Tuesday, March 21, 2017

National U16: Selangor Girls 4 Sarawak 0

Pic: Selangor's Nur Farah Hanis scored five goals to date...

GIRLS' Under-16 champions Selangor romped away with their third win, when they hit Sarawak 4-0 Monday.
  However, the will face their Group A nemesis in Sabah Tuesday, in what coach Azman Ali believes will be their toughest hurdle.
  Selangor had earlier hammered Kelantan 7-0 and Kedah 4-1.
  "So far, the tournament has been going great for us, but I believe to top Group A, we must beat Sabah who have also showed an impressive form," said Azman.
  Selangor's Nur Farah Hanis is the tournament top-scorer with six goals, and she is only 14-years-old.
  "She also played for Selangor last year and after three matches here, she has scored five field and one penalty corner goal. This girl has plenty of talent in her considering her age," said Azman.
  And who does Azman fear in this season?
  "It has to be Kuala Lumpur. They have shown great determination, and the girls are well prepared. We hope not to cross their path in the knock-out (open draw) and only face them in the final," said Azman.
  RESULTS -- Boys' Group A: Negri 1 Johor 1, Kedah 1 Terengganu 9; Group B: Perlis 0 Malacca 3, Sarawak 2 Selangor 2; Group C: Kelantan 4 Pahang 6, Kuala Lumpur 0 Sabah 2.
  Girls' Group A: Kelantan 5 Kedah 0, Sarawak 0 Selangor 4; Group C: Kuala Lumpur 2 Malacca 0, Johor 1 Perak 0.
  TUESDAY: Boys' Group A: Penang v Terengganu (KPM, 5pm), Negri v Kedah (KLHA, 5pm); Group B: Perak v Selangor (KPM, 7pm), Perlis v Sarawak (KLHA, 7pm).
  GIRLS' Group A: Sabah v Selangor (KPM, 7,30am), Kelantan v Sarawak (KLHA, 7.30am); Group B: Pahang v Negri (KPM, 9,15am), Terengganu v Penang (KLHA, 9.15am); Group C: Perak v Malacca (KPM, 3pm), Johor v Kuala Lumpur (KLHA, 3pm).
  Note: All matches at Jalan Pantai, Kuala Lumpur.