8) and  England (Dec 9).

Parents in full force..

PARENTS were in full force at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport Sunday morning to send off their  hopes, and also the nation’s 18 best to play in the Junior  World Cup in New Delhi.
   The Project 2013 Squad was formed five years ago with a  special mission to qualify for the World Cup in merit and the  boys did the nation proud by clinching the Junior Asia Cup  gold medal in Malacca last year -- and made the New Delhi  grade with style.
    “It is a nice feeling to finally arrive at the airport, and you  can see that the proud parents are beaming with pride.
    “We qualified by becoming Asian champions, and now, this  squad will attempt to qualify for the quarter-finals, and even  further, as the aim is to win every match we play in New  Delhi,” said team manager Mirnawan Nawawi.
    The front-runners for this junior tournament are Ger manay, hosts India, Australia and a handful of other Eu ropean nations.
    “The battle in India would not only be against top-ranked  junior teams, but also the chilly wind and unpredictable year- end weather in New Delhi.
    “But the players have seen it all in their tours Down Under,  and also Europe where we had to contend with some torrid  weather in the past year.
    “And we are also ready with the right clothing, and the five- day acclimatisation would be enough to prepare the boys for  their opening match against New Zealand,” said Mirnawan.
     MALAYSIA -- Hazrul Faiz Ahmad Sobri (goalkeeper),  Hafizuddin Othman (goalkeeper), Firhan Ashaari, Fitri Saari  (captain), Rashid Baharom, Kavin Kartik, Syamim Yusof,  Shazril Irwan Nazli, Meor Azuan, Haziq Samsul, Izad Hakimi  Jamaluddin,  Azri Hassan, Zulhairi Hashim, Faiz Helmi Jali,   Shahril Saabah, Joel Samuel van Huizen, Nor Aqmal Abdul  Ghaffar, Hafiz Zainol.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Junior World Cup fixtures (Malaysian time)

(Malaysian time)

GROUP A: Germany, Belgium, Pakistan, Egypt.
GROUP B: Argentina, Australia, Spain, France.
GROUP C: Canada, India, South Korea, Netherlands.
GROUP D: Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa, England.

Dec 6:
Group A: Germany v Belgium (5pm), Pakistan v Egypt (8.30pm).
Group B: Australia v Argentina (4.30pm), Spain v France (7.30pm).
Group C: South Korea v Canada (2.30pm), netherlands v India (10.30pm).
Group D: New Zealand v Malaysia (6.30pm), England v South Africa (10pm).

Dec 7:

Group A: Belgium v Egypt (4.30pm), Pakistan v Germany (6.30pm).
Group C: South Korea v Netherlands (8.30pm), India v Canada (10.30pm).

Dec 8:

Group B: Australia v Spain (4.30pm), Argentina v France (6.30pm).
Group D: South Africa v Malaysia (8.30pm), New Zealand v England (10.30pm).

Dec 9:

Group B: Argentina v Spain (4.30pm), Australia v France (6.30pm).
Group D: England v Malaysia (8.30pm), South Africa v New Zealand (10.30pm).

Dec 10:

Group A: Germany v Egypt (4.30pm), belgium v Pakistan (6.30pm).
Group C: Netherlands v Canada (8.30pm), India v South Korea (8.30pm).

Nur Azmi: Behave boys..

