Thursday, April 30, 2015

No laughing matter for Subahan...

DATUK Seri Subahan Kamal will be stepping into a hyena's den on May 13.
  The Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) president-elect received an overwhelming mandate to replace Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah when nominations closed April 28, but the doors to many teething problems will open for him from now.
  MHC has 16 affiliates, 14 states and Armed Forces as well as Police make up the numbers, and 13 of them nominated Subahan as the unopposed sixth president of the MHC.
  Perlis did not send in nominations for any position, while the other two which did not name Subahan were Kuala Lumpur and Sarawak.
  The first challenge for Subahan would be to fill up the empty MHC coffers, but before he saves whatever he brings in, he has to make sure the ring of creditors receive their long overdue dues.
  The creditors range from players, officials, coaches... right up to the tea-man who provides vadai and other refreshments for tournaments and meetings.
  The list runs into millions, and hundreds are waiting to be paid right after the elections.
  Money is just a small problem as compared to what Subahan will face next.
  Under-performing players, coaches, officials, office administrators and even umpires and technical officials have brought disrepute to the MHC to the extend that the International Hockey Federation (FIH) had to wave the big stick right across their nose before matters like the constitution was rectified.
  Subahan is the current Selangor HA president and knows first hand, or has heard about all these problems, so there is no need to refresh his memory in the days leading to his proclamation ... safe to say that he is inheriting a motley crew of problems which need urgent attention.
  But even before he steps into office, he might just inherit a council which is more keen on glory than working for the sport.
  For, the nomination list lacks quality, especially among the vice-president nominations, which is the working arm.
  He will have two deputies, a luxury not accorded to the last five presidents, and the task of handling the men and women will fall on his most trusted henchman and woman.
  For the position of his right man, delegates will decide for Subahan between incumbent vice-president and current team manager Datuk Nur Azmi Ahmad and former team manager as well as former Kuala Lumpur Hockey Association president George Koshy.
  And for his right hand woman, Subahan has the choice of former vice-president's -- S. Shamala and K. Maheswary who are both steely in their own ways.
  For the record, when nominations closed MHC affiliates had stood strongly behind certain candidates, but in the days leading to the elections, some states have started to sing to a different tune and the numbers could turn out to be just numbers.
  This election is also very unique, as women have a 50 per cent say on who gets elected. So those who have been underestimating the ladies, beware of their wrath on May 13.
  The old adage 'Figures don't lie, but liars figure' comes to mind when looking at the nomination list.
  Subahan was unchallenged and also received the backing of 13 states, and it figures the strong support he has to helm the piping hot MHC seat.
  However, the deputy president's equations look set to change as delegates start canvassing their choices.
  Going by numbers Nur Azmi, who received 10 nominations, is going to whip Koshy who was only nominated by Kuala Lumpur.
  And Shamala received backing from eight states, while Maheswari was supported by three states.
  The race for the vice-president's post will see seven men battling for five slots, and three women for two slots... and the least said about this group is the better for them. 
  However, with the social media and messaging systems working overtime, and burning fingers way past midnight, there might be some upsets during election time.
  Only one thing figures at the moment, whoever wins, Subahan will inherit a motley of problems which ALL need urgent attention, and he will be without a secretary until a CEO is sourced. 
  With Friday being Labour Day, good luck on your forthcoming labours MHC.
  (Note: So far, Subahan has yet to openly back the candidates he wants).

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Faizal unfit for Belgium Tour...

20 others wil leave tonight fr seven matches against belgium n netherlands and three against clubs. frm fittest to unfit in one month..

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

George Koshy v Nur Azmi...

