Sunday, March 18, 2018

UNDER 16: KLHA -- Kirandeep did not show up for all days

KUALA LUMPUR: The Kuala Lumpur Hockey Association (KLHA) insisted Sunday that talented 15-year-old Kirandeep Kaur was not selected for the ongoing National Under-16 tournament because she did not turn up for 'all the selection days'.
  KLHA secretary V. Rajamanickam said: "Yes, I agree that Kirandeep Kaur is a very talented player but she also needs to go through the process of selection like other players. It would not be fair to select her if she does not come for all the days, while we drop someone who comes diligently."
  It was reported by TimeSport that Kirandeep Kaur came for three days for selection but when the coach and team manager was changed by KLHA, she was not informed about the new venue and dates for selection.
  "Yes we did change the coach and manager midway through selection but that is KLHA's preregotive. How come all the other girls knew about the new selection date and venue as well as coach expect for Kirandeep Kaur?," questioned Rajamanickam.
  National women's coach K. Dharmaraj has said many times that Kirandeep Kaur is a promising player.
  Darmaraj had said: ""I and other selectors have been noticing Kirandeep for a few years now, and after she impressed in the MHL (Women) by turning up for UiTM, Terry Walsh (Malaysian Hockey Confederation Technical Director) told me to include her in the recent four friendlies against Japan Under-21.
  "I had to say 'no' because the friendlies were a platform for my other girls to fight for a slot in the Commonwealth Games squad."
   Rajamanickam agreed with Dharmaraj but said: "We all know she is talented. But I am sure Dharmaraj has also dropped talented players with discipline problems before.
  "We just did the same."
  During the final KLHA selection, Kirandeep Kaur was involved with the Kuala Lumpur Schools Sports Council athletics meet where she won three gold medals in 100m, 4x100m, 4x400m and bronze in the 200m.

UNDER-16: Kedah boys and girls left stranded

KUALA LUMPUR: Kedah Hockey Association are expected to be penalised by the Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) for an 11th-hour no-show at the ongoing National Under-16 Boys' and Girls' hockey tournament.
  Kedah boys and girls were left stranded on Friday, when the bus that was supposed to ferry them to Kuala Lumpur, never arrived.
  Under-16 Tournament Director Hafeez Yunus confirmed a new schedule, and said a report will be submitted to the MHC for further action.
  "Yes, Kedah boys and girls failed to show up and we had to redraw the fixtures. A report will be submitted to the MHC for further action. They can be penalised," said Hafeez.
  But in the end the Kedah boys and girls will be the biggest losers.
  "We had conducted trials and selected boys and girls teams for the Uder-16 and even had a one-week centralised training while jerseys and other equipment were also ready.
  "However, the sponsored bus broke down and we could not find an alternate transport because to hire a new bus for nine days would have cost us about RM8,000, which is beyound our reach. I have written to the MHC explaining what had transpired," said Kedah HA secretary B. Sandra Gesan.
  In the letter to MHC Sandra had suggested: "To raise the RM3,000 tournament grant to RM5,000, and also provide higher transport and other allowance for teams which travel more than 150kms."
  "The old allowance figure is a decade old, and with rising costs, it should be reviewed by the MHC. We had done everything but in the end, the bus broke down and we could not afford another," said Sandra.
  On the Kedah Women's Hockey Face Book, they lamented on a lost generation of Kedah players who could not enjoy the experience of playing in an important age group tournament.

UNDER 16: Sabah boys fight back

KUALA LUMPUR: Sabah boys fought back gallantly to hold Pahang 1-1 in Group C of the National Under-16 tournament at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil Sunday.
  Last year, Sabah beat Pahang 2-1 at the group stage but lost 2-1 in the bronze medal playoff.
  Yesterday, Hazim Mohamed Ahir gave Pahang the lead in the second minute, but Ahmad Amza Masri stole a point for his team with an 18th minute strike.
  Sabah coach Hasrul Jideh said his charges had improved, but he wants more from them in the next match against Kuala Lumpur Monday, as they had also drawn 1-1 against Kelantan on Saturday.
  "We have eight players from last year's side and although we have improved since finishing fourth, the other teams have also improved as well.
  "And after two draws, we need to beat Kuala Lumpur in our final group match to keep our hopes alive of playing for a medal," said Hasrul.
  Kuala Lumpur lost 3-2 to Pahang on Saturday but beat Kelantan 2-1 yesterday. They will also be looking for a win aganst Sabah.
  RESULTS -- Boys: Group A: Sarawak x Johor x, Perak x Negri Sembilan x.
  Group B: Terengganu 1 Malacca 0.
  Group C: Kelantan 1 Kuala Lumpur 2, Pahang 1 Sabah 1.
  GIRLS: Group A: Negri Sembilan 1 Pahang 8.
  Group C: Terengganu 1 Selangor 1, Johor 0 Perak 0.
  MONDAY -- Boys: Group A: Perlis v Negri Sembilan (8pm, Pitch I), Sarawak v Perak (8pm, Pitch II).
  Group B: Penang v Malacca (9.15pm, Pitch I).
  Group C: Kuala Lumpur v Sabah (6.45pm, Pitch I), Kelantan v Pahang (6.45pm, Pitch II).
  GIRLS -- Group A: Negri Sembilan v Perlis (8.45am, Pitch I), Kuala Lumpur v Pahang (10am, Pitch II).
  Group B: Sarawak v Penang (7.30am, Pitch I), Sabah v Malacca (8.45am, Pitch II).