Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pos aim to deliver


POS Malaysia, a hockey power back in the 60s and 70s, will be making their
debut in the Malaysia Hockey League tomorrow at the Bukit Jalil Hockey
Stadium with a simple aim.
"In sport, winning is not everything. Dedication, discipline and
commitment are also vital. I hope the Pos Malaysia team will bear that in
mind when they take to the field," said Pos Malaysia sports council deputy
president Khalil Daud at their signing ceremony yesterday.
"We have been active in sport for a long time and have tried our hand in
soccer but were not very successful. I hope the hockey team will fare
"Although we are making our debut, we have a strong lineup with a host
of former national and Yayasan Negri Sembilan players to carry the Pos
Malaysia flag."
At the ceremony, Pro-Specs brand manager Manmohan Singh handed over
hockey attire to the players.
"We are also co-sponsors for Tenaga Nasional, Engineering and Electrical
Corps and Kuala Langat. They are not the top teams in the League but then
we are not interested in instant results. We are more than happy to
contribute towards the development of hockey in Malaysia," said Manmohan.
"In the Junior League, Pro-Specs sponsored Old La Sallians of Klang and
they rose from the sixth placing in 1996 to become League champions. That
is the sort of development we are interested in."
POS MALAYSIA: Mohamed Nasihin Nubli, Noradili Samah, Conrad Roy
Fernandez, Mohamed Firdaus, S. Sivakumar, I. Vishnu, Khairuddin
Kamaruddin, Sivanantha Prasad, Azroy Majid, Balbir Singh, Rosdi Pilus,
Daniel Kassim, Gan Wei Kuang, Calvin Ronnie Fernandez, Raja Ahmad, P.
Ganesan, Perry Khoo, Nor Azmi, Lee Sien Lam, N. Kunaraja.

It will get better after the '98 Games


THE Bukit Jalil Sports School can accommodate 600 students and has about
350 under its wings now, ample space for more athletes but sadly not
enough sporting facilities.
"Right now the situation is quite cramped, we have the best student
athletes in the country under one roof but are forced to train elsewhere
because the school lacks facilities," said Ministry of Education sports
division director Ahmad Othman.
"But we hope all this will change when the curtain falls on Commonwealth
Games next year because then we will be surrounded by the best facilities
the nation can offer to develop BJSS students."
After the Games, the school will be surrounded by a hockey stadium,
indoor stadium, soccer stadium with tracks for athletics and a swimming
"The word now is that once the Games end, the facilities will be
privatised and might be beyond our reach, I hope the authorities will give
priority to BJSS students if that happens.
"Right now the students train around Kuala Lumpur and Universiti Putra
Malaysia in Serdang have been very kind to us," said Ahmad.
"The lack of facilities have also deprived us of some good athletes,
because when parents visit the school and find that we only have a multi
purpose hall and squash courts, apart from the cement hockey pitch outside
our compound, they are reluctant to their children. But all this will
change soon."
The lack of facilities has not stopped BJSS students from producing
their best.
"Last year we took part under the Bangsar Zone and BJSS students swept
most of the Inter-Zone medals so they were "kicked out" and made into a
separate zone this year. The BJSS Under-14 soccer team, who played under
the Police banner in the Nike Cup, also made the school proud when they
won gold," said Ahmad.
BJSS students undergo a spartan time-table daily. Physical activities
begin at 6.30am to 8.30am and this is followed by normal classroom
lessons. After school at 2.0 the students train under their respective
coaches. Motivational courses are sometimes held at night.
"Students based at BJSS are not only required to be good in sport, one
of the criteria for selection is academic excellence. But sometimes we do
take in an average student if they are exceptionally good in sport," said
And when the Malaysian Schools Sports Council take part in their second
Malaysia Games in Selangor, they will be looking towards BJSS students to
deliver the medals. Right now BJSS caters for 12 sports: athletics,
gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, squash, swimming, archery, hockey,
netball, volleyball, football, sepaktakraw and basketball.
"There are plans to include more sports under BJSS but we will need the
help of the National Sports Council and the respective associations to
provide coaches with expertise.
"Right now only swimming, squash and archery associations provide us
with coaches, we hope more will come forward soon."

Case of the `missing' Commonwealth squad


THE Malaysian Schools Sports Council (MSSC) gymnastics meet on May 25-28
saw about 400 gymnasts taking part at the Bukit Jalil Sports School but
not a single 1998 Commonwealth Games trainee was among them.
No, they were not on strike but their "withdrawal" was made known at the
eleventh-hour which left many parents fuming.
"My daughter trained hard and was looking forward to the MSSC meet, and
the sad part was that we heard about our withdrawl from the Media. The
officials did not inform us," said a parent who declined to be named.
The Commonwealth Games trainees were supposed to compete in a special
category because in the words of MSSC organising committee secretary
Jaafar Ibrahim: "They are too advanced to compete at school level."
That was before they were told to skip the meet and concentrate on
training for three British tournaments which were around the corner.
The trainees' absence however, did not put a damper on the MSSC meet.
Ten-year-old Selangor lad Azzam Azmi was the toast of the meet after
winnning seven gold medals. He improved on his five gold and two silver
medal haul he won last year.
He won golds in the floor exercise, pommel horse, rings, high bar,
parallel bar, vaulting and the overall individual gold.
"It could have been eight, if my teammate did'nt fall ill on tournament
day," said a confident Azzam after the meet.
"It would be nice if I could take part in the Commonwealth Games, but
then I am too young and inexperienced. Maybe the next Games."
Former '98 Games trainee Rudy Amry from Pahang was the Boys' Under-18
overall winner with five golds and one silver and he is keen to get back
into the fold: "My aim is to take part in the Commonwealth Games, I will
not give up hope."
At the meet, Pahang showed their might when they won the Boys' Under-12,
Under-15 and Under-18 team titles.
In the Girls' Under-18 rhythmic gymnastics, Perak's Dorcus Lee took home
five golds in the hoops, rope, ball, individual title and overall team
After the meet Ministry of Education sports division director Ahmad
Othman said: "We hope to have a bigger pool of gymnasts for international
tournaments once the Bandar Penawar Sports School in Bukit Tinggi, Johor,
starts its term with 100 students in January 1998."
Games trainees - Boys: Nurul Azman, Zulkarnian Majid, Mohamed Fadil,
Heng Wah Jin, Onn Kwang Tung; Girls: Au Li Yen, Lim Wai Chi, Ernadia
Os'hara Omar, Che Ku Norsaadah, Yulie Fitri, Cheng Siew Ting, Zarina
Zaini, K. Kavita.

Favourable response from HK juniors


THE Grand Finals of the SportExcel-Milo Junior Squash circuit has received
a favourable response from Hong Kong juniors.
Hong Kong will be represented by three girls and nine boys and Singapore
will send three players for exposure at the Jalan Duta Courts on July 10-
The Grand Finals was scheduled to be held on July 24-27 but since the
World Junior Women's Championships in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, will be held
on July 26-Aug 8, the Squash Rackets Association of Malaysia (SRAM)
decided to use the circuit as a warm-up for the women.
"The timing is very good, the circuit is just right to prepare the women
for the World Championships," said SRAM executive director Lt Kol (R) Wong
Ah Jit.
Leong Siu Lynn, Daphine Ting, Nicol and Cheryl David will represent
Malaysia at the World Championships. They will head for Brazil on July 20.
"Siu Lynn is in Australia for the Adelaide City Open and will give the
circuit a skip, this means plain sailing for Nicol in the Under-19,
barring upsets."
Nicol, 14, is in the Under-19 because, according to Wong, "she is too
good for the Under-16."
Michael Soo is the favourite for boy's Under-19 title and Teng Keng Guan
of Perak in the Under-16.
Last year, the overall winner in the Under-19 was Ricky Lee and the
Under-16 was won by Abdul Adzim. Sharon Wee won the girls' Under-19.
"The girls' Under-16 is a recent inclusion and Teng Ooi Ean from Perak
looks the likely winner," said Wong.
The draw for the Grand Finals will be held today.

No sweat for Soo in opening match


TOP seed Michael Soo from the Squash Rackets Association of Malaysia
(SRAM) toyed with Penang's Abdul Adzim before walking into the second
round of the SportExcel-Milo-NSC Grand Finals at the Jalan Duta courts
Soo won the first game 9-5 and looked tired in the second. Adzim made a
gallant fightback but Soo held him off to win 10-8.
In the third game, Soo forced Adzim to make numerous errors and romped
home 9-0 winner.
RESULTS - Men's Under-19: Michael Soo (SRAM) bt Abdul Adzim (Pg) 9-5,
10-8, 9-0; Roger Ngan (HK) bt V Kumaresan (Sel) 10-8, 9-3, 9-1; Mohamed
Rizal bt (Sin) bt Kevin Khaw (SRAM) 9-2, 9-3, 9-0; Kenny Ng (SRAM) bt
Billy Chan (HK) 9-5, 9-4, 9-3; Aaron Soyza (SRAM) bt Marcus Yeap (SRAM) 9-
4, 9-6, 9-1; Vincent Cheung (HK) bt Low Kok Ping (Sel) 9-0, 9-1, 9-0; Max
Ng (SRAM) bt Ynn Ka Ho (HK) 10-9, 2-9, 2-9, 9-3, 9-0; Mohamed Azlan (SRAM)
w.o. Lo Wei Tzen (Sel).
Under-16: Paul Ng (HK) bt Tan Wern Sern (Pg) 9-2, 9-0, 9-0; Kelvin Ho
(Sel) bt Mak Wai Ying (SRAM) 9-7, 5-9, 9-4, 9-1; Wong Wan Sun (SRAM) bt
Joel Neoh (Sel) 9-4, 9-7, 9-1; Looi Fon Sow (SRAM) bt Liaw Wei Loong (Pk)
2-9, 9-6, 9-6, 9-6; Aaron Chee (Sel) w.o. Herbert Chin (sel); (Sel); Looi
Hong Ling (SRAM) bt Razneil Tajuddin 9-2, 9-1, 9-0; Clive Harris (HK) bt
Ho Kok Hoong (sel) 9-3, 9-6, 9-2; Teng Kean Guan (Sel) bt Ray Paramalingam
(pg) (Pg) 9-1, 9-5, 9-1.
Under-14: So Pak Hei (HK) bt Eugene Ho (KL) 9-0, 9-0, 9-3; Ashwin Neesan
(SRAM) bt Kong Xuan (pg) 9-0, 9-2, 10-8, 9-6; Dick Lau Siu Wai (HK) bt
Kapil Neesan (SRAM) 9-1, 9-2, 9-4; Woo Yew Hong (SRAM) bt Roger Loh (sel)
(Sel) 0-9, 9-6, 10-8, 8-10, 9-6; Justin Jee (SRAM) bt Timothy Arnold
(SRAM) 0-9, 10-8, 9-2, 9-7; Kenneth Liew (SRAM) bt Koh Zhen Xiang (sel)
(Sel) 9-0, 9-4, 9-2; Nathan Raja (SRAM) bt Teng Tong Sern (pk) (Pk) 9-5,
2-9, 8-10, 9-4, 9-2; Choi Ting Yin (HK) bt Hee Xow Wern (Pg) 9-0, 9-0, 9-
Girls' Under- 16: Janice Way (Sin) bt Swarmalata (Sel) 9-0, 9-1, 9-1;
Sahar Jasmina (Pg) bt Lo Wei Teing (Sel) 9-0, 9-1, 9-1; Teng Ooi Ean
(SRAM) w.o. Lam Ee Wei (Pg); Sally Looi (SRAM) bt Lim Yoke Wah (Pk) 9-4,
9-2, 9-6; Pamela Lee (HK) bt Lau Siu Ying (HK) 9-4, 9-2, 9-7; Lau Siu Ying
(HK) bt Teng Mei Yee (PK) 9-2, 9-5, 9-4; Choi Man Shan (HK) bt Leong Yie
Mun (PK) 9-6, 9-1, 9-0; Kong Yi Zhen (SRAM) bt Tham Shin Mun (PK) 9-6, 9-
0, 9-2.

