Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tampin and PJMC capable of providing the sparks


THE fight for third placing between Tampin District and Petaling Jaya
Municipal Council (PJMC) in the MHF-Milo-NSC Junior League hockey at the
Bukit Jalil Stadium today is expected to be just as keen as the final.
PJMC are one of the better teams in the League but inconsistency has
cost them dearly.
They have capable players such as League top scorers Hafiz Hussin, Azrul
Affendy and Samsul Kamal while Tampin's aces are Nishel Kumar, S.
Sarawanan and Azman Shamsuddin.
In the preliminaries, they beat Andersonians 6-1 and Penang Juniors 8-0
only to draw 2-2 with Electrical Switchgear Automation (ESA) of Penang and
1-1 with Sultan Abu Bakar College from Johor and Bukit Jalil Sports
PJMC's Hafiz has scored 17 goals in the League and with one more match
in hand, he looks set to walk away with the top scorer's award.
His closest contenders are Nishel and Old La Sallians of Klang (Olak)
skipper Syayrim Uda Karim with nine goals each.
Syayrim will not play in the final against ESA today due to a one-match
suspension while Nishel will have a mammoth task of scoring nine goals
against PJMC if he wants to topple Hafiz.
"We started the League on a shaky note but the players got their act
together and reached our target of making the semifinals," said Tampin
team manager Jusvir Singh.
"Our president Datuk Dr R.L. Anandan, an active hand behind our
`success', is very pleased with the boys and we have decided to keep the
team intact for the coming year. We will only miss the services of Nishel
and S. Arul Kumar who will be overaged."
Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) Talent Squad player Suhaimi Ibrahim,
suspended for one match by the Tampin Disciplinary Board for not attending
two matches, will play against PJMC and is expected to provide the extra
"Although we lost 5-2 to PJMC in the preliminaries, we have improved
much since and if the boys play their hearts out, third placing will be
good for the record," said Jusvir.
PJMC will find in-form goalkeeper S. Kumar tough to beat. They will also
have to improve on their penalty corners if they want to finish third.
"Although we have one of the best penalty corner conversion percentage
in the League, it is still not good enough. We must improve further," said
PJMC coach Avtar Singh after losing to Olak in the semis.
PJMC: Adzarin Shah, S. Suresh, Ahmad Zanawi, Rozhan Mohamed, Fakhrul
Adabi, Mohamed Faizal, Sharizal Shamsudin, Mohamed Redzuan, Khairul Nizam,
Azrul Affendy, Hafiz Hussin, Azlan Saufi, Chua Boon Huat, Mohamed
Rashidan, Samsul Kamal, Mohamed Zabidi, Azizi Mutalib, Ng Su Khiam, Yaacub
Yusof, Sharizam Mat Zian.
TAMPIN: S. Kumar, Hazazie Hashim, Niza Herme, S. Arul Kumar, Ali Afdah,
Candra Zulkifli, Mohamed Taqrish, Azman Shamsuddin, Hasnor Hafiz, Nishel
Kumar, Suhaimi Ibrahim, S. Saravanan, Mohamed Fairuz, Noreffendy Ramli,
Norazlan Rahim, S. Sethupathi, G. Vijayan, Mohamed Kamarul, Raymond Chee,
Mohamed Faries.
TODAY - 3rd placing: Tampin v PJMC (3.30); Final: Olak v ESA (5.30) -
Bukit Jalil Hockey Stadium.

