Friday, May 1, 2015

George Koshy: I'm not in in for the glory...

GEORGE Koshy is not in it for the glamour or glory, but to make sure there is a better financial and structural standing in the Malaysia Hockey Confederation (MHC).
  Koshy, who has hockey blood running in his veins, will be challenged by Datuk Nur Azmi Ahmad in the May 13 MHC elections for the deputy president's post.
  He is taking the dive head on, even though he knows that the MHC coffers are empty, while their organisational structure is hap-hazard to the core.
  And even though only Kuala Lumpur has nominated him, as opposed to Nur Azmi who has 10 nominations, Koshy said Friday that he will not back down even though he has until May 9 to do so.
  "I am not going to withdraw my nomination, and I am going all the way to voting day even though there is an escape window before May 9," said Koshy Friday.
  His confidence stems from the feed-back that he has received after nominations closed on April 28.
  "Many state affiliates did not nominate me because they felt that I was not serious about running for the deputy president's post. But now that I have made contact with the affiliates, many have thrown their support behind me," said Koshy.
   The former Kuala Lumpur HA president as well as Malaysian Hockey Federation treasurer (before it became the MHC) said he knows that the financial and structural standing of the MHC is porous, and wants to come in to make them stronger.
  "I will not gain anything from this position, as I already have everything I need in my life, and I am also not chasing for glory but to place the MHC in a better financial as well as structural position. I'm not going in blind-folded, but with many plans to help MHC.
  And how is he going to bail out a bankrupt MHC?
  "That will come with a strong CEO with a KPI to deliver the sponsorship side of matters. Hockey in Malaysia is a marketable sport, and I am sure with the right approach and planning, sponsors would not mind supporting our activities," said George.
  In the women's deputy president's race, S. Shamala would be up against K. Maheswary. The vice-president positions, five for men and two for women, have seven and three candidates respectively but withdrawals before May 9 might see no contest but direct appointments in this section.
  (Note: If the third lady gets higher votes than the fifth man, then three ladies and four men will make the veep).