THE Malaysian juniors will head for New Delhi today  (Dec 1) morning, at the back of a stern warning from Malaysian  Hockey Confederation (MHC) senior vice president Datuk Nur  Azmi Ahmad for them to behave, on and off the pitch.
    The Junior World Cup will be from Dec 6-15, with Malaysia  opening accounts against New Zealand on day-one of the  tournament.
   “The MHC and its coaching staff have been preparing all of  you to face this moment in new Delhi for the last five years,  and my warning before all of you depart, is that behave on  and off the pitch as you will be carrying the Malaysian flag on  your shoulders,” said Nur Azmi.
    The warning has its merit, as the national Juniors lost the  Sultan of Johor Cup gold medal to India 3-0 when some  players started fighting, not for the ball, but with their  opponents and also the umpires for assumed wrong calls.
    “Always remember, that the umpire is also human and he  can make mistakes but that does not mean that you need to  charge at him in a threatening manner and question his  decision.
    “As this will not only see you receive a card, but also put  your team-mates in trouble when you are sent out, even for a  few minutes.
    “So, behave on and off the pitch, and there is always the  video referral to fall-back to when you think the umpire has  made a wrong call,” said Azmi, who was a former national  player.
    Yesterday, coach K. Dharmaraj’s boys were feted to a  lunch, by one of their sponsors Grays, at the Olympic Sports  Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.
    “We have been supporting the juniors for the last four years  to the region of RM100,000.
     “I believe we have a good mix of players with lots of  experience playing together over the years. And after their  performance in the Sultan of Johor Cup, I am confident that  they will rise to the occasion in the Junior World Cup as well,”  said Grays rights holder Kuckreja & Co managing Director  Mohanji Singh Kuckreja.
    After playing New Zealand on Dec 6, the juniors meet South  Africa (Dec 8) and England (Dec 9) to wrap-up their group D  fixtures.
    New Zealand played two friendlies with Australia before  heading for New Delhi, and lost 6-1 and 5-2.

Felda boys on a mission

 Izad Hakimi Jamaluddin (right)

 PIC: Hafiz Zainol(left)

FELDA boys Izad Hakimi Jamaluddin and Hafiz Zainol are two examples of true grit and determination, which is what Malaysia need to qualify for the quarter-finals of the Junior World Cup in New Delhi.
Izad, 21, grew up in a Felda settlement in Trolak, Perak, while Hafiz, 20, is from Jengka in Pahang.
Since the Project 2013 squad were formed five years ago, coach K. Dharmaraj has picked, trained and booted out some 200 players. And for the two Felda boys to remain standing in the final 18 for the World Cup, is a remarkable achievement in itself.
     Both were truly delighted, when Felda came in with an RM500,000 sponsorship to help the team in New Delhi from Dec 6-15.
"Growing up in a Felda settlement, life can be tough sometimes but it made me much more determined to make my mark when I was given a chance to join juniors training a few years ago," said Izad.
"And with Felda coming in as a major sponsor to help us, my gut feeling is that we are going to have a wonderful World Cup," said Hafiz.
Izad's main inspiration was his elder brother Roslan, a goalkeeper with the national senior side for the last decade.
"I have eight other siblings, and I am the youngest. Roslan is 14 years older than me, and I have always admired his ability in hockey.
"He (Roslan) is one of the driving factors in me giving my best in every match I play," said the lanky defender.
Izad is also the first runner when defending penalty corners, and has many a time stopped the ball with his body without fear.
The most recent was when he performed well against India's penalty corner flickers during the Sultan of Johor Cup.
"I don't fear the flickers, and my main focus is to stop them from scoring. If I get hurt in the process, it is not a problem, as I hate letting down the team," said Izad.
As for Hafiz, a midfielder, he feels the top-six target set by the Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) is achievable.
"Our first match (against New Zealand) is the most important in my career as a hockey player. I believe, if we beat the Kiwis, the quarter-finals door will open wide for Malaysia," said Hafiz.
Malaysia are in Group D and the other opponents in their path to the quarter-finals are England and South Africa.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Johari apologises for JHL mess...

PIC: MHC president Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah speaking to the media after the appointment of Johari Aziz (right) as the MHC secretary general in April 10 last year.

ENTRIES for the Junior Hockey League (JHL) closed yesterday, but there was nobody at the Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) office in Bukit Jalil to accept the forms, as well as the entry fee.
    The MHC office was locked, and team managers who turned up to submit last-minute entries were fuming at the MHC administrative bungle.
   And MHC secretary Johari Aziz, when contacted said it was due to miscommunication among his staff.
   “I admit that the booboo was an oversight, due to miscommunication and I apologise to the team managers who turned up to submit their entries at our Bukit Jalil office.
    “However, we will rectify the situation and not penalise teams which submit entries at a later date. Monday, I will sort out the problem,” said Johari.
    Old La Sallians Association of Klang (Olak) team manager Joseph de Silva was one of those who knocked at the MHC office door yesterday with no reply forthcoming.
    “Olak just finished their selection on Friday, and after finalising the team, I went to the MHC office at 11am to submit the entries and also make the payment as it was the last day.
   “Imagine my shock, when the office was locked on a day when MHC had set as the closing date for entries,” said Joseph.
    For the record, Olak has never missed a single season playing in the JHL since its inception in 1995.
    “While waiting outside the office, I also met Datuk Taha team manager Roslan (Mohamed) who has also come to submit the entry, and he was also shocked on why the MHC office was closed on the last day of filing entries,” said Joseph.

