Sunday, May 20, 2018

Malaysian women narrow gap in Asia

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian women's hockey team finished fourth in the Asian Champions Trophy in Donghae, SOuth Korea, yesterday.
  Coach K. Dharmaraj's charges lost to world No 8 China 2-0 in the bronze battle, but gained much for the future.
  China took the lead in the 14th minute and then when Malaysia were down one player due to a yellow card infringement, they increased the lead in the 53rd minute.
  "There is nothing to be ashamed of but everything to be proud of because we played against World Cup teams in Donghae, except for Japan who did not bring their best," said Dharmaraj.
  Five teams played in Donghae, and only Malaysia were the odd one out as they did not qualify for the World Cup in England on July 21-Aug 5.
  "Considering that we played against teams who are preparing for the World Cup, I believe my charges did not disappoint the nation by finishing fourth.
  "My charges paced China all the way until we were down one player when Amirah (Nur Amirah Shakirah) was flashed the yellow card and satout for five minutes.
  "That is when China took advantage and scored their second goal while we could not go forward to find the equalsier.
  "We have learnt much from this tournament and I believe we will trouble all these teams again in the Asian Games (in Jakarta)," said Dharmaraj.
  The Malaysian women lost narrowly in Donghae and beat Japan 3-2 in the pool. 
  The had lost to India (3-2), South Korea (3-1) and China (3-1) earlier.
   Hosts South Korea beat India 1-0 for the gold medal.