Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pakistan 3 Argentina 3

RESULTS -- Canada 1 India 3, Malaysia 2 New Zealand 0, Pakistan 3 Argentina 3.
TODAY: Belgium v India (4pm), Canada v Pakistan (6pm), Malaysia v Argentina (8pm).

P W D L F A Pts

ARGENTINA 3 2 1 0 10 5 7
PAKISTAN 3 2 1 0 12 8 7
MALAYSIA 2 1 0 1 4 3 3
CANADA 2 1 0 1 2 3 3
INDIA 3 1 0 2 7 10 3
NEW ZEALAND 3 1 0 2 7 11 3
BELGIUM 2 0 0 2 1 3 0

Malaysia 2 New Zealand 0

MALAYSIA outclassed New Zealand in every department to win 2-0 in the 17th Azlan Shah Cup in Ipoh yesterday.
The national players were a class above, and could have score at least another three, but the crowd did not mind, as a win against an Olympic side was more than enough for them.
Malaysia were a bundle of nerves for 10 minutes, and the Kiwis almost ran riot in
the semi-circle and took three pot shots which went sizzling left, then right, and the
one that went smack in the middle was saved brilliantly by goalkeeper S. Kumar. But after the close shaves, the national team settled down, New Zealand were
forced to defend for long periods, before they cracked in the 32nd minute. A cross from Amin Rahim found Chua Boon Huat's stick and the ball bounced off
Kiwi goalkeeeper Paul Wool Ford right into Azlan Misron's path. Chua moved aside, and Azlan slammed in a cracker to hand Malaysia a well
deserved lead. Otherwise, the first half saw some stout defending by New Zealand and Malaysia,
and both teams went into the dressing room without conceeding any penalty
corners. The second half was a sizzler, as New Zealand opened up looking for the
equaliser, but the Malaysian defenders Baljit Singh Charun, Jiwa Mohan and Madzli
Ikmar made the least possible mistakes. And just when the Kiwis were loking comfortable inside the Malaysian semi-circle,
a 43rd minute counter was initiated from a deep in defence by Azlan Misron, who
found Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin. Tengku released the ball to S. Selvaraju, and the
Perak-born player cooly pushed the ball in and the scoreboard read: Malaysia 2
New Zealand 0. The Kiwis tried their level best after that, but Malaysia proved that they were made of sturdier stuff, and sailed home on the two goals.

"Malaysia played very well infront of their home crowd, and it is always difficult to beat a team which scores first, and then has a strong backing from the gallary," said New Zealand coach Shane McLeod.
National coach Sarjit was not happy with the first half, and said the margin of victory could have been bigger.
"The first half was a little slow, but we had ball possession, and kept ourselves in the match. The second half was almost perfect, but for the three chances which we muffed. But that is to be expected, in a highly charged match.
"Now, we must recover from this match, and play just as well against the hard-running Argentine side tomorrow (today)," said Sarjit.

India 3 Canada 1

India turned on the heat in the second half to beat Canada 3-1. India clawed back into the match after being a goal down, scored by Canadian Wayne Fernandes in the eight minute, and now have a better chance of a respectable finish in this tournament.
Canada held onto the lead until the first half hooter, but cracked under
tremendous pressure after the break.

India got their equalsier off a penalty stroke in the 44th minute, slotted in by Diwakar Ram, who then gave India the lead off a 51st minute penalty corner.
Shivendra Singh doused Canadian hopes when he scored off a field attempt in
the 53rd minute.

A 1975 World Cup bargain

The 1975 Classic beauty.
Vampire Supreme, with the World Cup Logo on the flat side.

Signatures of all the 1975 India hockey players.

A WALK around Ipoh's famous Old Town flea-market yesterday turned into a real
bargain, when a special edition Kuala Lumpur 1975 World Cup hockey stick was
found among the antiques on display.
The Vampire stick, manufactured specially after India beat Pakistan 2-1 at the
Stadium Merdeka, was lying among old records, rusty coins and old currency
It looked like any old hockey stick, and I almost moved along, but someting
prompted me to pick it up and have a closer look.
And 'WoW! The stick was a special edition designed a year after the KL World Cup, and it had the signatures of all the Indian players on it.
I asked the vendor: "How much? And since it was a noisy bazaar filled mostly with migrant workers from
Bangladesh, Myanmar and India, the vendor indicated by holding out his palms
showing eight fingers.
At first I thought he was saying RM80, but a scribe who was with me said: "Bargain, it can be bought for RM5." And the vendor came closer and I asked him again: "Berapa? (How much).
And when he said: RM8, I couldn't believe my ears, and quickly took out my wallet, but my friend bargained with the vendor, and we walked away only paying RM5 for a
stick which is about 31-years-old.
A real bargain, considering it was stillin good condition.