Friday, January 2, 2009

Still no assistant secretary, general manager

THE Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) have yet to name an assistant secretary or have a general Manager after holding their Biennial General Meeting in October last year.
Before the elections, N. Krishnan was assistant to Hashim Yusoff, but he was not named to continue his duties, as newly elected president Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah had said that another candidate will be named soon.
But is has been two months since, and the MHF are running without an assistant secretary or a general manager.
“No, we have not named an assistant to Hashim, and neither do we have a general manager.
“This is because Tengku Abdullah had said that he will name the assistant secretary, while we have requested for a general manager from the NSC (National Sports Council), but have yet to receive any recommendations,” said MHF deputy president Nur Azmi Ahmad.
The MHF previously had K. Paramasivam as their general manager, but after Raja Nazrin Shah moved out of hockey, the post has been left vacant since 2006.
On another matter, Azmi said preparations for the Junior World Cup are running smoothly.
“I recently met the players and had a talk with them, and they were in great spirits. Even though there are still some aspects lacking in players, I am confident the coach (K. Rajan) will be able to overcome them before the middle of next year,” said Azmi.
Malaysia and Singapore will co-host the Junior World Cup on June 7-21, with 20 teams competing for the title last won by Argentina in 2004.
The 20 teams which have qualified for the World Cup are defending champions Argentina, Australia, South Africa, Egypt, Malaysia, Singapore, India, South Korea, Pakistan, Japan, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, England, Poland, Russia, Chile, US and New Zealand.