Saturday, October 1, 2016

Malaysian Open: Raymond makes his move...

SEVENTEEN-YEAR-OLD Raymond Yew of Sabah beat national runners en route to claiming the 800m gold in the 93rd Edition of the Malaysian Open at the Universiti Malaya grounds yesterday.
  He clocked a personal best of 1:52.85s and beat Malaysia Games gold medallist Asif Rahman Jiyadeen and national runner M. Kesavan to stand tall at the top of the podium.
  Raymond, coached by Filipino Mario Pajarillo for the last four years at the Ranau Training Centre, improved his personal best by more than two seconds.
  His previous best was 1:55.07 which he did at the Kuching Malaysia Games for bronze.
  Asif Rahman clocked 1:53.71 for silver while Kesavan, who featured in the Singapore Sea Games last year, only managed 1:53.86 for bronze.
MEN -- 800m: 1 Raymond Yew 1:52.85, 2 Asif Rahman Jiyadeen 1:53.71, 3 M. Kesavan 1:53.86.
  5,000m: 1 K. Prabudass 15:24.64, 2 R. Thevan 15:26.73, 3 G. Sivaneshbaran 16:05.96.
  110m hurdles: 1 Atyouha Yaqqub (Kuwait) 13.83 (meet record), 2 Rayzham Wan Sofian 14.07, 3 Rizzua Haizad 14.44.
  3,000m steeplechase: 1 Ahmad Luth Hamizan 9:47.07, 2 Royson Vincent 9:52.98, 3 Amirul Hakim Johari 10:11.82.
  4x100m: 1 Malacca 40.57, 2 Kuwait 41.38, 3 Brunei 41.44.
  Decathlon: 1 Alzied Majed (Kuwait) 6,836 points, 2 Suttisak Singkon (Thai) 6,699 pts, 3 Luqman Zuki 6,097.
  Discus: 1 Zankabi Eisa (Kuwait) 56.09m, 2 Abdul Rahman Lee 43.83m, 3 Hafi Najiy Ali 43.62m.
  Hammer: 1 Jackie Wong Siew Cheer 64.42m, 2 Michael Sia Sung Dak 53.14m, 3 Jhonny Ling Siew Hong 48.38m.
  Pole vault: 1 Porranot Purahong (Thai) 5.10m, 2 Alsbaga Ali (Kuwait) 5.00m, 3 Iskandar Alwi (Joh) 4.80m.

  WOMEN -- 800m: 1 Savinder Kaur 2:13.47, 2 Teoh Kim Chyi 2:21.02, 3 Faradilah Rinzie 2:29.14.
  10,000m walk: 1 Elena Goh Ling Yin 53:41.63, 2 Pua Ling En  54:49.69, 3 Nurul Alya Haziqah 55:37.08.
 100m hurdles: 1 Raja Nursheena 14.40, 2 Suchada Messri (Thai) 14.44, 3 Padtamaban Riyaphan (Thai) 15.13.
  3,000m steeplechase: 1 Salesnella Gabi 12:25.20, 2 Ainur Shafiqah Azmi 12:39.87, 3 Farah Johari 16:13.63.
  4x100m: 1 Armed Forces 45.90, 2 Sabah 49.64, 3 Johor 50.51.
  Discus: 1 Yap Jeng Tzan 46.12m, 2 Chong Kang Ni 44.90m, 3 Queenie Ting Kung Ni 40.00m.
  Hammer: 1 Grace Wong Xiu Mei 55.54m, 2 Panbat Gimsrang (Thai) 55.28m, 3 Nufazira Jalaludin 51.28.
  Long jump: 1 Noor Shahidatun Zuki 5.95m, 2 Nurul Fatimatul Zahira 5.53m, 3 Mahira Hanis Ishak (Joh) 5.33m.

AHL: Tigress collapse after big lead...

THE MALAYSIAN women's hockey team took a 3-1 lead, but were held to a 3-3 draw after a late onslaught by New South Wales in the Australian Hockey League in Perth Saturday.
  Malaysia, called the Tigress, were down 0-1 before Fazilla Sylvester Silin (21st), Siti Noor Amarina (23rd) and Hanis Nadia Onn (30th) gave them a big lead.
  However, they failed to hold onto the lead and shared points instead. The Tigress have lost 3-1 to New Zealand, beat Northern Territories 7-1 for four points after three matches.
  The Malaysian Tigress will have a rest day after three consecutive matches, while the men's teams of Malaysian Tigers and Malaysian Blues will take to the field today.
  RESULT: Women -- Malaysian Tigress 3 New South Wales 3.
  SUNDAY: Men -- Malaysian Tigers v Northern Territories, Malaysian Blues v SA Hotshots.