Australian juniors impressive against Kiwis..

BURRAS 5 (2)
Jeremy Hayward 27,62 (PC,PC)
Flynn Ogilvie 35 (F)
Cameron Joyce 40 (PC)
Will Gilmour 66 (F)

Russell Kane 5,45 (PC,PC)

The Burras came from behind to record a second straight win over New Zealand’s Junior Black Sticks in Perth. 
A double from captain Jeremy Hayward (NT) and one each from Flynn Ogilvie (NSW), Cameron Joyce (SA) and Will Gilmour (VIC) saw the Burras come from behind to beat their Kiwi rivals.
Russell Kane’s penalty corner had given New Zealand an early lead but Jeremy Haward’s penalty corner seven minutes from the break levelled the score and Ogilvie’s goal on the stroke of half time sent the Aussie U21s ahead at half time. 
Cameron Joyce’s goal five minutes after the restart gave Australia a two goal cushion but Kane’s second for New Zealand gave the visitors hope of a comeback soon after. 
But as the game entered its final ten minutes the Burras stretched their lead to ensure victory. Hayward’s second made it 4-2 before Will Gilmour’s late strike signed off the Australians’ Junior World Cup preparations.
The Burras' preparations for the Junior World Cup have been aided by support from the Australian Junior Commonwealth Games Squad Program (AJCGS). The team departs Perth for Delhi on Sunday ahead of the start of the tournament next weekend. The Burras will face Argentina, France and Spain in their Pool in Delhi with all eyes on a top two finish and a place in the quarter finals. 
>> Visit the FIH's Junior World Cup web page here.

Burras U21 men’s squad v New Zealand

Daniel Beale (Brisbane, QLD)
Edward Chittleborough (GK) (Blackwood, SA)
Matthew Dawson (Central Coast, NSW)
Justin Douglas (Townsville, QLD)
Casey Hammond (Melbourne, VIC)
Jeremy Hayward (Darwin, NT)
Cameron Joyce (Port Pirie, SA)
Frank Main (Perth, WA)
Luke Noblett (Sydney, NSW)
Flynn Ogilvie (Woonona, NSW)
Kane Posselt (Atherton, QLD)

Used Substitute
Robert Bell (Brisbane, QLD)
Andrew Butturini (GK) (Burringbar, QLD)
Tyler Cowley (South Morang, VIC)
Aaron Kershaw (Goulburn, NSW)
Will Gilmour (Melbourne, VIC)
Jayshaan Randhawa (Eltham, VIC)
Dylan Wotherspoon (Mulwillumbah, QLD)

Friday, November 29, 2013

JWC: Australia hammer Kiwis 6-1


BURRAS 6 (1)
Cameron Joyce 3,46 (PC,PC)
Kane Posselt 37 (F)
Tyler Cowley 43,63 (F,F)
Aaron Kershaw 56 (PC)

Nicholas Woods 58 (PC)

