Monday, September 22, 2008

Azmi ready for Deputy President battle

TWO-term Malaysia Hockey Federation (MHF) vice-president Nur Azmi Ahmad is looking to upgrade himself to deputy president during the biennial general meeting on Nov 1.
Nominations will open on Oct 3 and close on Oct 25.
“I have made up my mind, and after calling several state affiliates, I have received positive feedback, and will stand for the deputy president’s post,” said Azmi.
The current deputy president is Tunku Majid Sultan Iskandar, whileTan Sri Admiral (R) Anwar Mohd Nor is the president.
Both agreed after Saturday’s council meeting that the candidate who gets the most number of nominations will become the next president, so Azmi will only know who he is challenging when nominations close.
“I don’t mind standing against Anwar or Tunku Majid, as I feel the time is ripe for a change,” added Azmi.
“I have noticed that in the last two years, many decisions were made by individuals and the council was only briefed later. This is not the way to run an association, and if I am elected, I will not allow this to happen.”
During Saturday’s council meeting, Penang HA secretary Ranjit Singh, inquired through a letter, who had approved the 2007 Champions Trophy, and who had agreed to cater for the food the cost of which totaled RM47,000 for the 10-day tournament.
Ranjit also questioned why the finance committee was not informed earlier that teams were offered free food and lodging for the Champions Trophy, and that the MHF ended up saddled with a RM1.5 million bill.
“There are many unanswered questions as the council was only briefed after decisions were made. That is wrong procedure, and will be among the things I will change if elected,” said Azmi.
Azmi had been a silent council member for this season because, even though he was the vice-president who received the most number of votes in the last elections, he was only handed the Welfare Committee.
“I did my part to help players in need, but I was not given anything else to do. That is why I stayed out of the limelight. Another reason I was out of MHF most of the time was because I could not stand the intense politicking which took place at every meeting.
“I am tired of all this, and will listen to the states before making any decision because they are the biggest assets.” Azmi played hockey for Maybank in the Malaysia Hockey League and has been an active Malacca HA and MHF member for many years.
Nomination day is still some time away but already two camps have started campaigning and there is also talk about asking a prominent person to challenge the president’s post.