Saturday, July 3, 2010

Model vows to run naked if Paraguay wins

TOSS: Between her and Maradona!

Paraguayan pin-up and lingerie model Larissa Riquelme has just reignited this year's football summer by matching Diego Maradona’s pledge to run naked through the streets if her nation wins the World Cup.

The ears of hot-blooded males everywhere pricked up straight away when Riquelme vowed to strip off out of national pride if the South American underdogs go all the way in South Africa.
Paraguayan model Larissa Riquelme Larissa's not happy about something - the guys in front look fine with it though
After watching Paraguay come through a last-16 penalty shootout against Japan on Tuesday afternoon, Riquelme - watching with a large crowd in Asuncion, who were presumably there for the football rather than her - was asked if she was prepared to match Maradona's bold claim.
Larissa Riquelme The two cameramen in the background definitely drew the short straws for this assignment
She readily agreed - with one caveat: 'Of course I will,' she said, 'but with my body painted in the colours of Paraguay.'
I'm sure no one will complain about that.
The 24-year-old has been pictured leading the celebrations back home as Roque Santa Cruz and his team-mates fought through a group that included reigning champions Italy to qualify for the knockout stages.
Paraguay win, model Larissa Riquelme runs. Everyone's happy Paraguay win, model Larissa Riquelme runs. Everyone's happy.
Her celebrations - complete with lucky mobile phone tucked into her more than ample cleavage - caught the eye of quite a few photographers, who were on hand to record her enthusiastic cheers.
"I'm sure no one complained about that either."

Fancy playing in Barbados?

A Youth Hockey Festival will be held in Barbados from December 12 to 18, 2010. Pablo Mendoza, son of coach Rudy Mendoza from Argentina, is organising the festival to promote hockey and develop the sport in that area.
The festival will feature 3 events:
1 Youth hockey competition (Boys/Girls, Under-18, Under-16, Under-14)
2 Developmental and High Performance Coaching Course (Directed by FIH Master Coach Rudy Mendoza)
3 Clinic for players (Directed by FIH Master Coach Rudy Mendoza)
For those who are interested, go to of call

Pablo Mendoza
Caribbean Sports Camps / Barbados
Contact Number: +12462587435