Nicol, Cheryl in semifinals


NATIONAL players and sisters Nicol and Cheryl David will square off in the
semifinals of the SportExcel-Milo-NSC Grand Finals at the Jalan Duta
courts in Kuala Lumpur today.
Nicol breezed past Lim Sook Yong of Kelantan 9-0, 9-1, 9-0 while Cheryl
David humbled Jasmine Tiw of Singapore 9-4, 9-2, 9-2 in the quarterfinals
THIRD RD RESULTS - Boys' Under-19: Michael Soo (SRAM) bt Roger Ngan (HK)
9-1, 9-0, 9-1; Mohamed Rizal (Sin ) bt Kenny Ng (SRAM) 9-2, 9-7, 9-4;
Vincent Cheung (HK) bt Aaron Soyza (SRAM) 9-0, 9-3, 9-3; Azlan Iskandar
(SRAM) bt Max Ng (SRAM) 9-0, 9-0, 9-2.
Under 16: Looi Hong Ling (SRAM) bt Wong Wan San (SRAM) 9-6, 4-9, 9-7,
10-8; Looi Fon Sow (SRAM) bt Aaron Chee (Sel) 9-7, 9-3, 9-5; Teng Kean
Guan (SRAM) bt Clive Harris (HK) 9-2, 9-3. 9-5; Paul Ng (HK) bt Kelvin Ho
(Sel) 9-2, 9-2, 9-0.
Under-14: So Pak Hei (HK) bt Ashwin Neesan (SRAM) 9-0, 9-2, 9-3; Dick
Lau Siu Wai bt Woo Yew Hong (SRAM) 9-10, 9-4, 9-2, 9-6; Kenneth Liew
(SRAM) bt Justin Jee (SRAM) 8-10, 9-2, 5-9, 9-6, 9-2; Choi Ting Yion
(SRAM) bt Nathan Raja (SRAM) 9-0, 9-0, 9-3.
Girls' Under-19: Nicol David (SRAM) bt Lim Sook Yong (Kel) 9-0, 9-1, 9-
0; Daphine Ting (SRAM) bt Sahabanu Mamat (Kel) 9-2, 9-7, 9-0; Cheryl David
(SRAM) bt Jasmine Tiw (Sin) 9-4, 9-2, 9-2; Geraldine Read (SRAM) bt Tricia
Chuah (SRAM) 9-0, 2-9, 9-3, 10-8.
Under-16: Janice Wong (Sin) bt Sahar Jasmina (Pg) 9-6, 9-0, 9-6; Teng
Ooi Ean (SRAM) bt Sally Looi (SRAM) 9-3, 9-3, 9-3; Pamela Lee (HK) bt Lau
Siu Ying (HK) 7-9, 9-0, 9-5, 9-3; Kong Yi Zhen (SRAM) bt Cho Mun Shan 9-0,
9-0, 9-4.

Soo, Nicol are crowned the Under-19 champions


MICHAEL Soo and Nicol David were crowned overall Under-19 champions at the
SportExcel-Milo-NSC Squash Grand Finals at the Jalan Duta courts in Kuala
Lumpur yesterday.
Nicol, representing the Squash Rackets Association of Malaysia (SRAM),
raced ahead in the first match and Daphine Ting of SRAM had no answers for
her well placed shots.
In the second, Daphine fought for every ball and the score was 8-2 in
her favour at one stage.
Nicol made a gallant fightback to claw her way back and win 10-8.
Daphine lost concentration in the third and lost 9-2.
Sisters Nicol and Cheryl, Daphine and Leong Siu Lynn will take part in
the World Junior Women's squash championships in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil,
on July 26-Aug 8.
The circuit served as a warmup for Nicol, Cheryl and Daphine while Asian
champion Siu Lynn, the skipper for Rio, is training under World No 15
Robyn Cooper in Australia.
In the Boys' Under-19, Michael Soo (SRAM) started off well and thrashed
Azlan Iskandar (SRAM) 9-0 in the first game. In the second, although the
final score was 9-4, Azlan had the upper hand for most of the match.
Soo was practically walking around the court and looked tired but his
experience saw him through 9-4 in the third.
The boys' Under-14 was an all-Hong Kong affair. So Pak Hei beat Choi
Tong Yin 9-6, 4-9, 9-3, 9-4 for the title while another Hong Kong player,
Dick Lau Siu Wai, beat Kenneth Liew of SRAM 9-0, 9-0, 9-3 for third.
RESULTS - Boys' Under-19 final: Michael Soo (SRAM) bt Azlan Iskandar
(SRAM) 9-0, 9-4, 9-4; 3rd: Vincent Cheung (HK) bt Mohamed Rizal (Sin) 9-5,
9-7, 9-4.
Under-16 final: Paul Ng (HK) bt Teng Kean Guan (SRAM) 9-7, 9-5, 9-4;
3rd: Looi Fon Sow (SRAM) bt Loo Hong Ting (SRAM) 9-2, 9-4, 9-6.
Under-14 final: So Pak Hei (HK) bt Choi Tong Yin (HK) 9-6, 4-9, 9-3, 9-
4; 3rd: Dick Lau Siu Wai (HK) bt Kenneth Liew (SRAM) 9-0, 9-0, 9-3.
Girls' Under-19 final: Nicol David (SRAM) bt Daphine Ting (SRAM) 9-3,
10-8, 9-2; 3rd: Cheryl David (SRAM) bt Geraldine Read (SRAM) 9-3, 9-3, 9-
Under-16 final: Kong Yi Zhen (SRAM) bt Janice Wong (Sin) 9-2, 9-6, 9-1;
3rd: Teng Ooi Ean (SRAM) bt Pamela Lee (HK) 10-9, 9-10, 9-6, 9-5.

NSC and McCulloch work towards a better future


THE SportExcel-Milo-NSC Squash Grand Finals ended on a promising note at
the Jalan Duta courts in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday.
Michael Soo and Nicol David did what was expected of them, they won the
Under-19 titles and were also a class above the rest but that may not
necessary be the case in the future.
The National Sports Council (NSC) and Squash Rackets Association of
Malaysia (SRAM) have plans to train a bigger pool of winners as back-up
for ageing players.
They have brought in Australian coach Allan McCulloch for that purpose.
McCulloch is based at the Bukit Jalil Sports School (BJSS) and his main
task is to work with the juniors and develop a bigger pool of potential
world beaters.
"I will work with students under the age of 16 to get them into shape
for the future," said McCulloch.
"The NSC-SRAM plan is not looking for instant success. They are looking
more towards 10 years down the line. Right now Malaysia have many
potential players and Kenneth Low is one good example.
"He is ranked somewhere in the world top 60. Given the right training,
he could make the top 20. That is the kind of quality we want to nurture
McCulloch has vast coaching experience at the South Australian Sports
Institute and will be with BJSS for two years.
Seven of his BJSS players made the Grand Finals of the circuit and two
of them, Azlan Iskandar and Daphine Ting, were the losing Under-19
"We have many promising players at BJSS right now and are working to
give them a good foundation.
"And to do that, we allow them to have fun during training because that
is the best time to observe their flaws. My job only starts after that,
weeding out their errors one by one to provide a good foundation."
The BJSS has three courts right now but after the Kuala Lumpur 1998
Commonwealth Games, they will have the best courts in the world in their
own backyard.
"The '98 Games squash courts are the best in the world. When completed
the 10 singles courts can be turned into eight doubles with the touch of a
button. I have not even seen such courts in Australia. I think this is the
first of its kind in the world.
"There will also be a huge viewing gallery and ample space to hold
larger local tournaments.
"So just imagine the tremendous boost for squash development once these
courts become operational," said McCulloch.
"We would love to see more 9 to 10-years-old at the school. Bring them
in and we will develop them into champions with exposure and experience,"
said McCulloch.

Jaya '98 progressing well


BACK in 1993, the National Sports Council (NSC) started their One-Sport-
One-State plan under the Jaya'98 project involving 14 States, the Armed
Forces and Police.
Under the One-Sport-One-State plan, States are supposed to place special
emphasis on the development of a particular sport and later help other
States set training centres and promote the sport.
The RM84-million Jaya '98 project was to help Malaysia prepare for the
1998 Kuala Lumpur Commonwealth Games and Sarawak were told to adopt
swimming, diving and water polo.
Sarawak have not been a letdown ever since.
Last year at the National schools swimming meet held at the Malacca
Municipal Council pool in Bandar Hilir, Sarawak finished second with 23
gold, 25 silver and 22 bronze medals behind eventual champions Selangor.
This year, at the Stampark pool in Kuching on May 23-26, Sarawak
dethroned Selangor by finishing with 39 gold, 26 silver and 16 bronze.
Kuala Lumpur finished a distant second with 4-3-2 and Perak were third
with 4-2-3.
Sarawak swimmers also had a major hand in the 20 meet records shattered
at the meet.
Sarawak started the meet with a bang and won 10 gold, nine silver and
five bronze medals and cracked all the five records on opening day with
Kimberly Yap in the Under-12 category and distance specialist Dieung
Manggang among the most impressive.
Kimberly splashed home in 1:03.68 in the 100-metres freestyle to better
Elena Saw's old mark of 1:05.99.
In the 200m butterfly, Dieung won in a new time of 2:09.41 to crack
Anthony Ang's 2:16.90 set in 1993.
Another Sarawak swimmer, Darren Luke won three gold medals in the 100m
freestyle, 100m backstroke and the 200m butterfly.
In the 100m freestyle Luke cracked Lim Keng Liat's old mark of 57.79
when he romped home with 57.33.
The other first day meet records came from Sarawak's Dayang Tarliah
(1:12.38) in the girls' 100m backstroke and Emily Jong (9:55.26) in the
girls' 800m freestyle open.
At the end of the meet, two-time Malaysia Games 1,500m gold medallist
Dieung had six gold medals to show. During the final assault, he cracked
the 400m freestyle time with 4:15.50.
Sarawak also dominated the relay events. They set records in the boys'
Under-15 4x100m medley relay and the girls' Under-12 4x50m medley relay.
The one meet record which did not go to Sarawak went to Kuala Lumpur's
On Sin Ning who won the Under-12 breaststroke.
Luke won his seventh gold medal in the boys' Under-15 breaststroke to
reconfirm Sarawak's superiority.
In diving, Sarawak won three golds and Pahang took one in the three-
metre platform. Sarawak's golds came from Foo Ming Swan in the boys'
Under-12, Chang Chaw in the boys' Under-15 and Donna Top in the Girls'

Eager Wales fly in to check out Bukit Jalil


EUROPEAN netball champions Wales arrived in Kuala Lumpur yesterday to
inspect the facilities for next year's Commonwealth Games and also to play
a few friendlies.
Nevermind that, the Bukit Jalil stadium is still under construction - it
is expected to be completed by the end of next month or early September.
"Twelve countries will participate in the Games and many are keen to
visit Malaysia to get acclimatised and also familiarise themselves with
the Games venue at Bukit Kiara," said Malaysian Netball Association (MNA)
president Norminshah Sabirin said yesterday.
"Barbados and England are also keen to come over and we will make
arrangements for a few friendlies when they arrive."
Wales, Barbados and England are among the seven countries who have
qualified for the Games. The others are Australia, South Africa, New
Zealand and Malaysia by virtue of being hosts.
The other five teams will come through the qualifying rounds, like the
Asia-Oceania qualifying rounds to be held in Singapore on Sept 2-22.
"After that, more teams are expected to visit Malaysia to have a first
hand look at the facilities," said Norminshah.
Wales will play friendlies with the Jaya '98 team (the Malaysian squad
in training for the Commonwealth Games), Kuala Lumpur, Police and the
Bukit Jalil Sports School (BJSS) team.
On Malaysia's preparations for the Games, Norminshah said: "The team is
training at the Bukit Jalil courts under Sabah coach Doresia Lomongkok and
Enid Browne of Trinidad and Tobago.
"Enid came down on July 1 with the help of the National Sports Council
The Jaya '98 team took part in the recent Malaysia-Singapore series and
finished tops in the Under-21 and Under-17 categories. Singapore won the
Open and Under-19 competitions.
Fixtures - Today: Wales v Jaya '98 (5.0); Tomorrow: Wales v Kuala Lumpur
(5.0); 21 July: Wales v Jaya '98 (5.0); 22 July: Wales v BJSS (5.0); 23
July: Wales v Police (5.0) - All matches at the Bukit Jalil Courts.

