Friday, July 23, 2010

India to host men's 2011 Champions Trophy

The Executive Board of the International Hockey Federation (FIH) has allocated the FIH Champions Trophies for 2011. The Men’s FIH Champions Trophy will be played in India, while the women’s FIH Champions Trophy has been awarded to Netherlands.

After the success of the Hero Honda FIH World Cup in March this year, the FIH has decided to return to India in 2011. The men’s FIH Champions Trophy is scheduled for December 2011 and it will be the third time in hockey history that India will host FIH flagship event after Chennai in 2005 and Madras in 1996.

Think carefully before amending constitution

PENANG HA vice-president Ranjit Singh cautioned Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) council members to tread carefully when they deliberate to change the post of their secretary from elected to a paid staff.
The MHF council will meet next Tuesday and among the agenda is a motion to amend their constitution to enable the president to select his secretary, instead of the states by ballot.
“Penang are still 50-50 on this issue, as we feel that council members need to debate intelligently before calling for an EOGM (Extra Ordinary General Meeting).
“And from what I gather, right now, many states oppose the idea because it is open to abuse and could lead to many problems in the long run if we have a paid sectary instead of an elected official,” said Ranjit.
He feels that the system has been tried in the FA of Malaysia, and it was not a success.
“Right now we have a hard-working president in Tengku Abdullah (Sultan Ahmad Shah). He has injected many fresh ideas into the sport, and also made MHF financially sound.
“However, when there is a change in leadership in future, the new president might not be of the same caliber and then the problems will start as he will hold the reigns on the secretary.
“And once the constitution is amended, it is not easy to get back to the old ways.
“State delegates need to voice out their feelings on this matter in the council meeting and not just keep quiet and then vote against the idea in the EOGM, as this will be seen as a waste of time and effort,” said Ranjit.
According to Ranjit, the Sports Commissioner’s office was keen to promote a paid secretary and treasurer in associations, but the plan backfired when an association almost went bankrupt when both the paid staff got together and started siphoning funds on the quiet.
“And now, the Commissioner’s office does not make it mandatory to have paid secretary and treasurer after this bitter episode. I believe a healthy debate at the council meeting will solve many matters and that is what the delegates should do.”
The MHF council are also expected to suggest a few other amendments to to tighten some areas in their constitution, which has been abused by certain quarters to their benefit.