Monday, August 17, 2009

Malaysia may host inaugural Asian Champions Trophy

MALAYSIA might host the inaugural Asian Champions Trophy next year, as Pakistan are not interested to host it.
Asian Hockey Federation (AHF) secretary Tan Sri P. Alagendra said yesterday that an offer letter had been sent to the Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC).
"Pakistan were supposed to host the tournament in September, but they withdrew. The AHF Council met last month in China and agreed to offer the host job to Malaysia," said Alagendra when met at the Tun Razak Stadium yesterday.
The inaugural tournament will see South Korea, Pakistan, China and Malaysia battle for the title.
"We have proposed January, as it would be a good warm up for Asian teams which have qualified for the New Delhi World Cup," said Alagendra.
The MHF management committee will met today, and make a stand on the Asian Champions Trophy.