Wales rout inexperienced Malaysia


WALES outclassed Malaysia's Commonwealth Games project team, 72-21 in a
friendly netball match played at the National Sports Council (NSC) court
in Bukit Jalil yesterday.
Twelve players from the touring Welsh side will compete when the '98
Games netball begins on Sept 14 and this could spell trouble for Malaysia.
"We just started training and the girls have been together for only one
season. We could have done better," said their national coach Avril Roper.
Malaysia's new coach Enid Browne thinks things can improve.
"This is the first match they have played under my wing and from what I
saw today (yesterday), there is much work to be done. They don't have the
art of holding on to the ball, they lose possession when under pressure
and this must be ironed out before the Games."
Netball is the fastest growing women's sport in Wales and they have an
Under-16 side that have numerous European titles under their belt.
"We have four full-time netball development officers to cater for
schools. They are entrusted to nurture junior talent so that we have a
steady back-up for future," said Avril.
"The majority of the players who are in Malaysia are Physical Education
(PE) teachers. They play an important part in schools when not competing
in tournaments."
Wales are only wary of New Zealand in the Commonwealth Games.
"All we want to do when the Games begin is to play well, we have no
targets. It will be an achievement if we can beat New Zealand who are the
best in the world right now," she added.
"We will meet New Zealand close to Christmas and will know where we
stand then. As for England, we did lose to them in a recent tournament but
the girls were not ready then. We will surely beat them the next time
"Northern Ireland are one of our best sparring partners, our matches are
normally close and keenly contested. We will have a few more friendlies
before we break camp in September. Trials will be held in October."
FIXTURES - Today: Wales v Kuala Lumpur (5.0); Tomorrow: Wales v Jaya '98
(5.0); 22 July: Wales v BJSS (5.0); 23 July: Wales v Police (5.0) - All
matches at the Bukit Jalil Courts.

A legend to coach Malaysia


SIGNING up a 60-year-old to coach a national team is certain to raise many
eyebrows but that was exactly what the National Sports Council (NSC) did
for netball.
The sexagenarian, Enid Browne, is from Trinidad and Tobago and has been
assigned to shape the Malaysian challenge for the Kuala Lumpur
Commonwealth Games next year.
Malaysian Netball Association (MNA) president Norminshah Sabirin said
Enid was the most suitable for the task from the many applicants,
including coaches from Germany and England, that they and the NSC had
"We had many applicants to choose from. We found Enid to be the most
suitable one," said Norminshah.
And with good reason.
Age factor apart, Enid's wealth of experience was something that the MNA
and NSC are looking forward to tap.
And certainly, she is by far more youthful than her age suggests. Enid
was surprisingly fit and alert.
In Enid, Malaysia have hired a legend who has her own spot at Trinidad
and Tobago Hall of Fame for her contributions as a player and coach.
"I skippered the Trinidad and Tobago national side from 1964 to 1973. I
also received the highest award for female athlete in my country," said
Under her guidance, Trinidad and Tobago finished joint second with
Australia at the recent World Championships in Scotland where New Zealand
emerged as champions.
She has also coached numerous primary and secondary schools in her
country. "When I coach a school, they always end up as national
"But I must say that Jaya '98 Project (for the Commonwealth Games)
trainees are very raw. All I can do right now is to whip them into a
respectable side before the Games begin."
Enid and local coach Doresia Lomongkok from Sabah will have their hands
full until the Games.
"The National Netball Tournament on July 26-29 at the Stadium Negara
court will also be a selection platform for '98 trainees. The Jaya '98
team will break camp and play for their respective States at the national
"It will be a good place to find fresh talent.
"The final selections for the Games will be held in October. The
trainees should not take their positions for granted," said Enid.

MNA must follow the AIS way to success


THE National Schools Netball championship in Kuala Terengganu on May 22
saw 39 teams from 13 States participating.
Negri Sembilan were in a class of their own in the tournament held at
the Sultan Sulaiman Secondary School, winning both the Under-15 and Under-
18 titles.
In the Under-12 category, Selangor upset defending champions Negri in
the semifinals 32-34 and then went on to beat Johor 30-23 for the title.
Negri finished third with a 51-12 win over Sarawak.
There is no doubt that schools netball is alive but at the state and
national levels, the sport takes a back seat to many others.
Malaysia were the Asian champions in 1985 and finished fourth three
years ago but there has been a slide since.
For the first time since the inception of the Commonwealth Games,
netball will make its debut along with team sports cricket, rugby and
"The first challenge for the national netball team will be the Asian
Championship on Sept 2-7 in Singapore. We must win to redeem our pride,"
Malaysian Netball Association (MNA) president Norminshah Sabirin remarked.
Easier said than done. Netball is at the infant stages in Malaysia and
there is much work to be done if we want to catch up with giants like
Australia and New Zealand.
Work to train world beaters began at the Australian Institute of Sport
(AIS) 15 years ago.
At the first World Cup in 1988 in Canberra, Australia won the title with
the help of nine AIS players.
In 1992 in Fiji, Australia lost the title to New Zealand but regained it
in 1996 in Canada.
When the AIS was founded in 1981, netball was one of the eight sports
selected. The programme helps elite level athletes reach their potential
and full-time residential scholarships at the AIS are awarded anually.
Selections are based on the level of excellence at schools and begins
with the Under-17 and Under-19 players.
All athletes are expected to study or work as well as train and compete
Due to an excellent development programme, Australia won the World
Championships seven times - in 1963, 71, 75, 79, 83, 91, and 95.
Seven former AIS scholarship holders also helped Australia win the 1990
Commonwealth Games gold in Auckland.
The MNA have their own development programmes, but they have not been
active at schools level: "We do conduct coaching clinics and seminars when
invited. Coaches are sent to schools but not on a regular basis," added
"If the Malaysian Schools Sports Council need our help all they have to
do is ask. We are more than willing to provide the expertise."

MAAU keen for a dry run


THE Malaysia Amateur Athletics Union (MAAU) are keen to conduct a dry-run
to prepare for the 1998 Commonwealth Games.
MAAU president Datuk Khalid Yunus said yesterday they are preparing to
organise an international invitation in May next year.
"We will have to work out the details with Sukom '98 because the main
stadium in Bukit Jalil is still under construction. We would like to hold
it in conjuction with the official opening of the stadium by Prime
Minister Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad," said Khalid.
"I will be attending the World athletics championships in Athens on Aug
1-10 and will go all out to convince Commonwealth countries to attend the
"We expect to receive a favourable response because to date, many
Commonwealth countries have requested that they come early and have a
first hand look at the Games facilities."
The meet will also serve as a test for the 200 officials selected for
the Games.
"The meet is important to expose the officials, test stadium facilities
like the photo-finish camera, scoreboard and computers that will provide
instant results."

Juniors fail to impress in first stage


THE first leg of the Milo-MAAU-NSC National Junior Athletics Championships
at the KLFA Stadium in Cheras yesterday was the poorer cousin of the
recent Malaysian Schools Sports Council (MSSC) meet in Kangar.
Although the best juniors were supposed to compete, only 110 out of 172
registered showed up. Many stayed away because they were still recovering
from the MSSC meet while some had examinations to tackle.
Asean juniors triple jump record holder Mohamed Malik of Malacca had a
poor 14.71 metre jump. In Kangar, he did 15.09m.
RESULTS (all hand-timed) - MEN'S 100m: P Ganeshwaran (Pah) 10.5s, 2
Hamberi Mahat (Joh) 10.6, 3 Tan Kok Lim (Pk) 10.7; 400m: 1 Meor Shahriman
(Sel) 50.0, 2 Ismail Ibrahim (Kel) 51.0, Rashidi Rejab (Ked) 51.0; 1,500m:
1 G Geevaraj (Sel) 4:14.3, 2 M Naethasi (Ked) 4:15.6, 3 R Kunasegaran
(Pah) 4:14.8; 110m hurdles: 1 Kamarezemi Kamaruddin (Ter) 15.1, 2 Heah Kin
Choong (Pk) 15.7, 3 Victor Law (KL) 18.8; 400m hurdles: 1 R Shankaralingam
(Sel) 56.0, 2 Khairul Hisham (Sel) 57.1, 3 Mohamed Redzuan (Ked) 58.1;
1,000m walk: 1 Mohamed Shahrulhaizy (KL) 46:11.6, 2 N Vinayagam (KL)
46:57.5, 3 Jeeva Prakash (Sel) 49:17.6; 3,000m: 1 Jayaganes Krisnan (Pk)
10:02.1, 2 B Moorthy (Sel) 10:09.3, V Nitthiyavanagam (Ked) 10:52.3; Shot
putt: 1 Oo Kah Fei (NS) 10.89m, 2 Nazir Salleh (Sab) 9.67m, 3 Syamsul
Anuar (KL) 8.0m; Javelin: 1 Chan Eng Seng (Mal) 52.54m, 2 Heng Mok Lai
(Joh) 48.56m, 3 Mohamed Amin (Ter) 44.56m; High jump: 1 Koh Chan Seng
(Sel) 2.0m, 2 Goh Suan Nyok (Pg) 1.90m, 3 Yip Meng Chee (Pg) 1.85m; Long
jump: 1 Kamarezemi Kamaruddin (Ter) 7.03m, 2 Amnat Perat (Kedah) 6.97m, 3
Koh Chan Seng (Sel) 6.92m; Discus: 1 Oo Kah Fei (NS) 31.12m, 2 Nik Mazaid
(Kel) 30.64, 3 Tee Tiong Ching (Mal) 30.26; Triple jump: 1 Mohamed Malik
(Mal) 14.71m, 2 Khairul Anwar (Pk) 14.32m, 3 Ang Chun Lai (pk) 13.92m;
Penthathlon: 1 Oo Kai Fei (NS) 2,614 pts, 2 Nazir Salleh (Sab) 2,315, 3
Yoon Koon Hong (Sel) 2,163.
WOMEN - 100m: 1 Nik Norazura (Ter) 12.0s, 2 Chong Ai Wei (Pah) 12.4, 3
Imee Hasliza (Sel) 12.5; 400m: 1 Masfuzah Abdullah (Kel) 61.4, 2 Leela
Suresh (Pk) 62.7; 1,500m: 1 K Komathi (Pah) 5:00.5, 2 Norlida Ismail (Ter)
5:26.3, 3 C. Citra (NS) 5:39.5; 100m hurdles: 1 Moh Siew Wei (Pk) 14.8, 2
Noraseela Khalid (Sel) 15.2, 3 Dian Rafiee (Sel) 15.7; 400m hurdles: 1
Noraseela Khalid (Sel) 67.1, 2 Norezuani Zain (Kel) 72.6, 3 Wong Soo Lee
(Pk) 75.6; 5,000m walk: 1 Radha Muniandy (KL) 27:58.7, 2 D Lahsela (Sel)
28:34.7, 3 Kamilah Awang (Kel) 30:15.6; Shot putt: 1 Nancy Foo (Sab)
10.12m, 2 Ong Lee Ping (Sar) 10.8, 3 Lue Sian Beng (Sel) 8.95m.

