Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nominations to decide President

THE next president of the Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) will be decided on the number of nominations received by Tan Sri Admiral (rtd) Anwar Mohd Nor and Tunku Majid Sultan Iskandar.
This gentlemen’s agreement was reached between the president Anwar and his deputy Tunku Majid after a council meeting in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.
“I am willing to serve hockey for another term, but it all depends on the states. I feel the person that gets the most number of nominations for the presidents post should be the one to lead the Federation for the next two years,” said Anwar.
And Tunku Majid concurred when asked if he will attempt to upgrade his position: “Ok, I agree. Both of us have a good working relationship, and can continue working together. The person that gets the most number of nominations, would be the next president.”
The council endorsed accounts yesterday, and nomina tions will open on October 3 and close on October 25. The Biennial General meeting and elections will be held on Nov 1. And the last day to withdraw from contesting is October 29.
Both Anwar and Tunku Majid are one-term officials, and it is highly unlikely that anyone else would challenge them to the top-two posts.
But the other posts, especially the vice-president’s and secretary’s, is expected to be keenly nominated.
The council also clarified that national chief coach Sarjit Singh will lead his men into the Hamburg Masters battle on Oct 3-5.
“There were some reports that said he will be removed and but we have made no such decision. He will continue to lead the national team, and even when a foreign consultant is hired, the coaching committee will decide on how best to restructure the coaching set-up in the country.
“In Europe, some teams have seven coaches to cater for physical, goalkeepers, nutrition and so on. Here, we only have a goalkeepers coach and chief coach and we need mor held leading to the 2010 World Cup and 2012 Olympics,” said Tunku Majid.
And on the proposed joint working committee by the Sports Ministry which will also have a representative from the 102 former players who sent a petition, the MHF said they do not recognise the ‘body’.
“Its the Sports Ministry and the National Sports Council which has included them in the committee, but we do not recognise them as they are not even a registered body.
“But if any of the 102 players want to help hockey they can always join the MHF sanctioned coaching courses and make themselves useful by going to clubs and schools and offer their services to improve the grassroots. We welcome them in that sense,” said Tunku Majid.

Dry run to thaw stadium

IT IS not the promised stadium, but the alternative will be just as good and follow all International Hockey Federation (FIH) specifications to host the Junior World Cup on June 7- 21 next year.
Malaysia and Singapore will co-host the World Cup, with 10 teams playing in Johor while 10 more in Singapore.
Singapore will host a modest opening ceremony while Malaysia have been handed the closing ceremony, as well as to host the final.
“There were plans to build a new stadium with many state- of-the-art facilities, but we could not make it into a reality as the state government were a little tight on funds.
“However, and alternative stadium is there and nearing completion. The council were briefed on its progress today (yesterday) and once completed we will hold a four-team junior invitational tournament in march as a dry run.
“We will test immigration, transportation and other lo gistics so that there will be minimal hiccups on the actual day,” said Tunku Majid.
And on sponsorship: “The state government will help us source for funds, and the MHF will also look at their traditional sponsors to fund the tournament. We are con fident we will achieve the amount needed,” said Tunku Majid.
An estimated RM1.5 million is needed to make the tour nament a successful business venture.