Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Malaysia invited to replace Pakistan

MALAYSIA were invited by the FIH at the 11th hour after Pakistan pulled outof the Lucknow Junior World Cup.
    Netherlands, Belgium and Egypt in the group if Malaysia accept. SOJC team the best bet but not prepared for JWC.
    MIGHT GET THRASHED IN LUCKNOW... 9TH v Netherlands, 11th v Egypt and 12th v Belgium.

Monday, November 14, 2016

MHL shadow creeps into World League Round Two...

Pic: T&T's historic silver medallists at the 1967 Pan American Games held in Winnipeg.

Note: For the record, Trinidad and Tobago beat Malaysia 4-2 in the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games. BBC reported that it was T & Ts first ever win in the Commonwealth Games.

THE Malaysian men will play in the Melbourne Four-Nation on Nov 23-27 in their final showdown for the year.
  After a dismal third at the Kuantan Asian Champions Trophy (ACT), Malaysia will play ACT champions India (world No 6), Australia (No 1) and New Zealand (No 8) in the Four-Nation.
  "We will not be able to field a full squad as the two Police trainees (Nabil Fiqri and Razie Rahim) are back in training while two players have studies to catch up with.
  "Fitri (Shaari) and Faiz (Helmi Jali) are in the midst of asking for study leave but I'm not sure they will get it and be able to play in Melbourne.
  "However, this will give is a chance to field other players like Baljit Singh (who has recovered from injury) as well as juniors who played in the Sultan of Johor Cup as replacement," said Malaysian coach Stephen van Huizen.
  Australia will be the team to beat, while Malaysia must show that they are capable of holding their head high against Olympic sides India and New Zealand.
  "This is part of our preparations for the World League Round Two (In Trinidad and Tobago on March 25-April 2) where we must finish among the top-two to play in the World League Semi-finals."
  However, after the Four-Nation, Van Huizen might see his charges only weeks before the World League as they will break camp for the Malaysia Hockey League.
  "The players will represent their clubs in the MHL, but I can't say much about that because I have yet to see the full fixtures. I hope the MHL ends a few weeks before the World League so that I can get the players back together for training."
  Van Huizen is looking at training national players mid-week during the MHL, which is normally played over the weekend, but then there is the Alagendra Cup to play for mid-week.
  "The MHC Competitions Committee is still planning for a viable solution to the packed schedule, and maybe they can host the Alagendra Cup before the MHL?"
  Packed schedule or not, Malaysia must beat Trinidad and Tobago,  Japan, Russia, United States, Barbados, Chile and Switzerland to qualify for the next round.
  For the record, Malaysia were champions in the Singapore World League Round Two, but finished sixth in the Belgium World League Semi-finals and failed to qualify for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.
  This World League is a qualifier for the 2018 World Cup in India.
  FIXTURES: Nov 23: Malaysia v New Zealand, India v Australia; Nov 24: Malaysia v India, New Zealand v Australia; Nov 26: Malaysia v Australia, India v New Zealand; Nov 27: Final and Third-Fourth.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Malaysian Tigress to conquer fear in Kiwi Test...

Malaysian Tigress undergo uphill training to prepare for the Kiwi Test, as well as the World League Round Two. Pic: Goh Thean Howe

THE Malaysian Tigress will play New Zealand in a Five-Test series next month, and coach K. Dharmaraj is not afraid of being thrashed out of shape.
  The series was agreed upon after Malaysia played New Zealand Futures (their development squad) in the recent Australian Hockey League (AHL).
  World No 5 New Zealand will host No 21 Malaysia at Stratford on Dec 12-18, and the numbers speak for themselves.
  The Kiwi women lost 2-1 to Germany in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics bronze battle, while Malaysian women have yet to play in any Olympics.
  In Rio, New Zealand beat Asian 'giants' South Korea 4-1 and China 3-0.
  For the record, Asian women lined up at the bottom of the Rio de Janeiro heap with China ninth, Japan 10th, South Korea 11th and India
last on 12th.
  Suicide or Kamikaze, came to mind when this Test series were announced.
  "I know the statistics look bad and there is a high probability of my girls being hammered in this Test, but that's not my main concern and I am willing to face that as reality.
  "My aim is to make my charges lose their fear of playing higher ranked teams, before I field them for the World League (Round Two) in Kuala Lumpur," said Dharmaraj.
  And Dharmaraj will be aiming for one upset, and one draw in the Test.
  "We were the underdogs in the recent AHL and also the Asian Champions Trophy (ACT) and even though we did well not to lose by high margins against better teams, the collapse during crucial matches pulled us to the bottom of the pool."
  In the AHL, the Malaysian girls had a chance to finish top-four, but collapsed when it mattered most. And in the ACT, they upset Japan 2-0 in the last pool match. India won the title, but Malaysia only lost 2-0 to them in the pool.
  "Close, very close. But the tendency to collapse inside five minutes is what is bogging down the team. In the AHL, we lost one crucial match in three minutes when three goals were scored and the same happened against South Korea in the ACT where three goals were scored by Korea in three minutes to win 5-2.
  "The 'Have No Fear' training has started and I hope to see my charges pull off one upset in New Zealand and even if they get thrashed in the other four matches I will be the happiest man in the world," said Dharmaraj.
  In the World League in Kuala Lumpur on Jan 14-22, Malaysia will be up against ranked teams Italy and Ireland as well as Round One qualifiers Fiji, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Thailand and Wales.
  For the record, Malaysia has never broken the Round Two glass ceiling.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