Yu Fang has the last laugh


RACING against time, V. Subramaniam, coach for national walking champion
Annastasia Karen Raj requested the Malaysia Amateur Athletics Union (MAAU)
to allow his protege to compete in the men's 10km walk event at the
Malaysian Open last year to enable her to qualify for the Atlanta
The request was rejected.
The International Amateur Athletics Federation (IAAF) had this to say to
Subramanian: "There aren't any provisions in the IAAF rules that allow
women to race with men in any event and that is not going to change it."
So the IAAF made it clear that women are women and they race against
women only.
On Saturday at the first leg of the Milo-MAAU-NSC National Junior
Championships at the KLFA Stadium in Kuala Lumpur, a woman runner took on
the men in the 1,500m.
Yuan Yu Fang, a Commonwealth Games trainee, started off with seven men
and finished last in the race.
The organising committee chairman, Datuk Khalid Yunus was lost for words
when Yu Fang kept up the pace in the first lap and ran past him in front
of the official desk at the grand stand area.
However, one of the officials explained that the Chinese-born athlete
was "just testing her strength" among the men runners.
"She is not supposed to run, there were no provisions for her to test
her strength, moreover she is overaged, this meet is for the juniors. What
is she doing is a mockery of an official championships," said a technical
Technical official S. Vegiyathuman, unaware of Yu Fang's presence until
the second lap said: "I cannot stop the event but this is not logical."
Yu Fang, under the National Sports Council (NSC) Commonwealth Games
training project, finished last in 4:24.6. The event was won by Selangor's
Geevaraj in of 4:14.3.
Yu Fang, 27, is one of the gold medal hopefuls at the Jakarta Sea Games.
She started off as a runner, making a clean sweep in the 1,500, 3,000 and
10,000m at the National Championships in Kangar last year.
Representing Perlis, she switched to the walk event and won the women's
10,000m gold at the Amcorp-National Championships last year, beating
Annastasia in her pet event.
She even broke the national record of 45:47.01 by .01 seconds, but her
record did not stand as the meet was not a recognised.
Yu Fang was called to the winners rostrum where she received a bouquet
from former national sprints queen Mumtaz Jaafar for her effort.

Ifna discuss new rules


THE International Federation of Netball Associations (IFNA) council
meeting in Barbados on July 7-11 discussed amendments to the rules to be
implemented during the 1998 Commonwealth Games.
Malaysian Netball Association (MNA) president Norminshah Sabirin, who
attended the council meeting, said: "Many interesting proposals were
raised but IFNA have yet to finalise the details.
"Once we receive the changes, we can start preparing for the '98 Games."
Australia proposed to split the game into two halves of 30 minutes each
with a five-minute break. The present format is of four quarters, 15
minutes each.
England are keen to change team positions. They also proposed to change
the playing area for players to allow greater freedom of movement.
Cayman Islands favour the introduction of a new shooting zone, with two
points being scored for a goal netted from these new areas. The new zones
would either be square or semi-circle drawn in the centre third or in both
goal thirds.
Australia also want to see changes done on the playing court. For
international matches held indoors, Australia proposed to have a sprung
wooden floor with goalposts inserted into the ground or sleeved beneath
the floor.
New rules pertaining to warnings, suspensions and ordering off were also
"As netball moves into the 21st century, it must be more spectator
friendly and easier to watch, and the proposed amendments will do just
that," said Norminshah.
However, international rules board convenor Maureen Boyle cautioned:
"The present rules are sound, don't be misled into believing that changing
the rules will improve or guarantee an improvement in umpiring standard.
"Perhaps our best solution will be found in educating the umpires and
implementing training programmes. I urge you (the council members) to
encourage this to happen.
"The final of the 1991 World Championships proved that the skill level
and athleticism of those players provided an exciting spectacle, not a
change in the rules."
Delegates from 20 countries took part in the meet to make netball more
spectator friendly, with less whistle and less interruptions.

MJA send judokas for stern tests overseas


THE Malaysian Judo Association (MJA) are sending their top exponents and
juniors for stern tests abroad in preparation for the Southeast Asia (Sea)
Games in Jakarta in October.
Two immediate assignments are the Wismoyo Cup on Aug 2-3 in Indonesia
and the Fifth Vietnam International on Aug 9-11 at Ho Chi Minh City.
Yesterday, Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) secretary Sieh Kok Chi
handed the Malaysian flag, to judokas who will be competing in both the
meets, at Wisma OCM in Kuala Lumpur.
MJA president Johnny Khoo said: "The Wismoyo Cup is exposure for the
juniors. We will be sending a new team and if they do well in Indonesia,
we will send them for further overseas trainings to prepare for the World
Judo Championships in Moscow next year.
"The Vietnam International side will be made up of experienced seniors,
two of them, K. Thevaraj and T. Mahendran, are Chiangmai Sea Games silver
"At the end of the day, we will select four or five judokas for the Sea
"Yeoh Hong Nam, who just returned from studying overseas, is also one of
our medal hopefuls," Khoo said.
TEAMS - WISMOYO Cup (junior) - Men: Junaidi Ismail (-60kg), Ismahadi
Ismail (-65kg), Roslam Ariffin (-71kg), Winson Yeap (-78kg), Poh Seng Chee
(-81kg), Bong Siak Peng (-95kg); Women: Junaida Ismail (-56kg).
FIFTH Vietnam International (senior) - Men: R. Ravi (-60kg), K. Thevaraj
(-65kg), T. Mahendran (-78kg), Yeoh Hong Num (-86kg), Rahim Ahmad (-71kg),
Leong Kim Fook (-95kg).
Team manager: Susan Cheah; coach: M. Thangaveloo.

MTA seek approval for Games squad


THE Malaysian Taekwondo Association (MTA) have selected 12 exponents for
the Jakarta Sea Games to be held in October.
"The list will be submitted to the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) for
approval," said national coach Lee Yoke Keong yesterday.
The closing date for entries is on Friday.
MTA have been alloted 16 slots by the OCM for the Games but could not
find suitable exponents.
"Sarah Chung, who won Malaysia's only gold medal at the Chiangmai Sea
Games last year, is doing her Phd in Canada and has opted out. The usual
Sea Games team numbers 16, but we decided to send 12 this year."
The exponents will begin their two-month centralised training at the
Fish Pond Centre of Excellence in Malacca today.
Lee added that in Malacca he will be assisted by South Korean Lee Byung
Hee to prepare the exponents for the Sea Games.
"Byung Hee, who coached the Sarawak Malaysia Games team, was brought in
by the National Sports Council.
"We will stress on endurance and skills at the training session in
Malacca, sparring sessions with the back-up squad will also be held," said
MTA have set a target of four gold medal in Jakarta.
"We have capable seniors in S. Kumar, Dayang Atika and Phuvaneswary.
Four gold medals are not beyond our reach if they fight as instructed."
Squad - Men: S. Kumar (finweight), Joseph Kung (flyweight), Lim Teck
Guang (bantamweight), Ler Chee Keong (lightweight), Kenny Chang
(middleweight), Roger Tan (heavyweightt).
Women - Phuvaneswary (finweight), Dayang Atika (flyweight), Jury Foo
(bantamweight), Elizabeth Chua (featherweight), Lee Wan Yuen

MTA seek approval for Games squad


Yi Wei excels in studies and rhythmic gymnastics


GOH Yi Wei is 13 and going places.
The Bukit Jalil Sports School (BJSS) student received the Junior
Olympian Award at the Bandar Baru Seri Petaling Primary School recently.
Yi Wei is the 26th recipient of the award, sponsored by Milo, Olympic
Council of Malaysia and the Malaysian Schools Sports Council, which also
comes with RM2,000 prize money and a certificate of excellence.
Active in rhythmic gymnastics since she was nine-years-old, Yi Wei was
selected by the National Sports Council (NSC) to be nurtured into a medal
prospect for the next year's Kuala Lumpur Commonwealth Games.
And the budget to prepare the Games squad since 1993 is a whopping RM16
Yi Wei, who did her Primary Six at Seri Petaling, attributes her success
to her parents: "They encouraged me to take part in gymnastics and played
a big role in my success."
Last year, she won a silver medal at the Oceania Championships in New
She also won one gold, three silver and one bronze at the National
Championships and at the National Schools meet she took home four golds
and two silvers.
And at the Inter-City championships at Stadium Negara, Yi Wei won two
silver medals.
"At the BJSS, we normally study for about three hours and the rest of
the day our coach Marina Axenenko from Russia takes us through the
"It is tough training but I don't mind, my aim is to make the '98 Games
squad and the 2000 Olympics."
Yi Wei, who went on a 10-nation tour stint in Europe in April where she
took part in seven championships, is also an outstanding student. She
scored 4As in the UPSR examinations last year.
"My dream is to become a doctor, so I devote just as much time for
studies," said the youngster.
Seri Petaling headmaster Kassim Saubth Khan had only praises for Yi Wei:
"She was a model student, although she only did her primary six with us,
she managed to charm the teachers with her commitment towards studies and
"I always tell my students that one must be active in sport if they want
to excel in studies because if you are physically fit, training the mind
will be easier, it works both ways," said Kassim. FACTFILE
Name: Goh Yi Wei
Date of birth: April 22, 1984
Height: 141cm
Weight: 35kg
Ambition: To be a doctor.
Favourite gymnast: World rhythmic champion Ekaterina Serebryanskays.
Achievements - Silver medallist at the Oceania Championships in New
Zealand; Mac Donald award for all rounder; One gold, three silvers and one
bronze at the National Champiosnhips; Four golds and two silvers at the
National Schools championships.

Programme beginning to bear fruit


THE Second Milo-NSC-MSSC Junior Olympian Award was officiated by the
Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) deputy president Tan Sri Khir Johari on
March 11 at the OCM building.
The first award was sponsored by Nestle in conjunction with the 1992
Barcelona Olympics and 25 juniors received recognition for their
This time around, 26 primary school students received the award as
"encouragement and motivation for children to excel in sport," said Khir
The 12 boys and 14 girls were selected for outstanding performances in
their respective sports last year - the year of the 26th Olympic Games in
"There is no excuse to delay the moral, social and physical development
of the child which sports can give.
"There is also no reason to deny the children the joy of sport and the
benefits of character building that sport ensures. The OCM will therefore
endorse and support programmes of this nature," said Khir Johari at the
launch of the programme.
The first programme has begun to bear fruit. Award recipients like Lim
Wai Chi (gymnastics), Ong Beng Hee (squash) and Ray Tan (yachting) have
done the country proud. Tan even won the Asian Games gold medal in
Boys - Chai Wai Seng (SRJK (C) Pei Hua, Negri Sembilan; swimming); Bong
Yit Sin (SR Bantuan Cheng Hua, Sarawak; table-tennis); Hasbullah Hafiz
(SRK (C) Jalan Batu Satu, Kuala Lumpur; badminton); Mohamed Noor (SK
Kulim, Jalan Tenku Kedah; sepaktakraw); Mohamed Saiful (SRK Wellesley,
Penang; swimming); Adam Jaya (SRK (2) Simpang Lima, Selangor; tennis; Ooi
Khong Siang (SRJK (C) Kong Aik, Perlis; athletics); Rusman Mariaso (SK
Pekan III, Sabah; athletics); Talib Latif (SK Bukit Tiu, Kelantan;
Mohamed Rizuan (SK Banggol Katong, Terengganu; Touch-rugby; Mohamed
Hasni (SK Kem Gerak Khas, Malacca; sailing; Lee Wai Pun (SRJK (C) Pasir
Pinji, Perak; badminton).
Girls - Noor Izdiana (SRK Port Dickson, Negri Sembilan; netball); Dalila
Hassan (SK Puteri, Jalan Labu Negri Sembilan; tennis); Tania Teoh (SR St
Rita, Sibu, Sarawak; badminton); Ernadia Os' Hara (SRK Subang Jaya,
Selangor; rhythmic gymnastics); Goh Yi Wei (SK Seri Petaling, Kuala
Lumpur; rhythmic gymnastics; Chan Su Wen SRJK (C) Keat Hwa, Kedah;
swimming; Sarah Champagne (SRJK (C) Khoon Aik, Perlis; diving; Nor Azlizan
(SK Seri Budiman, Terengganu; Hockey); Hazliza Razali (SK Paloh Pintu
Geng, Kelantan; volleyball).
Noor Ain Ahmad (SK Berserah, Pahang; sailing); Norshida Mohamed (SK
Sungai Burung, Perak; athletics); Izatul Hairani (SRK Sultan Abu Bakar,
Johor; athletics; Neo Jo Lyn (SRK Infant Jesus (2), Malacca; tennis).