ESA gain sweet revenge over Olak


ELECTRICAL Switchgear Automation (ESA) turned on the heat in the second
half to win 2-0 and deny League champions Old La Sallians of Klang (Olak)
a double in the MHF-Milo-NSC Junior League hockey final at the Bukit Jalil
Stadium yesterday.
In the earlier match, Tampin District beat Petaling Jaya Municipal
Council (PJMC) 3-2 for third placing at the same venue.
It was sweet revenge for ESA, last year's double champions, as Olak were
the ones who denied them the League title.
The first half was centred around midfield as both teams took the
cautious approach. While Olak had no penalty corners, ESA received six but
four were wasted as Mohamed Danir failed to push the ball more than one
After the breather, ESA threw caution to the wind but in-form Olak
goalkeeper Roslan Jamaluddin stopped them time and again.
In the 36th minute, ESA received their seventh penalty corner and this
time their set-piece worked. K. Keevan Raj took an on-the-turn shot only
to be denied by Roslan.
Olak got back into the match after that but Sukhwinder Singh's shot
missed by inches.
In the 43rd minute, ESA perfected another penalty corner set-piece which
Keeven calmly hammered home.
Olak were a lost side after that and ESA were rewarded for their
persistance in the 58th minute when K. Ganesh made a solo run and sounded
the board.
Man-of-the match K. Logan Raj played a pivotal role in ESA's victory,
running up and down tirelessly to push his teammates to the maximum.
The battle for third placing saw yellow cards flashed at Tampin
goalkeeper S. Kumar and PJMC goalkeeper Sharizam Mat Zian for rough
PJMC went ahead in the 27th minute when a penalty stroke was awarded off
Kumar's yellow card infringment. League topscorer Mohamed Hafiz moved in
to score his 18th goal.
In the 34th minute, Tampin equalised when Noreffendy Ramli scored a
field goal.
After the breather, Sharizam brought down Mohamed Fairz in the
semicircle and a stroke was awarded to Tampin. Nishel Kumar tucked in for
the lead.
In the 51st Noreffendy cracked a penalty corner for his second and
Tampin's third goal.
PJMC's Samsul Kamal pulled one back in the 69th minute but it was too
late to deny Tampin.
"We had numerous chances at goal and could have won by a bigger margin,
but Olak goalkeeper Roslan was a hard man to beat today," said Esa coach
Bob Rajendran.
"I am glad the boys played to instruction, they were simply great."
The defeat did not go down well with Olak assistant team manager Joseph
de Silva. "Too many penalty corners were awarded against us," he said.
RESULTS - Final: ESA 2 Olak 0; 3rd: Tampin District 3 PJMC 2.
ROLL OF HONOUR - Topscorer: Hafiz Hussin (PJMC, 18 goals); Best Player
of the League: Syayrim Uda Karim (Olak); Best Goalkeeper: Roslan
Jamaluddin (Olak); Most Promising Player: Wan Mohamed Zarir (Bukit Jalil
Sports School); Fairplay: Tampin District; Man-of-the-Match: K. Logan Raj

`Poor' teams must prepare from now


ELECTRICAL Switchgear Automation (ESA) of Penang and Old La Sallians of
Klang (Olak) won a title each after the dust settled on the MHF-Milo-NSC
Junior League Hockey on Saturday.
Olak pipped ESA for the League title and the Penang-based ESA exacted
the revenge in the overall title battle. But they were not the only
The League, which kicked off on May 2, can claim top honours for it
achieved its target of being a platform for the betterment of our hockey.
Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) and National Sports Council (NSC) have
selected 27 players for this purpose.
The players were selected to form the national Under-19 squad.
Bukit Jalil Sports School (BJSS), Penang Juniors and third-placed
finisher Tampin District are the other victors.
BJSS, although at the receiving end most of time, have youth on their
side and the Most Promising Player award went to their Wan Mohamed Zarir.
Zarir is one of those selected by MHF and NSC for the national Under-19
Penang Juniors are in the same category as BJSS. They are said to be the
back-up for overall winners ESA while Tampin District have contributed
three players for the Under-19 team.
The disappointment of the League were last year's runnersup Andersonians
who failed to shine, but they deserve credit for putting up a team
although most of their `big names' were pinched by other teams.
And although only 10 teams competed, there were 12 in 1995, the total
prize money was increased from RM54,000 to RM73,000. Teams were also
provided with full hockey attire which reduced their preparation cost by
at least RM7,000.
And the RM500 purse for each win was also introduced.
But sadly, the increase in prize money and the attire subsidy were
announced just before the League kicked-off and most `poorer' teams were
caught off guard and did not have the time to put together a side.
Maybe they can start preparing now for next year.