JHL: Olak call for early Open trials...

THE Junior Hockey League (JHL) will only start in March, but Old La Sallians Association of Klang (Olak) are already making early preparations by calling for trials on Dec 4.
  The open trials will be held at the Tun Razak Stadium at 4pm.
  "We did not do very well and ended up seventh in Division One last season, that's why we are calling for early trials to prepare early," said Olak team manager Joseph de Silva.
  Thirty-five teams, 10 in Division one and 25 in Divison Two, competed in the JHL last season.
  Olak last won the Overall title in 2000, and have seen a steady slide after University Kuala Lumpur and Thunderbolts came into the picture.
  "It is becoming harder to source for good talent as they are spread out in the 36 teams in both Divisions. That's another reason we need to call for early trials," said De Silva.
  As for the Malaysia Hockey League, it will be held from January to March, as there is the World League Round Two in Trinidad and Tobago from March 25 to April 2.
  Malaysia will play against Japan, Russia, Trinidad and Tobago, United States, Chile, Barbados and Switzerland in the World League Round Two.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Johnson: 'Die Another Day'

FORMER journalist Johnson Fernandez (pic) quit as president of Kuala Lumpur Hockey Association (KLHA) a few weeks ago, but is contemplating making a come-back by Monday  (14/11/06).
  KLHA secretary V. Rajamanickam said: "Yes, Johnson has sent in his resignation letter after one year as KLHA president but we will wait until next year, when the term ends, and then look for a replacement."
  At the meantime, KLHA deputy president Abu Huraira Yazid will run the show, said Rajamanickam.
  Johnson was elected unopposed in April last year.
  When contacted, Johnson who is overseas, said: "Yes I have quit as KLHA president but the council has asked me to reconsider, which I am doing.
  "I will make a final decision on Monday (14/11/06) about the matter."

Johor HA: Read the constitution Datuk Ow...

Statement by YB Md Jais Sarday (Pic), President of Johor Hockey Association in response to statement by Datuk Ow Soon Kooi, Vice President Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC).

WITH regards to attending the Sultan Of Johor Cup (SOJC), I thank Datuk Ow for his presence. 
  However what we are talking about is the final which was graced by HRH Sultan of Johor. It is a question of respecting His Majesty. 
  For the information of Datuk Ow, when Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah was the President of MHC, he attended every SOJC since its inauguration in 2011 till 2014.
   As for the preparation of the team, the statement made by Datuk Ow contradicts the statement made by the MHC President that appeared in the media on Tuesday, November 8 which reads and I quote;
   " On MHC not being serious in preparing a team for the SOJC, Subahan agreed in totality.
  "Yes, we were not serious about preparing an under-21 team for the SOJC but because this batch is not our focus right now. Maybe one or two will make the senior cut, but the rest will not be able to help Malaysia in the next junior world cup.
  "Yes MHC were not serious about this team because they did not qualify for the Lucknow (Junior) World Cup (in December).
  "The Technical Director (Terry Walsh) and the coaching set-up are more focused on the present Under-21 team coached by Nor Saiful Zaini and the various 1Mas Under-16 teams which will form the base for the next (JWC) qualifier and the tournament itself," said Subahan."
I have never been invited to the MHC Executive Board meetings and I implore on Datuk Ow to read the MHC Constitution properly before launching a personal attack. 
    The change in constitution has taken away the Council and replaced by the Executive Board where states have no representation. 
   Those who sit on the Executive Board are individuals elected at the Annual General Meeting in May 2015. Thus the question of me sending representatives to the MHC EB holds no water.
   While I understand the President has a busy schedule, why is it that he has never come to Johor for the SOJC for the past two editions?
    It is indeed strange that MHC prefers to launch attacks through the media rather then open a communication with JHA. Although I am a State Executive Counciller and Assemblyman, I will find time to entertain MHC EB should they want to come to Johor and discuss the issues raised.
   All of us serve  the sport with sincerity and want hockey in Malaysia to do well. 
    Losing to Japan in an Under 21 tournament, failing to qualify for the Rio Olympics, the Junior World Cup and finishing third in the Asian Champions Trophy shows that all is not well. 
    We all appreciate the sacrifices and commitments of the players and coaches of the various teams but MHC needs to be more inclusive towards its affiliates rather then being an exclusive club for some quarters.
   Coming up with sanction fees, holding back sponsors contributions and negotiating a broadcast deal without the owners of the event being consulted shows the immaturity and high handedness towards the affiliates when in reality MHC should be assisting its affiliates rather then punishing them.
    We are all into this for the love of the sport, we all want the best for our nation and Johor HA will always support whatever is good for the sport.
    On the question of seeking positions in future MHC elections, I wish to advise Datuk Ow that we live in a democratic country and those principles must and should be upheld.
    I may not have an illustrious playing career such as Datuk Ow, but I believe that the affiliates have the right to decide who should represent them at MHC. 

