Friday, March 18, 2016

Nat U-16: Sabah Boys on song..

Pic: Sabah HA secretary Avtar Singh

SABAH Boys demolished Malacca 5-2 in Group X of the 1MAS-Milo National Under-16 tournament to claim the favourites tag Friday.
  Sabah will now face Selangor, who lost 2-1 to Malacca on Thursday, to decide their fate. A win or a draw will see Sabah play in the final, but if Selangor wins big, they will advance on goals difference.
  In the Boys Group Y, Terengganu and Pahang will battle for a ticket to the finalSaturday, while the Girls Group X and Y champions will be decided in the final group matches.
  Sabah HA secretary Avtar Singh said: "We finished fifth last year with these same set of players, and I believe we will be able to beat Selangor and play in the final."
  Sabah have been very active for the last three years and results have started to show, as their girls and boys teams in the Junior Hockey League were also impressive.
  "We have the facilities and coaches in place now, and these (Under-16 and JHL players) are the first set of players to emerge from our development programmes. Hopefully in a few years time, we will have a few players in the national senior and junior sides," said Avtar.
  Sabah got their goals off Faiz Aiman (13th),  Saifuddin Azli (21st, 43rd), Muhajir Rauf (40th, 45th). The Malacca goals were scored by Muhibuddin Moharam (18th, 50th).
  RESULTS: Boys Group X: Malacca 2 Sabah 5; Group Y: Johor 2 Pahang 3.
  Seventh-Ninth: Kuala Lumpur 0 Perak 1; 10th-11th: Kelantan 2 Perlis 0; 12th-13th: Kedah 2 Negri 7.
  Girls Group X: Malacca 2 Negri 1; Group Y: Kuala Lumpur 4 Kedah 2.
  Seventh-Ninth: Johor 0 Terengganu 1; 10th-11th: Perak 3 Pahang 2.
  TODAY: Boys' Group X: Sabah v Selangor (KLHA, 4.15pm); Group Y: Pahang v Terengganu (KLHA, 5.30pm).
  Seventh-Ninth: Perak v Penang (MOE, 7.30am).
  Girls Group X: Negri v Penang (MOE, 4.15pm); Group Y: Kedah v Selangor (MOE, 5.30pm).
  Seventh-Ninth: Terenggnau v Sabah (KLHA, 7.30am).
  NOTE: All matches at Ministry of Education (MOE) and Kuala Lumpur HA (KLHA) at Jalan Pantai.

Malacca edge Selangor 2-1

MALACCA Boys placed a foot in the final of the 1MAS-Milo National Under-16 tournament when they edged Selangor 2-1 in Group X yesterday.
  Malacca play Sabah today, and a win would see them claim the final ticket. Selangor play Sabah on Saturday.
  Yesterday, Muhibuddin Moharam's brace in the 15th and 29th minutes gave them the full points, while the Selangor goal was scored by 
Zarreman Shamier in the 17th minute.
  Malacca coach Norhamezi Omar said: "Selangor gave us a good fight especially towards the last 10 minutes of the match but my players held on to the slim lead.
 "We play Sabah next, who are the favourites in Group X, and I believe it will be another uphill battle but my boys are determined to play in the final and will give their best."
  RESULTS: Boys' Group X: Selangor 1 Malacca 2; Group Y: Terengganu 4 Johor 2.
  Seventh-Ninth: Penang 3 Kuala Lumpur 1; 10th-13th: Kelantan 5 Kedah 1, Negri 1 Perlis 2.
  GIRLS' Group X: Penang 2 Malacca 0; Group Y: Selangor 1 Kuala Lumpur 1.
  Seventh-Ninth: Sabah 8 Johor 0; 10th-13th: Perak 6 Perlis 0, Pahang 5 Kelantan 1.
  TODAY: Boys Group X: Malacca v Sabah (KLHA, 4.15pm); Group Y: Johor v Pahang (KLHA, 5.45pm).
  Seventh-Ninth: Kuala Lumpur v Perak (MOE, 7.30am); 10th-11th: Kelantan v Perlis (KLHA, 3pm); 12th-13th: Kedah v Negri (MOE, 3pm).
  Girls Group X: Malacca v Negri (MOE, 4.15pm), Kuala Lumpur v Kedah (MOE, 5.45pm).
  Seventh-Ninth: Johor v Terengganu (KLHA, 7.30am); 10th-11th: Perak v Pahang (KLHA, 8.45pm)
  NOTE: All matches at Ministry of Education (MOE) and Kuala Lumpur HA (KLHA) at Jalan Pantai.