National athletes not made at universities


UNIVERSITIES are not where national athletes are made, they come from
schools, said Universiti Malaya (UM) director of sports Chua Ah Tok in
Petaling Jaya yesterday.
"We don't produce national athletes, the handful that come our way have
already made their name earlier. We just prepare them further," said Chua.
"It is unfair to compare local university athletes with those in the
United States (US) because we have a different education system.
"Here we need a minimum qualification to make the cut, excelling in
sport alone is not enough to guarantee a seat in university."
In the US, top basketball, American football and baseball players are
given certain privileges so that they can play at university level.
"There is very little time to train and take part in competitions if an
athlete is studying to become an engineer or a doctor, only a few can make
time. People like national hockey player Brian Jayhan Siva are hard to
come by.
"Somehow, he managed to do both at the same time. Most other athletes
stop active participation once they move into their second and third years
when their grades take a dip."
Meanwhile, Malaysia may not send athletes to the World University Games
in August in Sicily Italy.
This is because UM will only get the mandate to run things from
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) this week and this, according to
Chua, leaves them with little time to prepare matters.
UKM are vet to select athletes.

MSSC want more hours for PE class


THE Malaysian Schools Sports Council (MSSC) are pressing for more hours
for Physical Education (PE) in schools.
They have sent in a proposal to Deputy Education Minister Datuk Khalid
Yunus to do away with the present practice of combining PE with the
Kesihatan (health) classroom subject.
"Right now it is called the Pendidikan Jasmani dan Kesihatan (physical
education and health) and the students are required to exercise and play
games one week while the next week it is a classroom subject," said MSSC
director Ahmad Othman.
"This arrangement is not conducive if we want to see schools produce
more good athletes. That is why we want more time for PE and the only way
to do that is to make Kesihatan a subject of its own."
Reactions from PE teachers from various schools, who refused to be
named, appeared to be mixed.
"It is a good move because right now, PE is not taken seriously and more
attention is on the classroom subject since they are tested in the
mid-year examinations," said a teacher in Ampang, Selangor.
"And the week when PE is taught, many students don't even bring shorts
and T-shirts to play games. If it is a separate subject, more attention
can be devoted to arrest this problem.
"Although extra-curricular activities are carried out in the evenings
only a handful turn up because most have to attend tuition classes while
some students live too far away to make the return journey.
"Only those who are really keen bother to return to school in the
evenings and practice for inter-schools and inter-district sports
"If we have more time during school, I believe there will be a bigger
pool of athletes to select from."
A PE teacher in Petaling Jaya thinks it is a bad move.
"As it is, the time-table is quite congested. I don't think there is
enough time or experienced teachers to go around if PE and health are
separated," she said.
The 39th Malaysian Schools Sports Council (MSSC) athletic meet will be
held on July 19-22 in Kangar, Perlis.
This means the local meet, which was to have served as a selection
platform for the Asean Schools Athletics Championships in Penang on July
7-11, will be held after the Asean meet and MSSM have had to conduct
special selections for Penang.
"We had to resort to this because of the World Youth Cup Finals," said
MSSC director Ahmad Othman.
"Although the normal practice is that athletes who excel in the local
meets are selected for the Asean meet we had to resort to special
selections because the Utama Stadium Kangar was picked to host the first
round of the Cup."
Kangar hosted the Group E matches which involved Argentina, Hungary,
Australia and Canada.
Meanwhile, Perlis assistant director of education Sulaiman Ismail said
yesterday that there will be changes in the MSSC athletics meet this year.
"We have decided to do away with the Under-16 and Under-20 categories
and replaced them with the Under-15 and the Under-18 instead," said