Saturday, February 28, 2015

MHC settle for two deputy presidents

THE Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) affiliates finally came to a consensus yesterday when it was proposed that two deputy presidents' seats be made available to stop internal squabbling.
  At their Council Meeting in Kuala Lumpur, where amendments to the constitution were discussed, the main issue revolved around the deputy president's post as well as the abolishment of the executive council.
  Cooler heads prevailed as the executive council will also be retained, as abolishing it would mean a smaller committee to run the administration while the executive council only meet once in four years at their congress.
  Now, MHC have to ensure they get a two-thirds majority during EGM in March, to approve the amenements and forward it to the Sports Commissioner as well as the International Hockey Federation (FIH) for endorsement before proceeding with the AGM which is proposed to be held in May.
  "The council members decided that two deputy president's posts would be better and also to retain the executive council. Other than that there were only minor strenghtening of our constitution," said MHC deputy president Puan Sri Raja Noora Ashikin.
  Noora Ashikin was pivotal in stopping the MHC from making a mockery of themselves by not adhearing to the regulations of the FIH regarding gender equity.
  The FIH as well as the Sports Commissioner's office then rejected earlier amendments made to the constitution, and yesterday was back to first base, in a commical merry-go-round.
  "Now we need to go through the motions properly by endorsement at the EGM, getting approval from the FIH as well as Sports Commissioner's office before we hold our AGM," said Raja Noora Ashikin.
   Earlier, Datuk Seri Subahan Kamal was the sole nominee for the presdient's post, while Raja Noora Ashikin and Datuk Nur Azmi Ahmad were nominated for the sole deputy president's post.
  However, with two deputy presidents' inserted into the constitution, Raja Noora Ashikin is likely to have no challengers while Azmi might face a battle at the ballots.
  Also, rumours are rife that there will also be a challenger for Subahan this time around.