Junior Open draws tremendous response


THE Milo-Dunlop Junior Squash Open on Aug 14-17 at the Jalan Duta Courts
in Kuala Lumpur has received an overwhelming response from 13 countries.
"There are 67 foreign entries while Malaysia will field 80, this makes
it the largest junior tournament to date," said Squash Rackets Association
of Malaysia (SRAM) executive director Lt Kol (R) Wong Ah Jit.
"The new entries will come from Holland, who have the top junior boys in
Europe, Switzerland, Australia, Argentina, United Arab Emirates, Japan and
"The traditional ones are from Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines,
Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka."
At the junior meet, according to Wong, the focus will be on the boys:
"Pakistan and Holland will be sending their top players, it will be good
exposure especially for Michael Soo in the Under-19 as it will be his last
junior outing.
"The girls challenge will be led by Nicol David and Daphine Ting as
Leong Siu Lynn will be taking part in the Singapore Open on Aug 18-24 to
improve her ranking."
Meanwhile, World No 1 Sarah Fitzgerald and No 2 Michelle Martin have
confirmed their entries for the Malaysian Women's Open on Aug 24-30 at the
Jalan Duta courts.
"Kuan Choy Lin has received a wild card, the rest will have to play in
the qualifying rounds," said Wong.

Muhyiddin firm on keeping out '98 athletes


SPORTS Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin yesterday reiterated his stand
that Kuala Lumpur 1998 Commonwealth Games athletes should not be allowed
to compete in the Under-21 Malaysia Games in Shah Alam on April 17-27 next
"The National Sports Council (NSC) feel the preparations for the
Commonwealth Games should not be interrupted as the Malaysia Games are too
close in dates," said Muhyiddin.
"It would be better if those eligible concentrate on the '98 Games. "The
exact figure of those eligible will only be known on Dec 1."
Speaking after chairing the Games Council meeting in Shah Alam,
Muhyiddin said States should not worry as there are sufficient talented
athletes to fall back on.
"The Malaysia Games, I believe will not be poorer in terms of prestige,
in the absence of the Commonwealth athletes."
He also said that 24 sports will be contested including the 15
Commonwealth Games sports as agreed to by the council.
The sports are soccer, athletics, taekwondo, gymnastics, aquatic sports,
rugby, lawn bowls, tennis, sepak takraw, archery, netball, boxing,
weightlifting, golf, volleyball, badminton, cycling, cricket, bowling,
squash, shooting, hockey, silat and sailing.
Competing teams will include, besides the 13 States, Kuala Lumpur,
Labuan, Brunei, Schools Sports Council (MSSC), Police and Universities
Sports Council (MASUM).
Selangor Executive Councillor Datuk Zainal Abidin said it will cost RM20
million to organise the Games.
He said the State Government have alloted RM10 million with Proton-EON,
Petronas and the Sports Ministry coming in with RM1 million each.
"The rest we hope to source from State-run subsidiaries and private
sponsors," said Zainal.
He said there will not be any problems in getting sponsors despite the
Commonwealth Games.
Zainal said the organising committee will make sure the budget will not
exceed RM20 million.
"We will propose that the opening and closing ceremonies be kept simple.
There is no need for elaborate and lavish shows. We will concentrate on
organising the Games and provide the athletes with good accommodation and
food," added Zainal.
Institut Teknologi Mara will serve as the Games Village and except for
cricket, which will be held at the Royal Selangor Club ground in Bukit
Kiara, the other venues will centred around Shah Alam.

SRAM bid to host world meet


THE Squash Rackets Association of Malaysia (SRAM) are keen to host the
next World Junior Squash Championships in 1999.
"The superb display by our girls in Rio de Janeiro has prompted SRAM to
consider bidding for the World Cup, and if we get the greenlight from the
Sports Ministry, Malaysia would most likely win their first gold medal in
the World Cup in 1999," said SRAM president Datuk Alex Lee yesterday.
Since its inception 14 years ago, the gold has been shared between
England and Australia.
Malaysia became the first Asian team to reach the semifinals in this
biennial World Women's Junior tournament.
"Leong Siu Lynn, Nicol David and Daphine Ting have opened a new chapter
in the world of squash and SRAM will request the National Sports Council
to reward the trio if they manage a top-three finish," added Lee.
If Malaysia win the bid to host the World Cup, Siu Lynn, Nicol and
Daphine would still be eligible to play. Nicol, 14, is available to play
in two more World Cups.
Meanwhile, the Dunlop-Milo Malaysian Junior Open Championships on Aug
14-17 at the Jalan Duta courts has attracted record entries.
SRAM have received 77 foreign entries from 13 countries with the biggest
coming from India who are sending 19 players, followed by Argentina with
Holland will send their top ranked players Tommy Berden and Dylan Bennet
who are European No 1 in the Under-19 and Under-13 categories
Pakistan will send their top Under-19 Zubair Khan while Argentina will
be spearheaded by top national player Jorge Gutierra Keen. The local
challenge will be led by Michael Soo, Azlan Iskandar, Aaron Soyza, Nicol
and Daphine.

Pos Malaysia get timely lift from Lee, Fernandez


LEE Sien Lam and Conrad Roy Fernandez played a pivotal role in Pos
Malaysia's win over a fighting DeTas at the Bukit Jalil Stadium yesterday.
In another match at the adjacent field, Maybank hammered Perak SEDC 3-0
to finish fifth in the standings.
Arul Selvaraj (15th), Suhairi Saidi (52nd) and Chairil Anwar (60th)
scored the goals for Maybank.
Pos Malaysia took the lead in the 17th minute when Mohamed Firdaus
hammered home from a penalty corner setpiece.
The goal spurred Pos Malaysia and they pinned DeTas in their own
semicircle for most of the first half.
In the 20th minute, Firdaus received a pass from Lee but his shot missed
the goamouth by inches. In a counterattack, veteran Lim Chiow Chuan came
face-to-face with national goalkeeper Nasihin Nubli but failed to score.
After the breather, Lee and Fernandez received the marching order for
rough play and DeTas sudddenly found more space to manouvre their move.
In the 52nd minute, Azman Ariffin sounded the board for the equaliser.
The match turned robust after that and Pos' Daniel Kassim was stretched
out. With 10 minutes to go on the clock, the umpire called back Lee and
Conrad who turned the match in favour of Pos.
Lee, who combined well with Balbir Singh, took charge of the team and
made a few solo runs to send DeTas backpedalling with the help of Conrad.
In the 61st minute, Lee finished off a short corner setpiece to seal the
match for Pos Malaysia.
Fixtures - Aug 13: Kuala Langat v Segambut (Bukit Jalil Stadium, 5.30).
Aug 14: Kuala Langat v BBMB (Bukit Jalil, 5.0).
Aug 16: Tenaga v EME (BJ, 5); BSN v Perak SEDC (5.30), Segambut v PJMC
(7.45, all matches at Bukit Jalil Stadium).
Aug 17: Kuala Langat v Detas (5.0, Petaling Jaya Stadium); Pos Malaysia
v BBMB (5.30, Bukit Jalil Stadium); RMR v Maybank (7.45, Bukit Jalil

Hashim happy with way RTM are handling promotional activities


RTM, the host broadcaster for the 1998 Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur
have been praised by Sukom '98 Berhad for their promotional activities.
"I am very happy with the way RTM are handling the promotions," said
Sukom chairman Jen (R) Tan Sri Hashim Ali yesterday.
He was speaking after chairing a Sukom board of directors meeting at the
Mines Beach Resort in Seri Kembangan.
The meeting discussed the financial and broadcasting aspects of the
The broadcasting consortium of local and international media will play a
pivotal role during the Games which is expected to attract about 500
million viewers from around the globe.
"It was also decided that the coverage of the opening and closing
ceremony will be handled by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and
RTM. All the other TV stations like TVNZ, ABC, Star TV, Astro have also
been delegated to concentrate on certain sports.
"Holland, who are experts in marathons and walking, will cover those
events and athletics will be by RTM and BBC," said Hashim.
Sukom are in the midst of roping in more TV stations: "Canada's CBC have
shown interest and right now we are discussing the sale of TV rights with
The meeting also discussed the sale of tickets, which can be bought via
the Internet, phone and direct sales at various locations by the end of
the year.
"This is a very positive move, because even at the Olympics or the
Victoria Games, sale of tickets only took place about six months before
the Games. Sukom will have about a year."
On finance, he said, sponsors have come up RM74 million and more are
expected to come soon. Television rights account for 7.3 per cent of that
A change of venue for cricket was also decided. The main venue has been
shifted from Bukit Kiara to the Selangor Turf Club.
"The Turf Club management have pledged to provide the facilities and
since it is close to the Games Village and other games stadiums, the
finals will be held there," said Hashim.
The Fourth Board of Directors Meeting will be held on Sept 9 and the
discussion will be centred around insurance and preparations of the Games

Kuala Langat a draw away from q-finals


KUALA Langat, who were nearly kicked out of the Malaysia Hockey League due
to problems with the Registrar of Societies, are now knocking on the doors
to the quarterfinals as they need only a draw against Bank Bumiputra
(BBMB) today to qualify.
At the Bukit Jalil Hockey Stadium yesterday, Kuala Langat hammered
bottom of the table Segambut Hockey Club 6-0.
Kuala Langat could have scored more goals but according to coach C.
Sivasubramaniam: "All we needed was a win, and once we went 3-0 up, I
decided to rest some of the players to avoid injuries. We need the first-
11 to face the BBMB crunch tomorrow (today)."
Starting as the underdogs today, Kuala Langat will miss the services of
St John Davis who picked up a green card against Segambut. The card
brought his demerit tally to eight, which means he will undergo a one
match suspension.
Kuala Langat started early and in the 12th minute, they received their
second penalty corner and K. Givananthan sounded the board, but the umpire
blew for high ball.
In the 20th minute, Givananthan made a pass to an unmarked Sri
Sakurunatharan to slam home their first.
After that goal, Segambut defended well and goalkeeper Jasvinder Singh
made a few good saves to keep the score dowm.
In the 28th minute, Kuala Langat received their fourth penalty corner
and off a goalmouth melee, Mohamed Razali got his name on the scorecard.
Six minutes later, Kuala Langat had no problems scoring their third goal
past a harassed Jusvinder. Hardworking Givananthan had ample time to turn
and hammer home before halftime.
When play resumed, Segambut finally had their first and only look at
goal when Hardeep Singh came face-to-face with Hamdan Hamzam. Hardeep
missed by inches.
Three quick goals by Davis (50th), Melvinder Singh (52nd) and
Sakurunathan (63rd) were enough to douse any hope of a fightback from
"If we play our normal game, BBMB should not be a problem. And although
we only need a draw, the players will be told to go all out for a win for
a shot at the league title," said Sivasubramaniam.
BBMB, who drew 1-1 against Segambut earlier, are a very unpredictable
side but if Kuala Langat produce the form which saw them beat Tenaga
Nasional 4-2, the newcomers should have no problems of making the last
But then again BBMB would also be looking for a win to make the
quarterfinals which will surely make it an explosive affair at the Bukit
Jalil Stadium today.
TODAY: Kuala Langat v BBMB (5.0, Bukit Jalil Stadium).
* The Datuk Dr R.L. Annandan six-a-side will be held at the Tunku Besar
Secondary School field in Tampin at 7:30am on Aug 31. Entries, with RM30
per team, close on Aug 16. For information call Maidin Mohamed at 06-