Australia’s under 21 men, the Burras, saw off New Zealand’s Junior Black Sticks with a 6-1 victory in the first of two matches in Perth on Thursday as both countries prepare for the Junior World Cup.
Despite the comprehensive score there was little in the half time tally to indicate the goal-fest second half to come. Cameron Joyce (SA) put the Burras ahead at the break through a penalty corner late in the first period before a quick-fire double in the opening ten minutes of the second half put the Burras well on track. Kane Posselt (QLD) and Tyler Cowley (VIC) both found the net from open play with Joyce adding his second – Australia’s fourth – soon after with a thunderous penalty corner.
Aaron Kershaw (NSW) netted the Burras' fifth goal from another penalty corner before New Zealand pulled a goal back. But there was still plenty in the Australian tank as Cowley rounded off the scoring for 6-1.
Afterwards, Junior Head Coach Paul Gaudoin said, “It was pleasing to score a few goals today but there’s lots of room for improvement. Our basic skills weren’t where they needed to be but overall the signs are promising. Tomorrow, we have another game and we’ll use that to work on improving things in our attacking and defensive thirds."
And speaking about the two week camp the squad is undertaking before departing for India on Sunday, Gaudoin added: “The boys are being worked very hard but we’ve also managed to give them a bit of down time to help with the team bonding. It’s important because they don’t normally train together and they’ve been brought here for this two weeks before the Junior World Cup. It’s been a balanced two weeks; we try to fit in as much as we can without overloading them.”
The two teams meet again on Friday afternoon (5:15pm AWST / 8:15pm AEDT) before departing next week to Delhi for the start of the Junior World Cup.
Burras U21 men’s squad for Junior World Cup
6-15 December 2013, New Delhi, India
Simon Borger (Cairns, QLD)
Andrew Butturini (GK) (Burringbar, QLD)
Matthew Dawson (Central Coast, NSW)
Justin Douglas (Townsville, QLD)
Casey Hammond (Melbourne, VIC)
Aaron Kershaw (Goulburn, NSW)
Luke Noblett (Sydney, NSW)
Flynn Ogilvie (Woonona, NSW)
Kane Posselt (Atherton, QLD)
Jayshaan Randhawa (Eltham, VIC)

Dylan Wotherspoon (Mulwillumbah, QLD)

Used Substitute
Robert Bell (Brisbane, QLD)
Edward Chittleborough (GK) (Blackwood, SA)
Tyler Cowley (South Morang, VIC)
Jeremy Hayward (Darwin, NT)
Cameron Joyce (Port Pirie, SA)
Frank Main (Perth, WA)
Aidan Rintala (Townsville, QLD)

Burras’ Fixtures, Junior World Cup
(all times are local in New Delhi, which is 5.5 hours behind AEDT / 2.5 hours behind AWST)

Friday 6 December – 14:00 – Burras v Argentina (Pool B)
Saturday 7 December – 14:00 – Burras v Spain (Pool B)
Monday 9 December – 16:00 – Burras v France (Pool B)
Thursday 12 December – tbc – Quarter  Final or 9-16 classification
Friday 13 December – tbc – Semi Final or 5-8 classification
Saturday 14 December – tbc – 9-16 classification
Sunday 15 December – tbc – Medal matches or 5-8 classification

Bhutta to lead Pakistan in JWC

KARACHI: Olympian Umar Bhutta has been retained as captain of the national junior team that will represent the country in the Junior Hockey World Cup to be played in India.
    Pakistan will send an 18-member squad for the event that will be contested by 16 teams from December 6 to 15 in New Delhi.
   The final squad was named following the trials in Lahore on Wednesday.
   Bhutta, who led the team at the Sultan of Johor Cup in Malaysia in September, has been retained as captain on the back of his experiences with the senior team.
   Mohammad Tauseeq, another member of the senior team, has been named vice-captain in place of Syed Kashif Shah. The squad includes two goal-keepers in Mazhar Abbas and Amin Yousaf.
   However, Mohammad Khalid’s inclusion in the touring squad is subject to his fitness which will be gauged during the practice games between the senior and junior teams on November 29 and 30.
   Khalid will be replaced by Kashif Javed if he fails the fitness test.
   “The squad has been named after thorough assessment,” head coach Manzoorul Hasan told The Express Tribune.
  “We have tried our best to select a balanced squad comprising the best available players.
   “Umar [Bhutta] is experienced and was the best option to lead team while Tauseeq has been promoted after his fine show with the Pakistan team at the Asian Champions Trophy.”
   The colts, tied in Pool A, will begin their World Cup campaign with a match against Egypt, while Germany and Belgium are the other teams in the group.


Umar Bhutta (captain), Mohammad Tauseeq (vice-captain), Mazhar Abbas, Amin Yousaf, Kashif Shah, Faisal Qadir, Rizwan Junior, Ammad Shakeel, Zohaib Ashraf, Mohammad Umair, Mohammad Dilber, Aleem Bilal, Arslan Qadir, Tassawur Abbas, Mohammad Irfan, Rizwan Ali, Mohammad Adnan, Mohammad Khalid/Kashif Javed.

