Tuesday, June 4, 2013

MSSM: Terengganau girls and boys make their move..

DEFENDING champions Perak Girls and Boys were humbled
yesterday at the Bukit Serindid Stadium in Malacca, but are almost assured of playing in the Under-18 quarter-finals of the Malay sian Schools Sports Council (MSSM) hockey tournament.
  This is because both the Perak teams are in Group A of their respective categories, which consists of only three teams.
  In the Boys Under-18, Terengganu hammered Perak 5-1, while in the Girls Under-18, it was Terengganu who again beat Perak 1-0.
  Terengganu boys will play Perlis while the Terengganu girls will play Kadah today, and wins will see them top both their age groups while Perak will be second in both the age groups.
  RESULTS -- Boys’ Under-18: Group A: Terengganu 5 Perak 1; Group B: Sabah 1 Kuala Lumpur 5, Putrajaya 1 Johor 11; Group C: Selangor 8 Kedah 0, Pahang 2 Penang 2.
   Girls’ Under-18: Group A: Terengganu 1 Perak 0; Group B: Sarawak 1 Malacca 0; Group C: Selangor 8 Perlis 1, Johor 1 Kuala Lumpur 1; Group D: Penang 4 Sabah 0, Negri 2 Pahang 1.
  Boys’ Under-12: Group A: Malacca 6 Perlis 0; Group B: Negri 4 Penang 2; Group C: Kelantan 5 Sabah 2, Sarawak 1 Johor 0; Group D: Perak 6 Kedah 0, Pahang 1 Selangor 1.
  Girls’ Under-12: Group A: Sabah 3 Selangor 0; Group B: Negri 0 Perak 1; Group C: Kedah 1 Kuala Lumpur 4, Malacca 3 Penang 3; Group D: Perlis 1 Johor 6, Terengganu 7 Sarawak 0.
  TODAY: Boys’ Under-18: Group A: Perlis v Terengganu; Group B: Johor v Sabah, Putrajaya v Kuala Lumpur; Group C: Pahang v Kedah, Penang v Selangor; Group D: Negri v Sarawak, Kelantan v Malacca.
  Under-12: Group A: Perlis v Kuala Lumpur; Group B: Terengganu v Negri Sembilan; Group C: Sarawak v Sabah, Johor v Kelantan; Group D: Pahang v Kedah, Selangor v Perak.
  Girls' Under-18: Group A: Kedah v Terengganu; Group B: Kelantan v Sarawak; Group C: Kuala Lumpur v Selangor, Johor v Perlis; Group D: Negri v Sabah, Pahang v Penang.
   Under-12: Group A: Kelantan v Sabah; Group B: Pahang v Negri Sembilan; Group C: Penang v Kedah, Malacca v Kuala Lumpur; Group D: Johor v Terengganu, Perlis v Sarawak.