Tuesday, June 12, 2018

MHC: It's not just a re-branding exercise

KUALA LUMPUR: A new development plan to replace 1Mas is expected to kick off in July, and its not just another re-branding programme said Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) president Datuk Seri Subahan Kamal Tuesday.
  1Mas, incepted in 2010, suffered a natural death when the RM11 million alloted to it was all spent up early this year. Some claimed it was wisely spent, while others claim the money was not wisely utilised, as the programme overlapped many others.
  "The new development programme will start in July as we have found a sponsor to carry out activities. It will replace 1Mas, but it is not just another re-branding exercise, but to help develop the sport in a big way," said Subahan.
  MHC deputy president Datuk Dr S. Shamala was also present.
  Players from sports schools, project schools, Tenaga Nasional's Thunderbolts programme as well as Universiti Kuala Lumpur's (UniKL) hockey club, were also training in the 1Mas programme and it was a messy affair.
  However, at a meeting attended by state affiliates in Bukit Jalil yesterday, some of the problems faced by 1Mas were thrashed out and it was agreed that the main pitfalls will be avoided in the new plan.
  1Mas director Tai Beng Hai briefed state affiliates on the previous programme. And after much discussion, it was decided to forge ahead with fresh ideas.
   MHC Technical Director Terry Walsh said: "The problem here is everybody is claiming a hand in developing the said players and I believe they all had a hand somewhere along the way. But lets look at the bigger picture, in the end, the players will play for Malaysia and the benefit will be for everybody."