Bank Bumi move into last eight


BMB ......... 4
K. LANGAT ... 0
BANK Bumiputra Malaysia Berhad (BBMB) won the seventh quarterfinal berth
in the Malaysia Hockey League at the Bukit Jalil Stadium yesterday.
BBMB who hammered a tired Kuala Langat side 4-0 and now have 15 points,
will play their last match against Pos Malaysia on Sunday.
With the defeat, Kuala Langat will have to beat DeTas of Pahang on
Sunday if they want the remaining quarterfinal ticket. In the other half,
Royal Malay Regiment (RMR) have an uphill battle against Maybank, but if
Kuala Langat lose against DeTas and RMR win, the soldiers go through.
Yesterday, both teams started well and the first 10 minutes was a
balanced affair, but two mistakes by former national trainee goalkeeper
Hamdan Hamzah put the bankers 2-0 up and Kuala Langat were never in the
match after that.
In the 13th minute, Kuala Langat received their first penalty corner but
failed to score, and a quick counterattack saw Guna Bawan tapping a neat
pass to Sirjit Singh who hammered home on the turn.
Three minutes later, Atul Kumar made it 2-0 when he pushed the ball
through the pads of an off-form Hamdan.
The combination of Sirjit, Atul and Guna Bawan troubled the Kuala Langat
defence time and again and in the 20th minute, Sirjit pushed to an
unmarked Akhir Ismail who only had Hamdan to beat but fumbled.
Kuala Langat were seen backpedalling most of the first half and their
strikers Mohamed Razali, M. Jayaraman and Sri Muhunan were hardly in the
In the 33rd minute, Atul had a golden opportunity to score the third
goal but he hit the post and the ball was cleared by Kuala Langat's Dr
Stephen Jambunathan.
A minute before half time, Sirjit again placed the ball neatly for Atul
who missed by inches.
In the 41st minute, Sirjit and Atul executed a one-two to perfection for
BBMB's third and Sirjit's second goal.
Five minutes later, Atul's top of the semicircle shot was deflected home
by Guna Bawan to seal the match.
"We achieved our target of making the quarterfinals.
" I believe it was because there was no pressure on my men," said BBMB
assistant coach Shahrol Nizam.
"Kuala Langat are a good side and they played very well, the only
difference was that my players took their chances well."
Tomorrow: TNB v JLJ (5.0, Bukit Jalil Stadium 2); BSN v PKNP (5.30,
Bukit Jalil Stadium 1); SHC v MPPJ (7.45, Bukit Jalil Stadium 1).
Sunday: KLG v DeTas (5.0, MPPJ Stadium); PMB v BBMB (5.30, Bukit Jalil
Stadium 1); RAMD v Maybank (7.45, Bukit Jalil Stadium 1).

Segambut face MPPJ onslaught


BANK Simpanan Nasional (BSN) held Petaling Jaya Municipal Council (PJMC)
1-1 last week to deny them an early League title but today PJMC are
expected to face little resistance from the Segambut Hockey Club (SHC).
Top of the table PJMC, with nine national players in their team, will
have no trouble claiming the title because as only a Herculean effort from
Segambut can upset the formbook.
And the fact that PJMC playmaker R. Shankar, who fractured his jaw bone
and will be out of action for at least six weeks, will not be a major
drawback as PJMC have enough capable replacements.
Shankar is expected to miss the overall title final on Sept 6 and the
Razak Cup on Sept 12-21 in Seremban.
BSN, who are second in the standings with a point behind, will meet
Perak SEDC today and are also expected to have it easy.
But a win alone is not enough. BSN can only claim the League title if
PJMC lose to Segambut.
In the other half, the fight for the last quarterfinal ticket will be
decided between Kuala Langat and DeTas tomorrow at the Petaling Jaya
Municipal Council Stadium.
Kuala Langat had the chance to qualify on Thursday, but they fumbled
against Bank Bumiputra (BBMB).
"A draw was all we needed against BBMB, and I think the players did the
wrong thing by defending. Against DeTas we will go all out for a win.
Making the quarterfinals should not be too difficult," said Kuala Langat
coach C. Sivasubramaniam.
And if Kuala Langat fail to score, the match between Royal Malay
Regiment (RMR) and Maybank at the Bukit Jalil Stadium will be of crucial
The soldiers face a mammoth task of upsetting Maybank who will be eying
for a fourth spot in the standings.
BBMB, who are in the last eight, are expected to take things easy
against Pos Malaysia.
"We have achieved our target of making the quarterfinals, now we can
take it easy in our last preliminary round match against Pos Malaysia,"
said BBMB assistant manager Ahmad Fahlawi.
Today: Tenaga v JLJ (5.0, Bukit Jalil Stadium 2); BSN v Perak SEDC
(5.30, Bukit Jalil Stadium 1); Segambut v PJMC (7.45, Bukit Jalil Stadium

PJMC bag the crown


FOUR-goal S. Kuhan helped Petaling Jaya Municipal Council (PJMC) to theMalaysia Hockey League title with a crushing 5-2 win over Segambut HockeyClub (SHC) at the Bukit Jalil Stadium yesterday. The League title was worth RM20,000 to PJMC. Kuhan got started in the ninth minute when he received a neat pass andhammered home. PJMC were awarded a penalty stroke off a goalmouth melee in the 13thminute and SHC players protested the decision. SHC refused to continue andargued for five minutes but match officials intervened and Kuhan flickedhome the second goal. Play became rough after that and Segambut defended well but in the 23rdminute, an unmarked Zainal Ariffin pushed in the third. In the 29th minute, SHC shocked PJMC when a weak pass from KeshminderSingh bounced past defenders B. Dinakaran, Lau Kok Chim and Lailin AbuHassan. Gurcharan Singh scored SHC's first. In the 34th minute, Kuhan slammed home his hat-trick off a penaltycorner set piece. After the breather, PJMC received their second penalty stroke and Kuhanagain calmly pushed in his fourth goal in the 43rd minute. SHC had the final say three minutes from time from a penalty corner withJagjit Singh sounding the board. Bank Simpanan Nasional confirmed the second spot on the standings with ahard fought 5-3 win over Perak SEDC. BSN collected 28 points from 11 matches and as League runners-up, theywill receive RM10,000. The bankers, who crashed out of the quarterfinals last year, wereleading 3-0 at one time, but started slowing down and SEDC nearly walkedaway with a point. Brian Jayhan Siva started the goalcount in the sixth minute from closerange off a Sarjit Singh pass. Two minutes later Sarjit made it 2-0. Hepushed past SEDC golkeeper Roslan Jamaluddin after receiving a pass fromBrian. BSN piled the pressure and won their third in the 18th minute. I.Vickneswaran hammered home from the top of the semicircle. SEDC pulled one back in the 31st minute through Mohamed Zainal but BSNpulled further in the 39th minute when Vickneswaran collected a loose balland hammered past Roslan. SEDC came back strongly and scored two goals through Mohamed hadi (43rd,54th) but it was not good enough as Muadzam Mohamed scored BSN's fifth inthe 61st minute. Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) beat Electrical and Engineering Corps (JLJ)5-3 to finish third. PJMC .... 5 SEGAMBUT .... 2BSN ..... 5 PERAK SEDC .. 3TENAGA .. 5 EME ......... 3

Kuala Langat storm back for berth


KUALA Langat overcame a three-goal deficit to hold DeTas to a 3-3 draw andmake the quarterfinals of the Malaysia Hockey League at the Petaling JayaMunicipal Council Hockey Stadium yesterday. St John Davies was the toast of Kuala Langat with his 59th minute strikewhich helped the debutants pull through.
DeTas started aggressively and scored three goals within the first 17minutes but a gritty Kuala Langat maintained the pressure and wererewarded for their persistance in the second half. K. Balakrishnan put DeTas ahead in the seventh minute and was on targetagain in the 13th minute off a penalty corner.
DeTas dominated exchanges after that goal and launched several raidsinto the Kuala Langat semicircle. They got their third goal in the 17th minute off K. Murali and KualaLangat looked like they were in for a thrashing. Davies, who was out of their previous match against Bank Bumiputra(BBMB) owing to suspension, combined well with Rizal Razman to troubleDeTas time and again.
With the three-goal cushion, DeTas started taking things easy andallowed Razali Razman to pull a goal back in the 19th minute. DeTas continued taking things easy despite conceeding the goal andallowed Kuala Langat to dominate exchanges after this. S. Devaraj stunned DeTas when he converted a penalty corner in the 21stminute to bring the scoreline to 3-2 before Davies delivered the equaliserin the second half.
"We achieved our target and my players played their hearts out," saidKuala Langat team manager M. Subramaniam. "Goalkeeper Hamdan Hamzah, whohad a bad start, did well to keep DeTas from scoring more goals." DeTas' coach Kevin Nunis was not disturbed with the draw. "We played in a relaxed atmosphere. I was shocked when we were 3-0 up bythe 17th minute as I had expected Kuala Langat to play a defensive game." Meanwhile, at the Bukit Jalil Hockey Stadium, Pos Malaysia defeated BBMB1-0 with a Balbir Singh goal in the 67th minute to finish fourth in thestandings. Maybank downed Royal Malay Regiment (RMR) 3-1 in the third matchyesterday to finish fifth. Maybank's goals were scored by Shaiful Azli(18th) and Chairil Anwar (49th, 65th). RMR replied through Zulmadi Arrifin(42nd).

Razali a pillar of strength


RAZALI Razman, 23, has been out of touch with hockey for three years, but
his comeback with the Kuala Langat team in the ongoing Malaysia Hockey
League has been tremendous.
He played a pivotal role defending the newcomers' fort and guiding them
into the quarterfinals.
Once a member of the then MHF Bakat Team, Razali was sidelined with a
spinal injury which saw him consulting many doctors to find an acurate
"In the end, a doctor from China pinpointed the injury and I went for
the corrective operation. I was out of hockey for almost three years,"
said Razali.
Razali, a fourth-year Accountancy student at Universiti Malaya, started
playing hockey for the Victoria Institution in Kuala Lumpur and was the
youngest player in the Malaysia Hockey League when he represented Perwira
Habib Bank (now Perwira Affin) as a guest player.
With Kuala Langat, Razali has scored five goals and the one against
former champions Tenaga Nasional was pivotal in their 4-2 win.
"The injury slowed down my game a little and I started toying around in
the UM college team, but once I got back into the game, I was selected to
play for the university," said Razali.
"And when I heard that Kuala Langat were looking for a defender, I knew
that this was my best chance to do what I love most."
His father Razman, an avid hockey fan, has two other reasons to be proud
of. His eldest son, Rizal, is also in the Kuala Langat team and the
youngest played in the recent Junior League.
"My sons had hockey sticks in their hands even before they went to
school, I am proud to say that they turned out to be capable players,"
said Razman.
Razali's main target right now is to don the national colours: "That
would be great, playing for the national team is what every player wants,
but only a selected few make it. It is every hockey players' dream."

PJMC smile all the way


THE Malaysia Hockey League quarterfinals draw at the Bukit Jalil Hockey
Stadium yesterday presented an easy passage into the last four for
favourites Petaling Jaya Municipal Council (PJMC).
Not that they needed the luck of the draw.
PJMC will meet DeTas of Pahang in the first leg on Thursday at the
Petaling Jaya Municipal Council Stadium, in what is expected to be a one-
sided affair.
Nevertheless, PJMC coach Yahya Atan was modest about their chances.
"The quarterfinals are a different ball game. All the teams will surely
play their hearts out to make the semifinals. We will have to be on the
guard as eTas are a good side.
"Also Mirnawan Nawawi is down with a knee injury and will probably be
out for weeks. As for R. Shankar, we will have to forget about him for the
season. I am still testing Nor Azlan Bakar and Maninderjit Singh to take
over Shankar's place."
League runners-up Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) will meet Kuala Langat in
the first leg at the Bukit Jalil Stadium and it is expected to be an
explosive affair although BSN hammered Kuala Langat 8-0 in the
Kuala Langat have been improving game-by-game and if their comeback from
three-goals down against DeTas on Sunday is anything to go by, BSN will
have to be on their toes for 70 minutes.
"Although we beat them by a huge margin in the preliminaries, I don't
think Kuala Langat, after coming thus far, will sit back and allow us room
to move.
"But if the players keep their head, like they have been doing all this
while, the semis are just two steps away," said BSN coach C. Paramalingam.
And BSN's Sarjit Singh, who scored a hat-trick against Kuala Langat,
will have to be shut out of the game together with Brian Jayhan Siva if
Kuala Langat want to make an impact.
Sarjit has been using the no-offside rule to the maximum and his through
balls to unmarked players has resulted in numerous goals.
"Sarjit has been a thinking player from day one, and now with the no-
offside rule on his side, he has been opening up the matches for BSN,"
said Paramalingam.
At the meeting, it was also decided that time wasting before penalty
corners will not be tolerated.
"In the preliminaries, many teams took more than two minutes to discuss
their strategies and make running substitutions, this must not happen in
the quarterfinals.
"Teams must decide and make substitutions on the run and there should be
no delay," said chairman of MHF umpires board M. Sridharan.