Thank you
Datuk Md Jais Sarday
Johor Hockey Association

Ow Soon Kooi: Johor HA president ill advised...

Pic: Datuk Ow Soon Kooi

A statement from Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) Vice President and Coaching Committee Chairman, Datuk Ow Soon Kooi.

AS THE chairman of the Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) Coaching Committee, I would like to stress that the opinion of the president of Johor HA that MHC was not serious about the Sultan Of Johor Cup is indeed uncalled for and ill advised. 
  The development squad that is made up of mainly Under-21 players was assembled in February 2016 and has been in training since then.
   Some of these boys were sent to Japan and New Zealand and Perth on a playing Tour with the national team with the intention of exposing them to international hockey. 
   Majority of these players took part in the Brisbane playing Tour, TNB Malaysia Hockey League (Premier and Division One) and the Tan Sri Alagendra Cup. 
  The team then took part in the Australian Hockey League (AHL), which is rated as one of the most competitive in the world. 
  Three players, namely Nik Aiman, Najib  and Najmi Farizal who played in the ACT were injected to strengthen this team and had to play five games in a row which I couldn't even do during my playing days. 
  I watched the boys train and spoke to them prior to me leaving for the ACT. 
   I also spoke to them when sending them off from Casa MSN@ 9am Monday 24/10/16. 
   I watched them play against Australia and Pakistan in Johor as well as the rest of the games live on TV. 
   Yes, we played in patches but they could match every team.  
   We didn't get the goals and let in some soft goals, thus not achieving the desired result we had hoped for. 
   Just because we ended up second last does it mean that we were not serious? 
  So during the recent Olympics, the teams that ended up at the bottom of the tables were not serious? 
   Does the Johor HA president know the preparation we went through? 
   The boys played their hearts out. 
  No one wants to lose and we should be compassionate enough to acknowledge that the boys gave their all.
    If we were disinterested what was all this preparation for? Why was I in Johor Baru for? Why was George Koshy (deputy president) there for? Aren't both of us representing MHC President Datuk Sri Subahan and the Executive Board?  
   Does JHA expect Datuk Sri Subahan to be everywhere?
   I have represented the country as a player for 11 years, a disciplinary board member for two years, an independent council member for three years, four years as Penang State Hockey Association (PSHA) president and nearly two years as Vice President (VP). 
   I have attended every meeting without fail except for one with a valid reason. I would like to ask the JHA president how many MHC meetings has he attended since helming JHA? 
  As far as I can recall, NONE. 
  So it is ok for him to delegate representation for meetings and events, but not ok for Datuk Sri Subahan? 
   Must Dato Sri Subahan be present at every tournament and function? If he is present what will then be the next question? Where are the rest of the Executive Board members?
   MHC is a non-profitable organisation, some have time, others don't. 
   Some have the ability to assist with much required funding. Others have the constraints of work and distance. 
   But everyone is doing their part to bring Malaysian hockey to the next level and Datuk Sri Subahan has contributed immensely in terms of time, money and planning with MHC and the national teams' best interest at heart.
    I fully support the President and all Executive Board members who share the same ideals for the betterment of MHC, and for those who don't please choose to not stand for future elections.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

MHC's response to Johor HA grouses....

