Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Three cheers to the Coaching Committee..


In light of new developments with regards to the issue of the resignation of the National Senior Hockey Coach Paul Revington, the Malaysian Hockey Confederation Coaching Committee would like to thank the Youth & Sports Minister Yang Berhormat En Khairy Jamaluddin for his assistance and effort in convincing Paul Revington to stay on as the national Hockey Coach.

Firstly we wish to remind all parties that the Coaching Committee acted within its jurisdiction as provided for in the Malaysian Hockey Confederation Constitution and had no mala fide in coming up with the decisions made on Saturday.

The Coaching Committee acted within its limitations and on the facts presented, hence the decision to reject the resignation of Revington, appeal to him to stay on and recommend action on the two officials, namely K. Dharmaraj and Lim Chiow Chuan.

In the hindsight the Coaching Committee may have erred with regards to the terminology used, recommend to terminate the two officials, but should have been recommend for action to be initiated against the duo. The coaching Committee may have crossed certain boundaries unknowingly.

Thus the Coaching Committee, taking into consideration the views of Revington, and the initiative by YB En Khairy Jamaluddin, Youth & Sports Minister, to resolve the impasse, will now withdraw any recommendation against Mohd Dharmaraj Abdullah and Lim Chiow Chuan and will leave it to the wisdom of the MHC President HRH Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah to put this matter to rest.

In addition, the Coaching Committee is thankful to YB En Khairy for his hands on approach in convincing Revington to stay as Coach until the World League Semi Final Round 3 and is optimistic that all matters raised by Revington will get resolved as well.

And we reiterate our faith in the ability of Dharmaraj to carry on coaching the National Juniors Team for the Junior World Cup in New Delhi.

Thank You.

For and on behalf of MHC Coaching Committee

Manjit Majid Abdullah
18th June 2013