AS expected, Datuk Seri Subahan Kamal became the sixth Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) presdient when nominations closed at noon Tuesday.
  Subahan took over the hot-seat unchallenged, but both the men's and women's deputy presidents posts will be two-cornered fights in the May 13 elections.
  Incumbent vice-president Datuk Nur Azmi Ahmad will battle with former Kuala Lumpur HA president George Koshy for the men's deputy president's post.
  While for the women's deputy president post, incumbent vice-presidents S. Shamala and K. Maheswari will lock horns.
  There were seven nominations for the men's veeep positions with Datuk Rahim Ariff and Manjit Majid Abdullah seeking re-election. MHC adviser and Penang HA president Datuk Ow Soon Kooi is also seeeking to become a vice-president, and so if former MHC treasurer Datuk N. Radhakrishnan 
   Sathis Kumar, Kedah HA president, A. Vijayshankar and Datuk Wan Ahmad Nizam are the other hopefuls for the five men's veep positions.
  The women's vice-presidents, two posts, will see a three-cornered fight among Juriah Abdul Wahab, Nik Zarah KAdir and S. Nagula.
  Koshy, team manager for the last 16 years, was also the man behind the success of Malaysia Hockey League team that transformed from Arthur Anderson, Ernst And Young to Kuala Lumpur Hockey Club.
  His challenger Nur Azmi is the current vice-president as well as team manager to the national seniors.
  "I have been involved with hockey for a long time, from my school days, until the MHL right up to managing the national team. I know I can contribute in the administration side of the MHC, and thats why I decided to stand for election," said Koshy.

Subahan new MHC president

DATUK Seri Subahan Kamal became the 6th Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) president when nominations closed at 12noon just now.
  He had no challengers for the hot seat... more to follow.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Koshy signs in for deputy president battle...

GEORGE Koshy (pic) will only stand for the deputy president's post, leaving Datuk Seri Subahan Kamal as a most likely unopposed president of the Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC).
  Nominations close at noon Tuesday, and early indications are that Subahan, the current Selangor HA president, will replace Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah as the sixth president of the Confederation.
  "Yes, Koshy has signed the nomination form for deputy president and will not stand for the president's post. Our other candidate for women's deputy president K. Maheshwary has also signed the nomination form," said Kuala Lumpur HA secretary V. Rajamanickam.
  Even with just one day to go, only four states had sent in their nominations and Sabah, Sarawak and Kedah had all named Subahan as president. To be eligible to stand as president one needs three nominations and Subahan has already received his.
  With the top post unopposed, stiff battle lines have been drawn for the men and women's deputy president. At this stage, Koshy is going to be challenged by incumbent vice-president Datuk Nur Azmi Ahmad.
  And it will be a vice-president's upgrade battle in the women's section when incumbents S. Shamala and Mahesari go for the deputy president's post.
  Elections will be held on May 13, and nominees have until May 9 to withdraw from the race.
  Also making an exit will be incumbent deputy president Puan Sri Raja Noora Ashikin who will not be seeking re-election.
  The new MHC constitution did away with the secretary's post and replaced it with a CEO, while there will be two deputy president's to govern both genders. Seven vice-president's posts will also be contested.
  During the earlier nominations which were cancelled due to a messed up constitution, Subahan won unopposed with 12 states nominating him, while Shamala had the highest nomination (men as well as women) for vice-president with 11 states backing her quest.
  The Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) was formed in 1953 and the first president was Tun Abdul Razak (1957–1976) followed by Sultan Azlan Shah (2002–2004), Raja Nazrin Shah (2004–2006), Admiral Tan Sri Mohammad Anwar Mohammad Nor (19 Dec 2006–1 Nov 2008) and
Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah (1 Nov 2008-13 May 2015).

Monday, April 20, 2015

Maheswari gunning for golden finish...

