Sunday, March 19, 2017

Hasya leads KL's charge...

SKIPPER Hasya Syahida scored four goals to help Kuala Lumpur Girls' hammer Perak 8-0 in the National Under-16 tournament Saturday.
  KL, the bronze medallists last year, fielded 15 Titiwangsa Sports School players while Perak had 15 Gunung Rapat Sports School players.
  KL coach A. Kannagi said: "Some of my players have been together for the last four years and it was a good start to the tournament.
  "We hope to exchange our bronze to gold this year."
  The KL goals were scored by Nur Syaza Afiqah (seventh), Hasya Syahida (13th, 18th, 38th, 52nd), Kirandeep Kaur (17th, 35th) and Nur Natasha (26th).
  KL Girls next play Malacca on Monday.
  RESULTS -- BOYS': Group A -- Terengganu 4 Negri 1, Johor 0 Penang 3; Group B: Selangor 3 Perlis 0, Malacca 2 Perak 4; Group C: Sabah 5 Kelantan 5, Pahang 4 Kuala Lumpur 1.
  GIRLS': Group A -- Selangor 7 Kelantan 0, Kedah 0 Sabah 5; Group C: Kuala Lumpur 8 Perak 0, Malacca 1 Johor 3.
  SUNDAY: Boys Group A -- Kedah v Penang (KPM, 7.30pm), Terengganu v Johor (KLHA, 7.30pm); Group B: Sarawak v Perak (KPM, 3.30pm), Selangor v Malacca (KLHA, 3.30pm); Group C: Kuala Lumpur v Kelantan (KPM, 5.30pm), Sabah v Pahang (KLHA, 5.30pm).
  GIRLS' Group A: Sarawak v Sabah (KPM, 9.15am), Selangor v Kedah (KLHA, 9.15am); Group B: Penang v Pahang (KPM, 7.30am), Negri v Terengganu (KLHA, 7.30am).
  Note: All matches at Jalan Pantai, Kuala Lumpur.