MHC President Dato’ Sri Subahan Kamal, In response to the statement made by JHA President. 

1. RM 100k from TNB for the sponsorship of SOJC. 
The sum announced has not been paid, simply because we owe it to our sponsors - of which several deliverables has been agreed upon and must be met - to ensure the sum disbursed are of the equivalent value. We will distribute the figure once the media report is submitted. This matter has already been explained to TNB. If the deliverables or not met, we will refund the money to TNB. It has been our practice that tournament reports are sent post its completion. 

2. RM 50k for TNB State League - similarly, the tournament ended on the 3rd of November. We are in the midst of processing payments for not only Johor, but Sarawak and N.Sembilan and expect to provide these payments by the end of next week.

3. We have documented evidence for the alleged broadcasting issue and I think it is best this matter is brought up for a discussion with the EB in our upcoming meeting.

4. I still will be proposing to the EB on having our own MHC U21 International Invitational Tournament and perhaps a Women's International Tournament in partnership with a willing State HA. A decision will be meted once the EB deliberates on this proposal. Also, we had live streaming for our National League matches and ACT on Astro on the Go, so this wasn't the first time live streaming was introduced.

5. In response to the statement by JHA President, that MHC were not serious in their participation at the SOJC, we find this to hold no water. Whilst our focus remains with the Program 2020 squad, I believe the results speaks otherwise. We drew with the eventual champions and beat NZ by 4 goals to 1. These teams are participating in the JWC. We aren't. If we are not serious, then are teams like NZ less serious than us? The focus of this tournament was to ensure our backup squad has sufficient matches, and  16 year old boys, who are clearly playing at a higher level than their age group locally, attain the necessary exposure to aid in their progress. We placed a lot of thought before this decision was made. We did not set a target simply because our focus was on the process of developing these players. We lost several matches and attained good results in others. Nevertheless, the boys played really hard albeit not attaining a favourable result.

6. I maybe naive, and I thank JHA President for his brotherly advice. But, being President and supported by many individuals on the EB and management who have played and managed the game at the highest level, I will endeavour to do what is best. It is true I am new to hockey, but I have been a long-time administrator of Sports. I am also a passionate fan of the sport and will champion what is best for the good of the game.

Johor HA: MHC should appreciate SOJC , not lament...

Below is a statement from the President of Johor Hockey Association with regards to the remarks by MHC as appearing in the media.

Johor Hockey Association regrets the statement made by the Malaysian Hockey Confederation President Dato Seri Subahan Kamal pertaining to Organising a tournament to rival the Sultan of Johor Cup.

While acknowledging that is well within the rights of MHC to organise another tournament, JHA President Datuk Md Jais Sarday advised Subahan to study the reasons on the history of the organisation of SOJC rather then firing pot shots.

" The SOJC was initiated by the former President of MHC Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah after Johor successfully Organised the 2009 Junior World Cup," said Jais.

"HRH Sultan Ibrahim had graciously consented to naming the trophy as the Sultan of Johor Cup and it received strong backing and support of the Johor State Government.

" It is a platform to develop young players for the country. Therefore it is something that MHC should appreciate rather then lament about

" We , the JHA welcome the initiative of MHC to organise another U21 tournament as they deem fit.

" It will not dampen our spirits or enthusiasm to organise the SOJC annually as we have done so without fail since 2011 and it has received the blessings of HRH Sultan of Johor, the state government as well as the international body FIH."

Jais however took Subahan to task with regards to the broadcasting rights as well as the payments made to state Hockey associations.

" On the issue of broadcast rights, MHC has never formally written to JHA as the broadcast rights belong to JHA and all such matters should be discussed with us before formalising any deals with others," explained Jais.

" It is unfair to blame Dato Manjit ( Majid Abdullah) as he did briefed the JHA in his capacity as a Deputy President if JHA. But we waited till September 30 for MHC to tell us what was the fee they were willing to pay for the broadcasting rights.

" When we failed to hear from MHC, we took it upon ourselves to discuss it with other broadcasters and I had to personally meet  with the Minister of Information in order to finalise the telecast as it was important that Hockey fans , not only in the country but all over the globe not be deprived of an opportunity to watch world class action.

" Matches were even in live streaming and this was a first for Hockey here in Malaysia.

" When there was no such thing as an agreement from JHA, why create a fuss now when we took matters into our own hands as the national body was not being transparent about the amount to he paid?"