The Express Tribune

Manpreet: We're ready for the Dutch...

Enthusiastic Manpreet Singh (pic) is back as the captain of the junior team, this time shouldering more responsibility in guiding the young brigade to the Junior World Cup.
    Even as Hockey India announced his name for the top job today in an impressive function, where the jerseys of players were given away, Manpreet was in his usual best, brimming with confidence, and interacting without tired or remorse.
    Addressing the media after team announcement, he oozes confidence when says his team is ready to face Holland in their first encounter in the World Cup.
   “Holland is an important team but we have accordingly trained ourselves. We have specific trainers in all areas and are ready to face them.”
   Having been part of all the major events of the past two years, Manpreet acquired adequate knowledge in understanding of the game, and is ready to part his knowledge to his teammates, who will all be facing a great test for their characters in ten days time, when the Delhi's Dhyan Chand stadium hosts the Junior World Cup.
   Obviously, Manpreet Singh will the focus of the nation, and he is all set to assimilate the experience he gained, in order to stand up to the task.
   With an experience of 85 international caps, Manpreet says he has learnt a lot from his seniors to guide the team.
   “I will be putting a lot of things into practice which I grasped from my seniors. There is no such senior-junior. We will be playing as one team.”
   Talking about his expectations from the World Cup, he adds, “Our aim is to take one match at a time and concentrate on it. This way, we will aim to move ahead.”
   Fitness-wise also he says, the team has been training well under trainer Mathew Eyles and there are no fitness issues.
   Though Manpreet is a man to watch, and at present seems to equip with everything that is required to put up a show, only time will tell how much of his enthusiasm and energy turn into a match winning trait.


Manpreet to lead India at World Cup

NEW DELHI: Talented midfielder Manpreet Singh, a veteran of 85 international matches, was on Wednesday named the captain as India picked an 18-member squad for the junior hockey World Cup to be held in the Capital next month. Defender Amit Rohidas will be Manpreet's deputy. India will open their campaign against the Netherlands on December 6, followed by matches against Canada (December 7) and South Korea (December 10).
     "Playing a World Cup at home will be a memorable occasion for the players. We have prepared well and are looking forward to taking on the world's best," team's coach Gregg Clarke said.
   "We will go step by step. The immediate target is to do well against Holland. I have learnt a lot of things playing with the senior team and will try to apply those things," skipper Manpreet said.
   The tournament schedule is set with four pools of four teams of which two from each pool will advance to the quarterfinals. India are placed in Pool C with the Netherlands, S Korea and Canada. Pool A will feature Germany, Pakistan, Belgium and Egypt. Australia, Spain, Argentina and France are competing in Pool B while England, New Zealand, South Africa and Malaysia will clash in Pool D. All the matches will be telecast live on Ten Sports, Hockey India said adding that the tickets for the event can be purchased from www.ticketgenie .in.
   India, who won a silver in 1997 World Cup and followed it up with their only gold medal in the event in 2001, failed to repeat the feat in subsequent events. In 2005 they were fourth and in 2009 they finished a lowly ninth.


Goalkeepers: Sushant Tirkey, Harjot Singh; Defenders: Gurjinder Singh, Amit Rohidas, Surender Kumar, Sukhmanjit Singh, Pardeep Mor, Kothajit Singh; Midfielders: Manpreet Singh (captain), Satbir Singh, Harjit Singh, Imran Khan, Prabhdeep Singh; Forwards: Malak Singh, Mandeep Singh, Talwinder Singh, Akashdeep Singh, Ramandeep Singh; Standbys: Jagdeep Dayal (goalkeeper), Lalit Upadhyay and Gurmail Singh (midfielder), Affan Yousuf (forward).

The Times of India

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Goalkeeper Mohd Fadzil Hadi dies...

 FADZIL ... ( front row 1st from left). Picture taken before the Malaysia v West Germany match of the 1982 Junior World Cup at the Tun Razak Stadium. Malaysia lost 4-2.West Germany went on to become the champions.

