Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Under-14: Impressive show from Sabah girls

GIRLS' defending champions Sabah powered into the second round of the National Under-14 hockey tournament when they hammered Perak 5-1 in Malacca yesterday.
  Sabah, on nine points after three matches, have been impressive as they beat Selangor 4-0 and Kedah 5-1 in earlier matches to top Group A.
  Yesterday, the Sabah took the lead off Nurekhmah Najwa in the 10th minute, but Perak's Dian Nursyakira Najwa equalised in the 37th minute.
  But a four-goal blitz from Nor Asfarina (38th), Kersimah Kauran (42nd), Kersimah Kauran (45th) and Aj Dianisa Diva (54th) saw them sail away with three points.
  RESULTS: Boys' Group A: Terengganu 2 Pahang 6, Johor 5 Kedah 0; Group B: Negri 3 Kelantan 3, K Lumpur 0 Penang 1; Group C: Sabah 5 Malacca 0, Perlis 0 Singapore 0.
   Girls' Group A: Kedah 1 Selangor 3, Sabah 5 Perak 1; Group B: Johor 0Penang 1, Negri 0 K Lumpur 1; Group C: Pahang 0 Singapore 1, Malacca 7 Perlis 3.
  TODAY: Boys' Group A: Perak v Terengganu (MBMB Pitch I, 6.30pm), Kedah v Pahang (MBMB Pitch I, 8.15pm); Group B: Selangor v K Lumpur (MBMB Pitch I, 4.45pm), Kelantan v Penang (MBMB Pitch II, 4.45pm).
  GIRLS' Group B: Penang v Terengganu (MBMB Pitch I, 7.30am), K Lumpur v Johor (MBMB Pitch II, 7.30am).
  Note: All matches in Malacca.