Friday, March 5, 2010

A South African massacre!

At the Hero Honda FIH World Cup 2010 in Delhi, England and Spain were impressive and won over Pakistan and India on similar scores (5-2), while Australia crushed South Africa (12-0)

Game 13 – South Africa v. Australia: 0-12 (half-time: 0-5)

The first game of the day was between South Africa and Australia, a first in World Cup history. The last time these teams met was at the 2008 Olympic Games, when Australia crushed South Africa (10-0), and the last time the African Champions won over the Kookaburras was at the 1998 Commonwealth Games (3-2). Australia opened the competition with a loss to England (2-3) but came back to beat India (5-2), while South Africa were still chasing their first point.

Match facts (South Africa v. Australia):

> The Kookaburras recorded the biggest ever win in World Cup history beating South Africa 12-0.
> The biggest World Cup winning margin till today was 9 goals.
> Australia also equalled Pakistan’s 28-year-old World Cup record for most goals scored in a match by a single team (12).
> In 1982 Pakistan defeated New Zealand 12-3.
> At the 2008 Olympic Games, Australia had crushed South Africa 10-0.

Game 14 – England v. Pakistan: 5-2 (half-time: 2-0)

England, unbeaten so far in the competition, started with a bang and thought that they had taken the lead in the third minute when Iain MACKAY batted into goal a ball lifted into the circle by a Pakistani defender, however the goal was disallowed by the video-umpire after a lengthy review.

Match facts (England v. Pakistan):

> England beat Pakistan by three goals their biggest winning margin over Pakistan in World Cup competition.
> England have won 4 of their 8 World Cup matches against Pakistan, drawing 2 and losing 2.
> England go top in Pool B with 9 points from 3 matches.
> Eight England players have now scored at least once at the 2010 World Cup.
> Ashley Jackson is now on three goals in this world Cup.

Game 15 – Spain v. India: 5-2 (half-time: 2-0)

The last game of the day between Spain and host India started in the usual boisterous atmosphere. The pundits have been harsh towards the Indian team after their severe loss to Australia, but the crowd in the stadium was as devoted as ever, screaming their hope each time an Indian player was moving forward.

Match facts (Spain v. India):

> Spain beat India 5-2 to collect their second win at the 2010 World Cup.
> Today’s 5 goals equalled Spain’s scoring record in World Cup matches. They also scored five times in 1973 (5-0 vs Belgium) and 2002 (5-1 vs Japan).
> Spain join Australia on 6 points from 3 matches. Only England (9 points) did better in Pool B.
> India and Pakistan are on three points from 3 matches.
> This match saw three goals being scored in three minutes time (41’, 42’, 43’). This marks the fastest set of three goals at the 2010 World Cup.
> The South Africa – England (4-6) match saw three goals being scored in four minutes time (50’, 51’, 53’).
> Albert Sala’s goal was the first for Spain in a WC match against India in 24 years.
> Pablo Amat netted once. He has now scored in all four World Cup editions since 1998. The only other player to have scored in ever WC since 1998 is Sohail Abbas (PAK).

South Africa v. Australia 0:12 (0:5)
AUS 15mn Luke DOERNER (PC) 0:1
AUS 21mn Glenn TURNER (FG) 0:2
AUS 26mn Desmond ABBOTT (FG) 0:3
AUS 34mn Luke DOERNER (PC) 0:4
AUS 35+mn Fergus KAVANAGH (PC) 0:5
AUS 44mn Matthew BUTTURINI (FG) 0:6
AUS 49mn Luke DOERNER (PC) 0:7
AUS 52mn Jamie DWYER (FG) 0:8
AUS 54mn Jamie DWYER (FG) 0:9
AUS 61mn Glenn TURNER (FG) 0:10
AUS 65mn Jamie DWYER (FG) 0:11
AUS 68mn Luke DOERNER (PC) 0:12

England v. Pakistan 5:2 (0:2)
ENG 21mn Jonty CLARKE (FG) 1:0
ENG 32mn Ashley JACKSON (FG) 2:0
PAK 45mn Shakeel ABBASI (FG) 2:1
PAK 48mn Rehan BUTT (PC) 2:2
ENG 53mn Barry MIDDLETON (FG) 3:2
ENG 62mn Jonty CLARKE (FG) 4:2
ENG 64mn Barry MIDDLETON (FG) 5:2

Spain v. India 5:2 (2:0)
ESP 19mn Albert SALA (FG) 1:0
ESP 35mn Pol AMAT (FG) 2:0
IND 39mn Sandeep SINGH (PC) 2:1
ESP 41mn Pau QUEMADA (PC) 3:1
ESP 42mn Roc OLIVA (FG) 4:1
IND 43mn Gurwinder Singh CHANDI (FG) 4:2
ESP 67mn Pau QUEMADA (FG) 5:2

Pool Standings:
Pool A: 1) Netherlands 6 pts 2) Germany 4 pts (+6) 3) Korea 4 pts (+1) 4) New Zealand 3pts 5) Argentina 0 pt (-4) 6) Canada 0 pt (-7)
Pool B: 1) England 9 pts 2) Australia 6 pts (+14) 3) Spain 6 pts (+4) 4) India 3 pts (-3) 5) Pakistan 3 pts (-5) 6) South Africa 0 pt