FORMER Malaysian hockey goalkeeper Mohd Fadzil Hadi, 52, died at the Selayang hospital yesterday.
    Fadzil is best remembered for helping Malaysia finish fourth in the 1982 Junior World Cup at the Tun Razak Stadium.
   Fadzil started his hockey career while with Tunku Besar Secondary School (TBS) in Tampin, Negri Sembilan, where he was coached by the late S. Sivapathasundram.
   He was the first choice keeper in the TBS Under-18 team, and after the Junior World Cup, went on to represent Police, Negri Sembilan and United Asian Bank in the Malaysia Hockey League.
   Sarjit Singh, the 1982 Junior World Cup skipper, paid tribute to the bubbly goalkeeper.
   "He was the live-wire of the team and even in the worst of situations, he could always crack a joke or make a gesture which would lighten up the team's mood.
   "Fadzil was a personal friend, and he always gave his best when between the posts. My condolences to his family," said Sarjit.
   Sarjit added that on his day, Fadzil was the hardest man to beat.
    "I remember him as a really happy man off the pitch, but very serious and stubborn when padded-up. And on his day, he was almost impossible to beat even in one-on-one situations.
     "And remember, back then, goalkeepers were not padded like they are today, and one had to be brave to face the ball at high speed in thin paddings," said Sarjit.
   And when he went for national seniors training under coach Datuk Sri Shanmuganathan in 1987-1988, former international M.A. Sambu remembers him for his "tomato" look.
   "He was a little on the heavy side, but he really had determination in training and was never one to give up. I became friends with him when he joined the national seniors training under Sri Shan and back then, fitness training was a 'killer'.
   "But Fadzil always managed to make us smile after a long hard day in training, and was a gem of a guy," said Sambu.
   Media Prima chairman Datuk Johan Jaaffar said on Twitter: "Ebullient, exuberant, funny - to the family, a jester - formerly one of Malaysia's best hockey goalkeepers."


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Perak boys dethrone KL

PERAK overcame the odds to beat six-time champions Kuala Lumpur 2-0 in the final of the Boys' MHC-Milo-NSC 
National Under-14 in Kuala Terengganu yesterday.
    It was the third title for Perak, who were also champions in 2005 and 2006.
    And it was the second time Perak beat KL in the tournament, as they also won 4-2 in the Group stages.
   Aliff Ikhemal did the damage with a field goal in the second minute, and tournament top scorer Arif Sabron 
cdemented the win in the 60th minute by scoring his 16th goal in eight matches.
    Perak coach Ezral Ariff said: "Credit to my boys for playing well in the final. Goalkeeper Mohamed Izhar deserves 
special mention, as he was in top form to deny the KL strikers."
    In the bronze match, hosts Terengganu beat Malacca 3-2. The Terengganu goals were scored by  Shahrin 
Izzuddin (17th) and Wan Rifqi (54th and 67th).
    And the Malacca goals came from Aliff Najmi (33rd) and Izzat Rais (51st).
   And in the Girls' final, Selangor cameback twice from a goal down to beat Penang 5-3. The Selangor scorers were 
Nurul Aida Abdul Razak (13th), Nurul Hidayah (20th), P. Revathi (22nd), Azieah Azman (39th) and Ellya Amanina 
Ellias (49th)
   While Penang got their goals off and own goal  in the 11th minute, Nurul Hidayah (13th) and Mimie Zulakha Zaini 
    RESULTS: Boys' final: Perak 2 Kuala Lumpur 0; Third-Fourth: Terengganu 3 Malacca 2.
    Girls' final: Selangor 5 Penang 3; Third-Fourth: Kuala Lumpur 3 Malacca 0.


Best player of the tournament: Mohamed Akhimullah (Terengganu)
Top scorer: Arif Sabron (Perak - 16 goals)
Best goalkeeper: Tyrendrraj Azwind (Negri Sembilan)
Man of the match in final: Pavandip Singh (KL)
Fairplay: Malacca

Best player of the tournament: Nazatul Huzra (KL)
Top scorer: Arinah Azyyati (KL) and Ellya Amanina Ellias (Sel) 11 goals
Best goalkeeper: Aina Nadiah Fadzil (KL)
Man of the match in the final: P. Revathi (Sel)
Fairplay: Pahang