K. MAHESWARI was among the last batch of Malaysian women that won the 1982 New Delhi Asian Games bronze medal, and come May 13, she will be looking for a golden outing.
  The incumbent Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) vice-president will be going for broke when she challengers S. Shamala for the women's deputy president post.
  But Maheswari, Group Chief Regulatory Officer at Kenanga Group, made it clear that she is not in a battle with her challenger, but will go for broke in a fight to salvage women's hockey.
  "I was fortunate, or you can call it unfortunate, to be in the last women's hockey team which won a medal at the Asian Games. It has been a long 33 years since we last touched a medal at that level, which portrays the state of the sport.
  "And I want to make it clear that I'm not in a battle with my opponent, but in a fight to salvage the women's section," said Maheswari.
  The MHC vice president also revealed that her current position in MHC was just as an endorser, after decisions are made.
  "Most of the time we were just told after decisions and plans were made and so I could not actively involve myself even though I was a vice-president. The deputy president is a decision making post, and that's why I am keen to see myself at the top of the podium so that I can play a more active role," said the former international who has been nominated by Kuala Lumpur HA.
  Nominations close on April 28 and the last day for withdrawals is May 9. As of today, Maheswari's challenger is Shamala, also an incumbent vice-president.
  When asked if she has started her state-wide campaign: "I'm not the kind of person who would pick up the phone and call state affiliates looking for votes. The affiliates know my work-rate as I have been in the hockey circle for a long time. Yes, some states did call and ask me if I'm interested, but I'm not the kind who will go on a campaign trail."
  There is a proposed line-up linking her to a certain camp, making its round on social media as the election fever heightens.
  "No Im not linked to any camp. Actually I do not favour taking sides in camps or campaigns, but would rather the delegates make their own line-up on voting day."
  With MHC president Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah and deputy president Puan Sri Raja Noora Ashikin not seeking re-election, May 13 looks set to be a battle of many fronts for every position.
  Thirty-two delegates will cast their votes, half of them women, for 10 posts -- president, two deputy presidents, and seven vice-presidents.
  Datuk Seri Subahan Kamal will stand for president and KLHA have names George Koshy as his challenger. George and Subahan would need three nominations to be eligible to contest the post.
  Koshy has also been nominated as the men's deputy president, and he is expected to announce his decision on which post he will stand when nominations close.
  Incumbent vice-president Datuk Nur Azmi Ahmad has also said he will be going for broke, for the deputy's post.
  The new MHC constitution did away with the secretary's post and replaced it with a CEO, while there will be two deputy president's to govern both genders.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Former journo Johnson Fernandez new KLHA president..

FORMER journalist Johnson Fernandez (pic) was given the mandate to become the new president of Kuala Lumpur Hockey Association (KLHA).
  KLHA is the most active association in the country, and Johnson had no challengers to the hot seat.
  In fact, all the office bearers were unopposed, with V. Rajamanickam 
returned as secretary.. a post he has held for the last 22 years.
  Abu Huraira Yazid is still deputy president while the vice-presidents are Mej (rtd) Raj Kumar, Faithal Hassan, S. Samson and James Andrew. Daljit Singh remained as treasurer.
  Founded in 1981, KLHA has many divisions in their league, as well as a handful of development programmes running simultaneously. There's never a dull moment at their field at Jalan Pantai.
  Johnson, during his journalism days, was a hard-hitting columnist who had hockey closest to his heart.
  "It's a honour to be the fourth president of KLHA, and I have many plans for the association, but I can't say much until I have a discussion with my council members at a later date," said Johnson.
  Rajamanickam said the priority would be fund-raising as they have a full calender every season.
  "We are a very active association but money is short after our president George Koshy left us. He use to fund many of our programmes, but now we will have to look for sponsors and that's our first priority now," said Rajamanickam.
  The 'new' KLHA council then nominated Koshy for president and deputy president at the May 13 Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) elections.
  If Koshy gets two more nominations, he will be eligible to stand for presdient and the challenger would be Selangor HA president Datuk Seri Subahan Kamal.
  "We have nominated George for president as well as deputy president for the MHC elections, while former KLHA vice-president K. Maheswari has been nominated for the women deputy president’s post," said Rajamanickam.
  S. Shamala, current MHC vice-president, will also stand for the women's deputy presdient elections. In the men's section, Datuk Nur Azmi Ahmad will be challenging Koshy and any other nominees.
  "KLHA feel Shamala is wearing too many hats as she is also a council member of AHF (Asian Hockey Federation), in the FIH committee as well as vice-president of the Selangor HA.
  "That's why we nominated former player Maheswari as she would be more available in MHC matters," said Rajamanickam.
  However, Koshy and Maheswari were not consulted on their nominations, which close on April 28. They have until May 9 to withdraw from the race.
  Kooshy has repeatedly said that he does not want to stand for the MHC president's post and efforts to contact him were not returned.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dr S. Shamala for MHC deputy president

