Monday, November 7, 2016

SUBAHAN: I'll propose for MHC Under-21 Invitational...

Subahan Kamal 
Jais Sarday

MALAYSIAN Hockey Confederation (MHC) president Datuk Seri Subahan Kamal was perplexed on why the Johor HA president Datuk Md Jais Sarday came out with a statement hitting the parent body, as every matter pertaining to the Sultan of Johor Cup had been explained to the state.
  And after replying to all the allegations, Subahan said he will propose to the MHC Executive Board to organise their own Under-21 International Invitation next year.
  "I am shocked with the allegations made by the Johor HA president on MHC not being serious about preparing a team for the tournament, on sanction fees, on TV rights and on MHC officials not coming to Johor to watch the matches.
  "As all these had been explained to the JHA representatives who are also also on MHC.
  "For starters, JHA have yet to pay MHC the US$5,000 sanction fee that they had agreed to, prior to the tournament. So, I'm shocked that it has been brought up at the end of the tournament, as we had already explained the need for a sanction fee to the council and the JHA deputy president, who is also MHC vice-president, Datuk Manjit (Majid Abdullah) was present during the briefing.
  "I don't know what he briefed his president, or did he (Manjit) brief his president at all."
  On MHC not being serious in preparing a team for the SOJC, Subahan agreed in totality.
  "Yes, we were not serious about preparing an under-21 team for the SOJC but because this batch is not our focus right now. Maybe one or two will make the senior cut, but the rest will not be able to help Malaysia in the next junior world cup.
  "Yes MHC were not serious about this team because they did not qualify for the Lucknow (Junior) World Cup (in December).
  "The Technical Director (Terry Walsh) and the coaching set-up are more focused on the present Under-21 team coached by Nor Saiful Zaini and the various 1Mas Under-16 teams which will form the base for the next (JWC) qualifier and the tournament itself," said Subahan.
  Subahan then said the sanction fee, as well as money from TV rights is not for MHC, but to be channelled back to the states.
  "On Sunday, we gave Negri Sembilan HA RM50,000 for completing their League. This money came from our TV sponsors Astro and main sponsors Tenaga Nasional.
  "We had promised every state RM50,000 and have delivered to most after they organise their League. Johor HA negotiated with RTM directly for the SOJC TV rights while our partner is Astro.
  "That's their right, but had it been Astro, the money would have been channelled back to the states. I aim to give ever state RM100,000 for their development programmes before my term is over and one way to do it is to host our own Under-21 International tournament.
  "Johor (who collected RM1.4 million in sponsorship for the Sixth Edition of the SOJC), made at least RM1 million from the tournament and I believe when the MHC host their own junior invitational, we will be able to collect the same amount and this will in turn be channelled back to the states for development," said Subahan.
  The proposed name is MHC Under-21 International Invitational, and Subahan is dead serious about organising a rival to the SOJC.
  "And on MHC 'melepaskan batuk di tangga' (sending their representatives to the SOJC and not the big guns) on attending the SOJC, I would like to state that when I can make it, I do attend tournaments all over the country and overseas.
  "But when I can't due to my work schedule, as I am also a businessman and have to work for my bread-and-butter, my representatives attend.
  "For the SOJC, deputy president George Koshy and vice-president Datuk Ow Soon Kooi did go to Johor for the SOJC," said Subahan.