Thursday, August 30, 2012

Over to Revington, Arul...

PAUL Revington and Arul Selvaraj were officially announced as the seniors coach and assistant coach by the Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) yesterday.
  And Paul, who has been in Malaysia for the last two weeks, has heard from hockey lovers as well as sceptics about the state of the game and is determined to change it for the better.
  "I have signed a four-year contract (with a two year conditional extention) and the scenario here is the same with elsewhere. The journey is to take Malaysia into the World Cup and Olympic, and I will work with my assistant towards that goals," said the South African.
  The sceptics have also strengthened his desire with their negative comments: "I have been told by many, who I believe are no longer associated with the game, that the public perception is also not very good on hockey.
  "We will have to wok on that as well, by producing results," said Revington.
  The South African, 39, last coached the Irish during the Dublin Olympic Qualifiers where he took his team to silver.
  Malaysia won bronze in Dublin, and that is when the MHC decided that they need another foreign coach. Revington would be the fourth foreign coach after Germans Paul Lissek, Volker Knapp and Australian Terry Walsh.
  "I will watch the Malaysia Hockey League (starting on Saturday) to select 25 to 30 palayers for a few days of training before releasing the players to their state teams for the Razak Cup.
  "The first international assignment would be the Champions Challenge I in Argentina (Nov 24- December 2) and that's where I would like to change the mindset from thinking that we are ranked 13th in the world to thinking that we can win the tournament and move into the Champions Trophy bracket regardless of the opponent's rankings," said Revington.
  And next is the all-important Asia Cup in Ipoh next year, which is a World Cup Qualifier.
  "That would be the ultimate short-term aim, as every country wants to play at the pinnacle of hockey," said Revington.
  As for Arul, he has completed his circle and returned home to help the nation, as he left for experience after assisting Paul Lissek.
  "I assisted Revington in coaching South Africa and then Ireland and am back to help my country with the experience I gained working overseas," said Arul.
  Arul will assist UniKL while juniors coach K. Dharmaraj will coach KL Hockey Club in the MHL.
  "I wanted them to coach the clubs, as it would be a waste if the local coaches are not allowed to help clubs in tournaments. This would give them a better insight on the players and help the country as well," said Revington.