THE Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) will see winds of change on May 13, with royalty bowing out while intellectuals taking over the top echelon.
  For at the moment of writing, Datuk Seri Subahan Kamal still has no challengers for the president's post, while S. Shamala will be gunning for the women's deputy president's post.
  The men's deputy president front-runner is Datuk Nur Azmi Ahmad.
  Incumbent president Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah and incumbent deputy president is Puan Sri Raja Noora Ashikin Raja Abdullah will not seek re-election.
  Subahan is a chartered accountant by profession, while Shamala is a computer whiz at Universiti Putra Malaysia, and her full title is professor Dr Shamala, a PhD holder in Computer Science.
  "I have decided to stand for the deputy president's post (women) after receiving good feedback from state affiliates, and there is no turning back, as I am willing to challenge anybody who is also keen on the post," said Shamala yesterday.
  However, with recent amendments to the MHC constitution, there will be two deputy president's with one for each gender.
  "After the amendment, the deputy president's post is no longer ceremonial but a working post. So, at the end of the last council meeting, Puan Sri (Raja Noora) told me to go for it and that's why I have decided to stand for election at a higher post," said Shamala.
  Raja Noora Ashikin said she will call it a day: "Yes I will not be seeking re-election, and have even asked my home state Perak not to nominate me. I am backing Shamala to take over the chair."
  Shamala started as secretary to the now defunct Malaysian Women's Hockey Federation (MWHF) and then moved on to become a vice-president in the MHC.
  She is also a council member in the Asian Hockey Federation: "I have served hockey at every level, and with two deputy presidents' I can concentrate on developing the ladies teams as well as grassroot. Malaysia has some very talented women players, and they need some sound programmes to make them even better.
  "I'm ready to take on a bigger responsibility in the sport which I have dedicated half my life to, and I will challenge anybody who stands against me. There is no turning back," said Shamala.
  Early indications are that Shamala and Subahan will not have to go to the polls to take over the reigns of MHC, as they might just be winners when nominations close.
  During the earlier nominations which were cancelled due to a messed up constitution, Subahan won unopposed with 12 states nominating him, while Shamala had the highest nomination (men as well as women) for vice-president with 11 states backing her quest.
  The closing date for nominations is April 28 while the last date for withdrawals is May 9. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Antwerp: World League Semi-finals fixtures (click on MALE icon)

