Monday, January 7, 2013

Sabah blame it on Education Ministry...

SABAH withdrew from the MHC-Milo-NSC Junior Hockey League (JHL)  just three days before the tournament starts, blaming it on  their Education Department.
    The JHL saw a record 28 teams registering, and Sabah’s no  show has thrown the Division Two Group A tournament  fixtures into turmoil.
     They were supposed to start their JHL campaign against  PHA-Anderson Juniors at the National hockey Stadium this  Friday.
     “We are unable to field a team as the Sabah Education  Department has rejected our request to field school boys in  the JHL,” said Sabah HA Secretary Aftar Singh.
    “It is not easy for teams from East Malaysia to play in the  JHL as there are also logistics issues, like arranging for the  players to attend classes while away.
  “We regret the decision to withdraw and understand that  the MHC (Malaysian Hockey Confederation) can take action  against us, but we ask for understanding as this is beyond our  control.
    “There are limited players in Sabah and try as we did, we  just could not find replacements as we received the no tification from the Education Department today (yester day).”
     Sabah became the Division Two champions in their maiden  JHL appearance  in 2010. Then, they were based in Pan damaran, Klang.
    However, they did not field a side for the last two years.  Division Two will now have nine teams in Group A and 10  teams in Group B.
    There are eight teams in Division One.

Dangerous Lee has no heart...

Dangerous Lee (left)..
DANGEROUS LEE, 20, Sarawak’s hope of becoming the  first from his state to play with the senior hockey side, threw  in the towel yesterday, citing fear of competing among his peers.
    And his SMS to coach K. Dharmaraj sent the latter’s blood  boiling, as the coach has great hopes on him to carry the  Malaysian flag in the December Junior World Cup in New  Delhi.
    “I am totally peeved as well as feel being let down by  Dangerous because he was among the front-runners in the  training squad, to make the grade for the Junior World  Cup.
   “This is the third time he has thrown in the towel since he  started studying in BJSS (Bukit Jalil Sports School).  So  enough is enough as I will not accommodate a player that  does not have a heart,” said Project 2013 coach Dharmaraj.
   Dangerous played in the Sultan of Johor Cup and then the  Obaidullah Gold Cup in Bhopal at the end of last year, and  that was when he chickened out after seeing how his skills  are nothing compared to India club players.
    “He was feeling down in Bhopal because he felt that the  India players were simply too far ahead of him and he could  not cope with their pace. He spoke to me about it then, but I  did not think he would quit the World Cup training just  because of that,” said Dharmaraj.
    Dangerous SMS to the coach read: “Coach I will not be  attending training tomorrow morning and I hope coach  accepts my decision to pull out of the (World Cup) training  squad.
   “I feel that I can’t make progress anymore as I can’t  compete with others. Sorry coach..tq.”
    Dharmaraj blames Dangerous’ lame attitude to the soft  upbringing he received after he joined BJSS in 2009.
   “When I first saw him in action he had the fire in his eyes  and wanted to become the first Sarawak player ever to play  for the national seniors.
   “However, he lost the edge and the fire was doused as BJSS  only allowed him to play in the lower divisions of the Malaysia  Hockey League.
   “If they had released him to play for other teams in Division  One back then, he would have become a hardened player now  and not quit after getting a few knocks in Bhopal.
    “The blame is in BJSS taking their so-called step-by-step  approach which makes their players become soft and have a  school mentality even after joining national juniors train ing.
   “I hope the school changes their approach and does not  make softies out of the Project 2017 players who are studying  there right now,” said Dharmaraj.