Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kelantan Under-12 Girls stripped for cheating

KELANTAN received a slap on the face when they were stripped of their Malaysian Sports Schools Girls’ Under-12 hockey title at the Kuala Lumpur HA Stadium yesterday.
Kelantan had beaten Kuala Lumpur 4-1 in the final, but they were disqualified from the tournament after KL lodged a report that they had fielded an over-aged player.
In the centre of controversy was Wan Norhidayah Wan Helmi, who was alleged to have registered using another girls Identity Card.
KL were awarded the title in default, and it took their total haul to three crowns in the tournament.
In the Boys Under-12 KL beat Terengganu 2-1, while in the Boys Under-18 KL beat Perak 3-0.
The only title that slipped from KL’s grip was in the Girls Under-18, which Kedah won 2-1.