Jais went on to clarify that JHA had not paid the sanction fee of USD5,000 simply because MHC did not pay JHA the RM100,000 that Tenaga Nasional Berhad had pledged for the SOJC and paid to MHC to channel to the state body.

" We were told by TNB that they had paid the RM100,000 to MHC. Rightfully MHC should have channelled the money to us prior to the tournament," said Jais.

" As for the RM50,000 for the state leagues, we have only received RM10,000 of the money came pledged.

" We held our state league finals and had the match telecast live as well yet no representatives from MHC deemed it fit to attend the final although invitations were sent.

" it is commendable that MHC is looking at increasing it to RM100,000 and we applaud the initiative of MHC."

Jais also had some brotherly advice for Subahan.

" Maybe he is naive with regards to certain matters and reacted spontaneously without giving much thought to the matters," added Jais.

" He does not know much about Hockey as he has been involved in Football for a Long time.

" The SOJC is included in the FIH calendar annually and they are the sanctioning body and gave us the green light after the past administration of MHC had put up a paper justifying the organisation of such a tournament.

" We do our best each year and will continue to do so.

" Our hope is that the national team pays a more serious attention to its preparation as it carries the hopes and aspiration of the nation.

" Do not let the nation down as we owe it to the fans to put up a good performance whenever our team takes onto the pitch."

Monday, November 7, 2016

SUBAHAN: I'll propose for MHC Under-21 Invitational...

Subahan Kamal 
Jais Sarday

MALAYSIAN Hockey Confederation (MHC) president Datuk Seri Subahan Kamal was perplexed on why the Johor HA president Datuk Md Jais Sarday came out with a statement hitting the parent body, as every matter pertaining to the Sultan of Johor Cup had been explained to the state.
  And after replying to all the allegations, Subahan said he will propose to the MHC Executive Board to organise their own Under-21 International Invitation next year.
  "I am shocked with the allegations made by the Johor HA president on MHC not being serious about preparing a team for the tournament, on sanction fees, on TV rights and on MHC officials not coming to Johor to watch the matches.
  "As all these had been explained to the JHA representatives who are also also on MHC.
  "For starters, JHA have yet to pay MHC the US$5,000 sanction fee that they had agreed to, prior to the tournament. So, I'm shocked that it has been brought up at the end of the tournament, as we had already explained the need for a sanction fee to the council and the JHA deputy president, who is also MHC vice-president, Datuk Manjit (Majid Abdullah) was present during the briefing.
  "I don't know what he briefed his president, or did he (Manjit) brief his president at all."
  On MHC not being serious in preparing a team for the SOJC, Subahan agreed in totality.
  "Yes, we were not serious about preparing an under-21 team for the SOJC but because this batch is not our focus right now. Maybe one or two will make the senior cut, but the rest will not be able to help Malaysia in the next junior world cup.
  "Yes MHC were not serious about this team because they did not qualify for the Lucknow (Junior) World Cup (in December).
  "The Technical Director (Terry Walsh) and the coaching set-up are more focused on the present Under-21 team coached by Nor Saiful Zaini and the various 1Mas Under-16 teams which will form the base for the next (JWC) qualifier and the tournament itself," said Subahan.
  Subahan then said the sanction fee, as well as money from TV rights is not for MHC, but to be channelled back to the states.
  "On Sunday, we gave Negri Sembilan HA RM50,000 for completing their League. This money came from our TV sponsors Astro and main sponsors Tenaga Nasional.
  "We had promised every state RM50,000 and have delivered to most after they organise their League. Johor HA negotiated with RTM directly for the SOJC TV rights while our partner is Astro.
  "That's their right, but had it been Astro, the money would have been channelled back to the states. I aim to give ever state RM100,000 for their development programmes before my term is over and one way to do it is to host our own Under-21 International tournament.
  "Johor (who collected RM1.4 million in sponsorship for the Sixth Edition of the SOJC), made at least RM1 million from the tournament and I believe when the MHC host their own junior invitational, we will be able to collect the same amount and this will in turn be channelled back to the states for development," said Subahan.
  The proposed name is MHC Under-21 International Invitational, and Subahan is dead serious about organising a rival to the SOJC.
  "And on MHC 'melepaskan batuk di tangga' (sending their representatives to the SOJC and not the big guns) on attending the SOJC, I would like to state that when I can make it, I do attend tournaments all over the country and overseas.
  "But when I can't due to my work schedule, as I am also a businessman and have to work for my bread-and-butter, my representatives attend.
  "For the SOJC, deputy president George Koshy and vice-president Datuk Ow Soon Kooi did go to Johor for the SOJC," said Subahan.