DeTas won't go down easy


THE knockout stage of any tournament often produces upsets and today's
quarterfinal first-leg tie between Petaling Jaya Municipal Council (MPPJ)
and DeTas should add spice and intrigue to the Malaysia Hockey League
DeTas, have no other choice but to go all-out against MPPJ at the Bukit
Jalil Stadium today.
DeTas, fourth in the League last season, finished a disappointing sixth
this time. But the team have put the disappointment behind and instead
will wage an all out against their opponents.
"Of course, we would have liked to repeat last year's performance by
finishing fourth in the MHL," said coach Kevin Nunis.
"MPPJ should be the favourites but I promise they will have a fight on
their hands."
MPPJ, parading several national stars, will start as favourites but an
upset cannot be ruled out.
But for that to happen, much will depend on Lim Chiow Chuan, Gary
Fidelis, striker Azman Ariffin and rising star K. Logan Raj.
On paper, MPPJ should win but be prepared for a surprise.
In the other quarterfinals Pos Malaysia, fourth on the standings, look
stronger than BBMB. In the preliminaries, Pos scored 25 goals and
conceeded 16 while BBMB scored only 18 goals and let in 15.
The main players for Pos are Lee Sien Lam, Balbir Singh and Calvin
Fernandez, a real deadly combination on a good day. BBMB would have to pay
special attention to the trio if they want to make an impact.
Fernandez said they have a 50-50 chance: "Balbir and goalkeeper Nasihin
Nubli would be the key players to determine our fate tomorrow (today)."
Also BBMB Four teams will begin the quarterfinals today, but national
coach Volker Knapp has picked the teams that will meet in the final:
"Going by the draw, Bank Simpanan and PJMC will be on the field on Sept 6.
Not that I am looking down at the other six. At this stage, upsets are the
order of the day, but if BSN and PJMC play like they did in the
preliminaries, it will be difficult to beat them."
FIXTURES - (Q-finals 1st leg) Today: PJMC v DeTas (5.30, Petaling Jaya
Municipal Council Stadium); Pos Malaysia v Bank Bumi (5.30, Bukit Jalil
Tomorrow: Tenaga Nasional v Maybank (6.0, Bukit Jalil Stadium); Bank
Simpanan Nasional v Kuala Langat (8.0, Bukit Jalil Stadium).
Second leg - Saturday: Bank Bumi v Pos Malaysia (5.30, Bukit Jalil
Stadium); DeTas v PJMC (5.30, Kuantan Stadium).
Sunday: Kuala Langat v Bank Simpanan (6.0, Bukit Jalil Stadium); Maybank
v Tenaga Nasional (8.0, Bukit Jalil Stadium).

Red-hot PJMC go on rampage


FAVOURITES Petaling Jaya Municipal Council (PJMC) are almost through to
the semifinals when they outclassed DeTas of Pahang 5-1 in a first-leg
quarterfinal tie in the Malaysia Hockey League overall championship at the
Petaling Jaya Stadium yesterday.
PJMC opened accounts in the sixth minute through Zainal Ariffin Idris
from a goalmouth melee.
M. Kaliswaran stretched the lead in the 20th minute, capitalising on a
defensive error.
S. Kuhan brought his personal tally to 16 when he executed a revese
stick shot in the 23rd minute.
DeTas looked like they were going to make a comeback when play resumed
after the breather. But that hope lasted only for a few minutes during
which time they narrowed the score to 3-1.
Skipper Lim Chiow Chuan was stick-checked by Maninderjit Singh in the
41st minute and umpire V. Sasidharan pointed to the spot. Lim was on
PJMC regained their grip on the game and Zainal was on target again in
the 46th minute and national forward Mirnawan Nawawi made it 5-1.
PJMC coach Yahya Atan said that it was teamwork which won the game for
them. "I had a game plan and the players played to it," he said.
In the other quarterfinal first-leg match at the Bukit Jalil Hockey
Stadium, Bank Bumiputra Malaysia Berhad (BBMB) walked away with a one-goal
advantage over Pos Malaysia.
Pos Malaysia started aggressively and dominated the match until the 20th
minute with Lee Sien Lam and Balbir Singh keeping BBMB goalkeeper Sarabjit
Singh on his toes.
A one-two in the 21th minute by Lee and Balbir saw Lee's shot just going
over the crossbar
In an immediate counter attack, BBMB's Mohamed Fazli sent a long ball to
an unmarked Atul Kumar who pushed between the pads of an onrushing Nasihin
Nubli for the lead.
Shocked by the goal, Pos Malaysia started defending and the combination
of Atul and Guna Bawan made some fine moves.
Thirteen minutes into the second half, Lee took a free hit from the top
of the semicircle and found an unmarked Balbir. The veteran hammered home
on the reverse for the equaliser.
BBMB, who were knocked out of the quarterfinals last year, had the last
say when Atul's pass was neatly deflected home by Guna Bawan seven minutes
before time.
Today: Tenaga Nasional v Maybank (6.0, Bukit Jalil Stadium); Bank
Simpanan Nasional v Kuala Langat (8.0, Bukit Jalil Stadium).

BSN edge Kuala Langat in thriller


BANK Simpanan Nasional (BSN) barely edged Kuala Langat in this Malaysia
Hockey League quarterfinal clash at the Bukit Jalil Hockey Stadium
Mohamed Kamaruzaman scored in the seventh minute of play when he
dribbled past five players and sounded the board in this exciting and
bruising encounter.
But the early goal was not enough to break a fighting Kuala Langat and
off an immediate counterattack, Razali Razman received a pass from St.
John Davies and hammered home the equaliser.
Kuala Langat controlled the first half but BSN, who won 8-0 in the
preliminaries took their chances well.
In the 17th minute, BSN received their first penalty corner and Sarjit
made a pass to Brian Jayhan Siva who pushed to K. Dharmaraj to grab the
lead again.
Kuala Langat kept up the pressure and were rewarded again the the 20th
minute when M. Jayamaran's weak shot from the sideline bounced past three
BSN players to make the score 2-2.
And in the 27th minute, Kuala Langat shocked BSN when M. Jayamaran made
a pass to the top of the semicircle to Razali Razman. Razali then pushed
to St John for a 3-2 lead.
BSN received their second penalty corner in the 30th minute and Zam Zam
Ali hammered home a rebound to equalise again.
Three minutes after the breather Brian Jayhan Siva put the bankers ahead
and the goal seemed to demoralise Kuala Langat.
BSN were again rewarded for their persistance and Dharmaraj scored his
second and BSN's fifth in the 47th minute.
With nine minutes left on the clock, Kuala Langat received their first
penalty corner and S. Devaraj flicked in to reduce the deficit to a goal
with the return leg tomorrow expected to be an explosive one.

Tenaga-BSN showdown


TENAGA Nasional and Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) set up a semifinal date when they defeated their respective opponents in the return leg of the Malaysia Hockey League overall Cup matches yesterday.
Tenaga downed Maybank 3-1 at the Bukit Jalil Stadium while BSN whipped Kuala Langat 4-0 at the Petaling Jaya Stadium.
In the preliminary round, the clash between Tenaga and BSN was abandoned after play became tensed with 18 minutes left on the clock. The League technical committee later awarded the game to BSN and maintained the 2-1 score.
Maybank's defeat had dened them a semifinals berth for the first time in
eight years.
Tenaga, taking to the pitch with a one-goal deficit after suffering a
setback in the first leg on Friday, were prepared for the defensive
approach by Maybank.
All they did was wait for Maybank to open up their game. It proved
successful when skipper Nor Saiful Zaini intercepted a Maybank penalty
corner set-piece and raced into the opponents semicircle before laying out for Kelly Satiaraj to push it home for the lead.
Three minutes later 19-year-old Mahinder Singh executed a powerful
reverse stick shot for the second goal.
The Tigers managed to contain Tenaga for a while but it was not enough
as Ranjit Singh, receiving a neat pass from Saiful, hammered home their
third goal in the 52nd minute.
Tenaga slowed down towards the end and Maybank, in desperation, threw everything at them, earning a last minute penalty corner which defender K. Gobinathan hammered in for their consolation goal.
Tenaga coach K. Rajan said unlike the first leg they took their chances
well yesterday.
In the other quaterfinals return leg match, Kuala Langat matched BSN in
the first half but were at a lot in the second, allowing BSN to slam four
BSN, taking to the field without the suspended Sarjit Singh, played a
tactical match.
Two minutes into the breather, BSN received a penalty corner and off a
K. Keevan Raj rebound, Mohamed Kamaruzaman pushed in the first goal.
I. Vickneswaran then sent a long ball to an unmarked Lam Mun Fatt to go
Kuala Langat protested almost every decision after that goal, for which
they received three yellow cards, and were never really settled into the
In the 50th minute, Lam made a solo run from 25 metres and pushed
towards Brian for their third. Kamaruzaman hammered in his second and BSN's fourth in the 67th for a well deserving semifinals berth.
* Due to poor response on Thursday and Friday, Kuala Lumpur Hockey
Association will be having another trial to pick players for the Razak
Cup. TENAGA .... 3 MAYBANK .......... 1 (Tenaga win 3-2 on aggregate)
BSN ...... 4 KUALA LANGAT .... 0 (BSN win 9-4 on aggregate)

Kuhan, Mirnawan take PJMC closer to the final


PJMC ........... 3
Pos Malaysia ... 0
PETALING Jaya Municipal Council (PJMC) virtually booked a ticket into the
final of the Malaysia Hockey League at the PJMC Hockey Stadium yesterday.
They hammered three goals past Pos Malaysia and the return leg tomorrow
at Bukit Jalil Stadium will definitely be an uphill battle for Pos as key
player Balbir Singh will not see any action.
Pos Malaysia, playing without playmaker Lee Sien Lam who was suspended,
defended well in the first half and almost scored on numerous occasions.
PJMC, fielding R. Shankar who suffered a jawbone fracture in the
preliminaries, were under pressure from the first whistle and that
according to coach Yahya Atan, was because they used wrong strategy.
In the fifth minute, PJMC received their first penalty corner and
Shankar pushed to M. Kaliswaran who relayed to Kuhan. But Kuhan's shot
went inches wide.
Pos Malaysia then had the upper hand for a good 20 minutes and Balbir,
Azroy Majid and Nor Azmi troubled Ahmad Suffian time and again.
In the 23rd minute, Kaliswaran's push towards goal hit Perry Khoo's legs
and the umpire blew for a penalty stroke.
Kaliswaran flicked to the right but an alert Nasihin Nubli palmed it
In the 33rd minute, Kaliswaran made up for the fumble when he pushed to
an unmarked Mirnawan Nawawi for the lead.
After the breather Balbir received a green card, which brought his
demerit points to eight, and Pos Malaysia were never really in the match
after that.
Kuhan finally found his rhythm and scored penalty corner goals in the
43rd and 47th minutes to give PJMC a comfortable three-goal lead into the
return leg.