Koreans show class

The Netherlands earned their second win at the Hero Honda FIH World Cup 2010 in Delhi, beating New Zealand (3-1), while Germany and Korea added a win to their tie on opening day.
Game 10 – Canada v. Germany: 0-6 (half-time: 0-4)
The first game of day 4 pitted the youngest team of the competition (Germany, 24 years old) lead by the youngest Captain (Maximilian MÜLLER, 22) to the oldest team (Canada, 27) lead by veteran Ken PEREIRA (36). The two teams have not met often, and only once in a World Cup back in 1998 when the match ended in a 4-4 tie with Rob Short, still playing in the Canadian team today, scoring two goals.
Match facts (Canada vs. Germany):
> Germany won 6-0 to hand Canada their biggest World Cup defeat ever.
> Canada had never lost by more than four goals in World Cup competition.
> Today’s 6-0 victory also marked the joined second biggest World Cup win for Germany and their biggest in 32 years since beating India 7-0 in 1978.
> Germany equaled the Pakistan’s longest World cup unbeaten streak by avoiding defeat in their 15th consecutive World Cup match. Only Australia have ever set a longer WC run without defeat (20 matches).
> Benjamin Wess and Florian Fuchs (GER) joined David Alegre (ESP) and Ashley Jackson (ENG) as players to have scored in both of their team’s matches at the 2010 World Cup.
> Florian Fuchs (GER) scored twice against Canada. He has now netted three goals at the 2010 World Cup.
> Germany skipper Max Mueller became the third captain to score at the 2010 World Cup, joining Jamie Dwyer (AUS, 2 goals) and Rajpal Singh (IND, 1 goal).
> Canada are still to collect their first points at Delhi 2010.
> Germany are now on four points from two matches.

Game 11 – Argentina v. Korea: 2-1 (half-time: 0-0)

Argentina and Korea have not met in World Cup action since 1994 in Sydney, when current Korean Coach Seok Kyo SHIN was still playing for his country.
Match Facts (Argentina v. Korea):

> Korea beat Argentina 2-1 as Nam Hyun-Woo converted a penalty corner in the last minute of the match.
> Korea also pulled this trick in the 2006 World Cup. In their match against India they scored the winning goal in the 69th minute by converting a penalty corner.
> Facundo Callioni scored Argentina’s first goal at Delhi 2010 and the first World Cup goal for Argentina since Rodrigo Vila scored in the 2006 Final 9-10 against Japan (2-1).
> Lee Nam-Yong scored the equaliser for Korea. He joins Benjamin Wess (GER), Florian Fuchs (GER), David Alegre (ESP) and Ashley Jackson (ENG) as players to have scored in both of their team’s matches at the 2010 World Cup.

Game 12 – New Zealand v. Netherlands: 1-3 (half-time: 1-3)

The last match of the day between New Zealand and The Netherlands started with a bang! Black Sticks Captain Phillip BURROWS sneaked in the Dutch defense to deflect the ball in goal in the first minute of play and shortly after Ronald BROUWER was on hand to pick up the rebound after a reverse stick shot by Teun DE NOOIJER was stopped by Kyle PONTIFEX. Two goals in less than two minutes. The avalanche continued a few minutes later when Taeke TAEKEMA made no mistake to score his forth penalty-corner of the competition.

Match facts (New Zealand v. Netherlands):

> The Netherlands join England as the only team to have won maximum points from their first two matches.
> With only one goal conceded, the Dutch have allowed least goals so far at Delhi 2010.
> Taeke Taekema converted one of five penalty corners in this match to lift his Delhi 2010 PC tally to 4. This brings him to the top of the goals scorer list.
> Only 2 minutes into the match, both teams had already scored a goal.
> The last time two teams scored one goal each within 10 minutes from the start of the match, was in the 2002 semi-final Germany-Korea (3-2), when the score was 1-1 after 7 minutes.
> Ronald Brouwer (NED) scored his 4th WC goal and his first in 2010.
> Dutch side Rotterdam saw two of their players score in this match: Phillip Burrows (NZL) and Jeroen Hertzberger (NED).

Results Day 4 - Wednesday 3 March 2010

Canada v. Germany 0:6 (0:4)
GER 3mn Benjamin WESS (FG) 0:1
GER 21mn Jan-Marco MONTAG (PC) 0:2
GER 22mn Maximilian MÜLLER (PC) 0:3
GER 27mn Martin HÄNER (PC) 0:4
GER 58mn Florian FUCHS (FG) 0:5
GER 63mn Florian FUCHS (FG) 0:6

Argentina v. Korea 2:1 (0:0)
ARG 53mn Facundo CALLIONI (FG) 1:0
KOR 62mn Nam Yong LEE (FG) 1:1
KOR 70mn Hyun Woo NAM (PC) 1:2

New Zealand v. Netherlands 1:3 (1:3)
NZL 1mn Phillip BURROWS (FG) 1:0
NED 2mn Ronald BROUWER (FG) 1:1
NED 8mn Taeke TAEKEMA (PC) 1:2
NED 27mn Jeroen HERTZBERGER (PC) 1:3

Pool Standings:
Pool A: 1) Netherlands 6 pts 2) Germany 4 pts (+6) 3) Korea 4 pts (+1) 4) New Zealand 3pts 5) Argentina 0 pt (-4) 6) Canada 0 pt (-7)
Pool B: 1) England 6 pts 2) Australia 3 pts (+2) 3) Spain 3 pts (+1) 4) India 3 pts (0) 5) Pakistan 3 pts (-2) 6) South Africa 0 pt