Sunday, May 1, 2016

A shocker for keepers coach Nada...

GOALKEEPERS coach M. Nadarajan was taken aback when two Under-16 goalkeepers came under his wings for the May 13-16 Mannheim Four-Nation in Germany.
  The duo were selected after the National Under-16 by scouts Tai Beng Hai, S. Vellapan and Amin Rahim -- and supposedly the cream of the crop.
  "They were the best performers in the National Under-16, but sadly, they lacked basics and did not even know simple goalkeeping drills. It is not their fault, as I am the first goalkeepers coach they ever had," said Nadarajan.
  Surprisingly, Hamiz Ahir from Pahang and Helmi Fazil from Selangor, are both from sports schools.
  "I was taken aback, when they told me that I am their first goalkeepers coach as before this they were on their own. Thats why they did not even know the basic drills which must be done regularly to keep keepers on their toes.
  "Both of them reported early because they are in the Klang Valley, while the rest of the outfield players will report for training on Tuesday," said Nadarajan.
  In the Four-Nation, Malaysia will be up against Germany, Netherlands and Belgium.
  The team will be coached by Nor Saiful Zaini and assisted by  Mohamed Suffian.
  "There is a lot to be done with this two goalkeepers, and hopefully they perform against the best teams in Europe," said Nadarajan, a former national keeper who is now into coaching.