  • MALE
    June 20, 2015Pool A18:00 IND FRA 0 - 0Upcoming
    Pool A20:00 PAK POL 0 - 0Upcoming
    June 21, 2015Pool B12:00 CHN MAS 0 - 0Upcoming
    Pool B16:00 GBR BEL 0 - 0Upcoming
    Pool A18:00 AUS FRA 0 - 0Upcoming
    June 23, 2015Pool B12:00 GBR IRL 0 - 0Upcoming
    Pool A16:00 IND POL 0 - 0Upcoming
    Pool B18:00 BEL CHN 0 - 0Upcoming
    June 24, 2015Pool A14:00 POL FRA 0 - 0Upcoming
    Pool A20:00 PAK AUS 0 - 0Upcoming
    June 25, 2015Pool B14:00 MAS IRL 0 - 0Upcoming
    Pool B16:00 GBR CHN 0 - 0Upcoming
    June 26, 2015Pool B14:00 IRL CHN 0 - 0Upcoming
    Pool A16:00 PAK IND 0 - 0Upcoming
    Pool B18:00 MAS BEL 0 - 0Upcoming
    Pool A20:00 AUS POL 0 - 0Upcoming
    June 28, 2015Pool A12:00 PAK FRA 0 - 0Upcoming
    Pool B14:00 MAS GBR 0 - 0Upcoming
    Pool A16:00 IND AUS 0 - 0Upcoming
    Pool B18:00 BEL IRL 0 - 0Upcoming
    July 1, 20159th / 10th10:30  -  0 - 0Upcoming
    QF 113:00  -  0 - 0Upcoming
    QF 215:30  -  0 - 0Upcoming
    QF 318:00  -  0 - 0Upcoming
    QF 420:30  -  0 - 0Upcoming
    July 3, 20155th - 8th13:00  -  0 - 0Upcoming
    5th - 8th15:30  -  0 - 0Upcoming
    SF 118:00  -  0 - 0Upcoming
    SF 220:30  -  0 - 0Upcoming
    July 5, 20157th / 8th10:30  -  0 - 0Upcoming
    5th / 6th13:00  -  0 - 0Upcoming
    3rd / 4th15:30  -  0 - 0Upcoming
    Final18:00  -  0 - 0Upcoming

Malaysia's WL Semis fixtures drawn in heaven..

THE World League Semi-finals fixtures are so kind to Malaysia, that it would be quite difficult not to qualify for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.
  For, only a total mess up the first two easier matches in Antwerp, Belgium, from June 20 to July 5 will see Malaysia sit out of the Olympics which they last played in Sydney 2000.
  The heavens must have been smiling on coach Tai Beng Hai and his men as they play China first on June 21, and after a three-day break they play Ireland on June 25 and wins in both these matches might just see them play against Pakistan or India in the cross-over quarter-finals.
  Yes they have a three day break after playing Cina, ranked 31 in the world. Malaysia, for the record, are 12th in the World, while Ireland are 14th.
  Beng Hai's men will play the two toughest matches in their Group at the tail end.. as hosts Belgium are on June 26, and Great Britain on June 28.
  And for ealy preparations, the team will will head for Belgium on May 28 to play a series of friendly matches.
  Team manager Datuk Nur Azmi Ahmad said matches have been lined up with Belgium and Germany, as well as club sides in their last Tour before the WL Semifinals.
  Malaysia finished last in the Azlan Shah Cup, but there were glimmers of hope as they did not get thrashed by teams ranked much higher than them.
  They beat India (ninth) and Canada (15th) 3-2 and 4-1 respectively, and lost narrowly against Australia (number one) 3-2, champions New Zealand (seventh) 4-2 and drew 4-4 with Canada before losing out 3-1 in the fifth-sixth penalty shoot-out.
  "Considering the close margins at the Azlan Shah Cup, our preparations for the WL Semi-finals need to focus on our defense and midfield, and so the friendly matches against Belgium and Germany will be very crucial for our aim to qualify for the Olympics," said Nur Azmi.
  For the record, the last time Malaysia played Belgium was at the World Cup and and score was an unflattering 6-2.
  Malaysia arein Group B of the World League Semi-finals in Antwerp from June 20-July 5. The other rivals are hosts Belgium, Great Britain, Ireland and China.
  In Group A are Australia, India, Pakistan, Poland and France.
  With today marking 64 days more to the WL Semi-finals, the national team will be back in training after finishing last in Ipoh.
  "We also plan to be in Belgium at least two weeks ahead of the Olympic Qualifier, and there could be more matches then. But this tour but me taken seriously as it could be our final chance to play with world class teams in a friendly, before we feel the might of their brunt in the qualifier. The defenders need to learn how to minimise their mistakes, as world class teams don't give you too many chances to score, and they are also clinical when attacking," said Nur Azmi.
  On his personal feeling: "I believe we have the players who can take us into the Olympics after missing it for 16 years, so they should not be disheartened with the Azlan Shah Cup scores, and learn from their mistakes instead."

