Monday, November 2, 2015

Perak boys check into 2nd round

PERAK boys checked into the second round of the National Under-14 hockey tournament in Malacca when they beat Pahang 4-1 Monday.
  Perak are on nine points after three matches, while defending champions Pahang lost both their matches.
  Pahang took the lead off Muhammad Syamim in the 35th minute, but Perak came back strongly after the breather with goals from  Afiq Iqbal (41st), Syazwan Syafiq (52nd), Affiful Najmi (56th) and Fahmi B Khalid (62nd).
  In the Girls' tournament, defending champions Sabah claimed their second win when they hammered Kedah 5-1.
  RESULTS: BOYS': Group A: Terengganu 1 Johor 2, Pahang 1 Perak 4; Group B: K Lumpur 2 Negri 1, Penang 1 Selangor 5.
  GIRLS': Group A: Selangor 4 Perak 2, Kedah 1 Sabah 5; Group B: Terengganu 1 Negri 6, Penang 2 K Lumpur 3; Group C: Perlis 1 Pahang 5, Singapore 1 Malacca 3.
  TUESDAY: Boys' Group A: Terengganu v Pahang (MBMB Pitch I, 3pm), Johor v Kedah (MBMB Pitch II, 3pm); Group B: Negri v Kelantan (MBMB Pitch I, 4.45pm), K Lumpur v Penang (MBMB Pitch II, 4.45pm); Group C: Sabah v Malacca (MBMB Pitch I, 6.30pm), Perlis v Singapore (MBMB Pitch II, 8.15pm).
   Girls' Group A: Kedah v Selangor (STM, 7.30am), Sabah v Perak (MBMB Pitch II, 9.15am); Group B: Johor v Penang (MBMB Pitch II, 7.30am), Negri v K Lumpur (MBMB Pitch II, 7.30am); Group C: Pahang v Singapore (STM, 9.15am), Malacca v Perlis (MBMB Pitch I, 9.15am).
  WEDNESDAY: Boys' Group A: Perak v Terengganu (MBMB Pitch I, 6.30pm), Kedah v Pahang (MBMB Pitch I, 8.15pm); Group B: Selangor v K Lumpur (MBMB Pitch I, 4.45pm), Kelantan v Penang (MBMB Pitch II, 4.45pm).
  GIRLS' Group B: Penang v Terengganu (MBMB Pitch I, 7.30am), K Lumpur v Johor (MBMB Pitch II, 7.30am).
  Note: All matches in Malacca.