Sunday, May 15, 2016

Whitsun U16 Cup: Germany send Malaysia into orbit...

 DRUBBING after the drubbing..

THE Malaysian Under-16 team were sent into orbit when they received a 6-1 drubbing from the German Under-16 team in the Whitsun Cup in Mannheim Sunday.
  Coach Nor Saiful Zaini laid the blame on the inexperience, and technically unsound Temerloh Sports School goalkeeper Hamiz Ahir.
  Goalkeepers coach M. Nadarajan had conducted a four-day training for hamiz, and Bukit Jalil Sports School goalkeeper Helmi Fazli -- and had raised his concern on their lack of basics.
   Malaysia had 14 circle penetrations and only scored once as opposed to their opponents who had 16 penetrations and scored six times.
  Hamiz was a bundle of nerves as he conceded soft goals.
  "We were let down by poor finishing and conceded rather soft goals," said Nor Saiful Zaini.
  "We knew about the weakness in the goalkeeping department and this is something we need to address as changes need to be made to the system.
  "We played open Hockey and I have no regrets with the outcome as it simply boils down to our inability to score and defend well.
  "These two areas need more work, and it's something I hope to see some improvement in our next match against Netherlands.
  Zafri Afiq scored the solitary Malaysian goal in the 58th minute, while the Germans hit a sixer off Masi Pandt (ninth), Marinus Mack (11th, 51st), Christopher Kutter (64th), Hannes Müller (68th, 70th).
  Nor Saiful said his boys had dominated play and the scoreline was not a just reflection of how the match went.
  "We were on top of them for long spells but could not put away the chances.
  "It's a long learning curve and this defeat will give them an indication that the road to success at international level will only come through sheer hard work and the desire to improve.
  "That is why I fielded the same goalkeeper throughout the match so Hamiz could gain exposure and learn from this match."

Whitsun Cup: Malaysia 1 Germany U16 6

MALAYSIA DRUBBED 6 1 in Mannheim... GOALKEEPER LETS IN SOFT GOALS... more to follow