Rajinder hoping to take Indons places


BACK in 1982, Malaysia were leading India 2-1 in the opening match of the
New Delhi World Cup, and an upset would have gone down in the annals of
In the second half, Indian right-back Rajinder Singh, 21 then, scored
from three successive penalty corners in the 37th, 43rd and 63rd minutes
to cancel Foo Keat Seong and M. Surentheren's goals.
Mervyn Fernendez and Surendar Sodhi completed the rout and India won 6-
Hat-trick hero Rajinder is now coaching the Indonesian hockey team, to
prepare them for the Sea Games challenge.
"This is a scratch side, I have only been with them for two months,
basically I have been entrusted to sharpen the technical side of their
game," said Rajinder at the Bukit Jalil Hockey Stadium yesterday.
Early birds indonesia flew in on Wednesday to get the feel of an
artificial hockey pitch before the Razak Cup bullies off on Sept in
"The Sea Games hockey stadium is still under construction, today
(yesterday) is the first time that the men and women played on an
artificial pitch. There is much work to be done before we can call this a
The Indonesians will be competing in the Razak Cup after a lapse of
about 20 years and their mission, according to Rajinder is: "To watch the
other teams play and assess our strength."
As Indonesia are yet to play any international matches and are in the
dark as to what the other teams are capable off, the Razak Cup will be a
spying mission for the Sea Games.
The Indonesian women are being coached by Pakistani Tanveer Arshad and
are in Malaysia to play a series of friendlies with State sides.

Balbir: Thais are no threat


BALBIR Singh, who coached Thailand to the Chiangmai Sea Games silver
medal, played down their chances in Division Two in the 35th Razak Cup
which will start tomorrow in Seremban.
"In Chiangmai, hockey was played on grass and we had the upper hand.
Most other teams found it difficult to switch from artificial pitch to
grass and we won the silver medal," said Balbir.
"At the Razak Cup, we will be at a disadvantage because the team have
been training on grass."
Thailand do not have an artificial pitch but one is under construction
for the Asian Games next year.
Balbir is also in charge of the women's team which he led to the gold
medal in Chiangmai as well.
Thailand, who made their debut in the Razak Cup last year, have
virtually brought down their entire Chiangmai Sea Games squad.
"Hockey is still at an infant stage in Thailand, we don't have a large
pool to select from. Most of them are from the Police or Armed Forces," he
"There is also no local League or tournaments for us to select fresh
With an average age of 28, the Thais arrived a month ago and played a
few friendlies in Alor Star before coming down to Kuala Lumpur.
"We needed to get used to the turf, also, it is the monsoon season in
Thailand now and we cannot train fulltime."
In the Sea Games final, Malaysia beat Thailand 4-0 for the gold and the
former Kilat Club and Johor Razak Cup coach said it will be uphill task in
"After the Razak Cup, we will select the final 16 for the Jakarta Sea
Games, so the Razak Cup will be crucial for us."
Men's Groupings - Div 1: Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Armed Forces, Johor,
Pahang, Perak; Div 2: Indonesia, Kedah, Negri Sembilan, Penang, Thailand,
Sept 13 - 8.0am: Indonesia v Penang (Pitch B) 8.30am: Armed Forces v
Pahang (Pitch A) 3.0: Perak v Selangor (A) 3.30: Thailand v Terengganu (B)
5.0: Johor v Kuala Lumpur (A) 5.30: Negri Sembilan v Kedah (B)
Sept 14 - 3.0: Kedah v Thailand (B) 3.30: Indonesia v Negri Sembilan (A)
5.0: Armed Forces v Perak (B) 5.30: Kuala Lumpur v Selangor (A)
Sept 15 - 3.30: Penang v Terengganu (A) 5.30: Pahang v Johor (A)
Sept 16 - 8.0am: Thailand v Negri Sembilan (B) 8.30am: Perak v Kuala
Lumpur (A) 3.0: Indonesia v Terengganu (B) 3.30: Johor v Armed Forces (A)
5.0: Penang v Kedah (B) 5.30: Selangor v Pahang (A)
Sept 17 - 3.30: Kedah v Indonesia (A) 5.30: Armed Forces v Selangor (A)
Sept 18 -3.0: Pahang v Kuala Lumpur (B) 3.30: Perak v Johor (A) 5.0:
Negri Sembilan v Terengganu (B) 5.30: Thailand v Penang (A)
Sept 19 - 8.0am: Johor v Selangor (B) 8.30am: Terengganu v Kedah (A)
3.0: Indonesia v Thailand (B) 3.30: Negri Sembilan v Penang (A) 5.0: Perak
v Pahang (B) 5.30: Armed Forces v Kuala Lumpur (A)
Sept 21 - 8.0am: 3rd & 4th Placing Div 2 (B) 8.30am: 3rd & 4th Placing
Div 1 (A) 3.0: Final Div 2 (A) 5.0: Final Div 1 (A). - all matches at the
Seremban Hockey Stadium in Seremban 2.

Kedah humble Sarawak


KEDAH humbled defending champions Sarawak for the National Schools Under-
18 basketball title at the Klang Municipal Council hall over the weekend.
Sarawak started with a bang on the first day of the championships when
they whipped Negri Sembilan 77-51. Their well calculated passes and sharp
shooting made them instant favourites to retain the title they won in
Sarawak, with the steady hands of Lau Lik Kiew and skipper Sii Huo Jing,
earlier won the Nike Championship in Kuching and also made the semifinals
of the National Youth Championships in May.
In the other half of the draw, Kedah indicated that they were strong
contenders when they hammered Terengganu 84-25 in their opening match.
In the final, Kedah overcame a skilful Sarawak side 70-61.
In the earlier half of the match, Sarawak and Kedah battled point-for-
point, not allowing the other to pull away. At the end of the first half,
Sarawak were leading 33-31 when tragedy struck.
With 13 minutes and 48 seconds remaining on the clock, Lau was sent off
when he accumulated the maximun penalty points. After he was sent off,
Sarawak crumbled under pressure and Kedah walked away champions.
In the Girls' Under-18, Perak were simply in a class of their own when
they romped away unbeaten in the championships.
The Most Valuable Player was justly awarded to Perak's Loke Miaw See who
was a pillar of strength in every match.
In the final, Perak played by the book and outclassed Selangor 65-52.
Selangor, although finishing second, also deserve some credit. Their
development programme must be working because they were represented in
three of the four finals held in Klang.
RESULTS - Boys' Under-18: 1 Kedah, 2 Sarawak, 3 Penang, 4 Pahang; Most
Valuable Player: Yeap Say Wooi (Kedah).
Under-12: 1 Kuala Lumpur, 2 Selangor, 3 Johor, 4 Kelantan; Most Valuable
Player: Chow Dick Kee (Kuala Lumpur).
Girls' Under-18: 1 Perak, 2 Selangor, 3 Kuala Lumpur, 4 Penang; Most
Valuable Player: Loke Miaw See (Perak).
Under-12: 1 Selangor, 2 Kuala Lumpur, 3 Johor, 4 Pahang; Most Valuable
Player: Ong Siew Lee (Selangor).

Silat exponents eye at three-gold haul


THE 1989 Kuala Lumpur Sea Games saw the silat exponents raking in four
gold, three silver and six bronze medals, and two years later as a
demonstration sport in Manila, the exponents improved with a 5-5-5
At the Jakarta Sea Games next month, the Malaysian Pencak Silat have
targetted a modest three-gold haul. The reason given is that it would be
tough to beat the Indonesians at their own gelanggang.
"At the 1995 Chiangmai Games, we only won two gold, two silver and five
bronze medals, not because our form slackened, but because Indonesia and
Vietnam improved tremendously over the years.
"But that does not mean we will throw in the towel, if our exponents
don't crack under crowd pressure, we may return with a handsome tally,"
said Wiralaga coach Ahmad Fuardi Salim.
Ahmad should know best, after all he was the former national champion
who won a gold medal at the 1987 World Championships.
The threat will not only come from Indonesia, Vietnam too have made huge
improvements. they won three golds, two silvers and one bronze at the
World Championships.
At the Universiti Tenaga Malaysia in Sepang 28 exponents are undergoing
the final phase of preparations. "Right now we are mainly concentrating on
the physical and mental side of the sport, we want the exponents to be in
the best frame of mind when they compete in Jakarta," said silat olahraga
coach Mat Noor Mahmood.
Silat seni exponents will make their debut in Jakarta and according to
coach Nasri Nasir: "Our best bet will be in the tempur senjata putera, we
have capable exponents in that area and are likely to return with medals."
Silat have been presented with a golden opportunity to test their
exponents before the big crunch. On Sunday, they will take part in the
Third Festival Silat and World Invitational at the Stadium Sultan
Nasiruddin Shah in Kuala Terengganu. There, the exponents will know where
they really stand.
THE SQUAD - Men: Suhardi Chin, Zainuddin Mohamed Nawi, Nordin Atan,
Mohamed Rizal, Sylvester Candy Pai, Fazli Mansoh, Wan Adnan Wan Isa, Ahmad
Faisal, Zakri Ibrahim, Rosmadi Rahim, Nordin Jamaluddin, Hussen Kuti,
Abdul Rahman Fauzi, Khairul Ariffin, Zamri Bujang, Abbas Hamzah, Shamsul
Zaidi, Shahrul Nizam, Ranizam Manap, Yusrizal Nadzir.
Women: Azura Sarbin, Bibi Aisyah, Hamidah Jaafar, Suryati Azlinda,
Norafzan Tajudin, Zubaidah Mokhtar, Juraidah Ismail, Anisah Bahrum.

Maybank storm to overall title with 24-gold haul


THE National Inter-Bank Athletics meet ended at the Merdeka Stadium on a
disappointing note.
Maybank walked away as the Division One overall winners with 24 golds,
17 silvers and 12 bronze medals while Sime Bank finished a distant second
with a 8-6-3 count.
In Division Two, Rashid Hussain Bank won the overall medal count with
208 points while Hock Hua Bank came in second with 199 points.
D. Thirukumaran of Maybank was the only athlete who broke the meet
record yesterday when he finished the 20km walk in a time of 31:19.2.
The other national athletes, Romzi Bakar, P. Jayanti and Loo Kum Zee
could not even match the meet record, let alone go near the national
The Best Overall Athlete award went to Cheng Tong Lean of Sime Bank.
Tong Lean broke the 10km walk meet record and also won the 5km walk
RESULTS: Div 1 Men's 200m: 1 R. Ganeshwaran (BBMB) 21.49, 2 Romzi Bakar
(Maybank) 21.79, 3 D. Nadarajan (Sime) 21.92; 400m: Romzi Bakar (Maybank)
47.23, 2 D. Nadarajan (Sime Bank) 47.57, 3 Amir Adam (Maybank) 49.06;
4x100m: 1 Bank Bumi 41.24, 2 Maybank 41.33, 3 Public Bank 42.85; 4x400m: 1
Maybank 3:16.11, 2 Sime Bank 3:22.77, 3 Ban Hin Lee 3:34.52; 10km walk: 1
K. Mogan (Sime) 44:26.09, 2 B. Thirukumaran (Maybank) 44:36.08, 3 Narinder
Singh (BBMB) 45:37.09; 20km walk: 1 B. Thirukumaran (Maybank) 1:31:19.92.
Women's 200m: 1 G. Shanti (Maybank) 24.38, 2 P. Kuganeswari (BBMB)
25.25, 3 Carol Lucia Alfred (Maybank) 25.50; 3,000m: 1 P. Jayanthi
(Maybank) 10:58.97, 2 A. Vasuki (Sime) 11:30.09, 3 Faridah Taharin (Public
Bank) 14:05.70.
ROLL OF HONOUR - Best athlete men: D. Thirukumaran - Maybank (20km walk
meet record); Women: Cheng Tong Lean - Sime Bank (10km walk meet record
and 5km walk gold
Div 2 men: M. Tennarasu - RHB (1,500m gold); Women: Ng Bee Lian - Hock
Hua Bank (1,500m gold)
Best Overall Athlete: Cheng Tong Lean.