Monday, April 13, 2015

... take note Beng Hai


MALAYSIA were a disappointing lot in the Azlan Shah Cup, as they slid all the way to the bottom, even lower than Canada just eight weeks before the Olympic Qualifier in Belgium.
  After beating Canada 4-1, 15th in the world, the No 12 Malaysia collapsed in the fifth-sixth classification when they were held to a 4-4 draw, and then beaten 3-1 in the shoot-out.
  Sixty minutes of play, with four quarters, is here to stay and it looks like coach Tai Beng Hai's team have yet to master the art of plying consistent hockey in all four quarters, which have two, 10 and then another two minutes break.
  Malaysia blew hot-and-cold in every quarter, and the record will show that Beng Hai's men went down 0-2 to New Zealand but fought gallantly to level at 2-2, before collapsing 4-2.
  And against world champions Australia, after a gallant fight, Malaysia lost 3-2 in a match which they dominated.
  India were shocked 3-2, but the national players gave South Korea 2-0 lead, then fought back to level the score only to lose 3-2.
  Azlan Shah Cup was the last avenue for Beng Hai to test his charges, and they failed the consistency test, something they can't afford in the  World League Semi-finals in Antwerp, Belgium, on June 20 to July 5.
     Australia lost back-to-back matches against India and then New Zealand, and were denied a whopping ninth title, but coach Graham Reid's parting words are worth their weight in gold -- especially for Malaysia.
  "It's a marathon, not a sprint (towards the Belgium qualifier and then Rio de Janeiro) but we will need to take all those Azlan Shah Cup lessons on board. We just need to work harder and harder in Perth," said Reid. 
  He also praised the Kiwi goalkeeper: "We hit and hit him hard, but he stopped us many times. That's standard New Zealand, their goalkeeper (Devon Manchester) played really well."
  The Kookaburras will host New Zealand, Pakistan and South Korea in early May, in their final warm-up before heading for Antwerp where they are the favourites to qualify for the Olympics.
  Malaysia must learn from the Australian defeat, it was because of sturdy goalkeeping from Manchester, and Malaysia had S. Kumar and we almost pulled off a point against the Kookas, but a bungling forward-like shattered that dream... take note Beng Hai.
  Malaysia are involved in that same marathon with Australia, and still have time to work harder and harder in Kuala Lumpur... jot that down Beng Hai.
  In Belgium, three tickets will be made available to the 2016 Olympics, but with double qualification, even the fifth placed team has a chance to play in Brazil... so you need to motivate the team to fight till the last match Beng Hai.
  Playing in Group B, Malaysia will face Belgium, Great Britain, Ireland and China. In Group A are Australia, India, Pakistan, Poland and France.
  Azlan Shah bronze medallists India have qualified for the Olympics by winning the Asian Games gold, while Malaysia have a daunting task of beating China and Ireland in their group to avoid the wooden spoonist title in Belgium which in all probability pair them against Australia in the cross-over quarter-finals.
  And judging by current form, Belgium and Great Britain are out of Beng Hai and his men's league -- unless they take Reid's advise and re-start their marathon by working harder and harder in Kuala Lumpur.
  Also, there is no more room for players who want to go on a long vacation, skipping training, using studies as excuse, using money as excuse, or using politics as an issue to stay away from camp.
  The marathon has started, and Malaysia need to keep pace with Australia, and be ready to sprint past India and Pakistan in Group A of the World League Semi-finals if they want to be known as Olympians.
  ... the last entry into Beng Hai's Azlan Shah Cup diary should be: "In future, I will face the Press win, lose or draw. And not send manager Datuk Nur Azmi Ahmad to face the media bricks..."
  (Note: Beng Hai attended all other post match Press Conferences, but left the Azlan Shah Stadium in a huff after losing the fifth spot to Canada).