Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ranjit ready to battle Tunku Majid

By K. Kandiah

THE Penang State Hockey Association (PSHA) has called on the Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) to address the issues at hand and not to sweep it under the carpet.
A fuming PSHA secretary Ranjit Singh said the one-man show and the dictatorship in MHF should be put to rest immediately or else the sport, where Malaysia was once the fourth best in the world, would go down the drain.
During Saturday's council meeting Ranjit, via a letter, wanted to know as to who had approved the 2007 Champions Trophy and who had agreed to cater the food cost which totaled RM47,000 for the 10-day tournament.
The outspoken PSHA secretary also questioned as to why the finance committee was not informed that participating teams were offered free food and lodging for the Champions trophy.
Ranjit claimed that the MHF ended up burdened with a RM1.5 million bill.
MHF became the first and only country to have offered free food and lodging to participating teams in the history of the Champions Trophy tournament, which was a fatal mistake.
MHF deputy president Tunku Majid Sultan Iskandar was furious after the meeting and had said that he would instruct his lawyers to sue Ranjit, who is also MHF council member, for deformation.
Apparently, Tunku Majid had also said that he was the son of a State Ruler and that he does not tolerate all these.
Ranjit said: "with due respect to the Johor Sultan and the royalty, anyone who chose to associate with NGO's or sports organisations should not only be prepared to work but should also be prepared to accept criticism.
"If Tunku Majid cannot tolerate this, then it was best that he remained at his palace and not disrupt hockey".
He said what PSHA did was to highlight the abuse of the MHF funds and questioned the rational behind the single person who approved it.
"PSHA is still waiting for answers for the Champions Trophy fiasco.
"PSHA will go all out to make sure that Tunku Majid does not win any posts at the MHF, directly or indirectly.
"PSHA is doing this to save hockey in the country," said Ranjit who had decided to take the `bull by its horns'.
Meanwhile, PSHA deputy president Datuk Mary Ritchie told Timesport that Ranjit had briefed her on the Sept 20 MHF council meeting and would also brief the PSHA council during its meeting.
She also said that she was aware of Tunku Majid's threat to sue him.
Mary, dubbed the `Iron Lady of Hockey', said PSHA would decide the next course of action, including counter suing.

Tengku Abdullah open for nominations

By T.N. Alagesh

TENGKU Abdullah Sultan Ahmad (pic), in denying that he is a candidate for the post of Malaysian Hockey Federation president, has not ruled out accepting nominations.
The former FA of Malaysia deputy president, responding to a newspaper report, said he had been contacted by an individual who wanted to know whether Tengku Abdullah was interested in the post.
Tengku Abdullah’s reply was that he wanted to know more about MHF before making a decision.
“Other than the individual contacting me, I have not spoken to anyone about going for the post of MHF president,” said Tengku Abdullah in Kuantan late on Wednesday.
“However, if there are some who feel that I can be considered for the post, I suggest they meet me.
“I will then decide about it. However, I must have the support and also the views from others before making such a move.
“The nomination date is still a long way away. I may decide when it gets closer.”
Nominations open on Oct 3 and close on Oct 25 with election on Nov 1.
The same newspaper report also quoted MHF president Admiral (R) Tan Sri Anwar Mohd Nor and his deputy Tunku Majid Sultan Iskandar as saying they would not contest the president’s post if Tengku Abdullah goes for it.
Tengku Abdullah said he does want to be seen as interfering in MHF’s affairs.
“The leadership should be chosen through a democratic process so no one needs to fight for the president’s post.
“If one feels he is capable of leading the association, then he should step forward and offer himself to take the lead.”
Tengku Abdullah said his interest in hockey is due to its potential.
“It is a popular sport and it has the potential to reach a higher level on the international stage.”
With Tengku Abdullah sending confusing signals and Anwar and Tunku Majid having an agreement whereby the candidate with the highest number of nominations winning the president’s post uncontested, the coming weeks promise to be interesting.