Sunday, June 22, 2008

Argentina 2 Australia 1!


Team-mates congratulate Matias Paredes (middle) upon scoring the equaliser against Germany.
After a 2-2 draw with World No 1 Germany, Argentina scalp Australia. Pity they did not make it to the Beijing Olympics, but that is a different strory.
Argentina also lifted the 2008 Azlan Shah crown.
Argentina 2 (L. Vila 8, Argento 15) Australia 1 (Kavanagh 24).

The two teams started off as even opponents, neither going for full press at the beginning, but Argentina soon dared the Kookaburras, winning a penalty corner that Lucas Vila made good use of with a powerful drive into the right side of the goal.

Australia responded with increasing pressure, and the match turned into a fast-paced end-to-end game. The Kookaburras found it hard to create chances however, with Argentina absorbing the pressure well and putting forward a great performance in defense.

The white-and-blue even ended up upping the ante with a second goal as Tomas Argento slapped the rebound off a Lucas Rey shot into the net.
Two down now, Australia continued to increase the pressure, and got on the scoreboard with a beautiful goal when Fergus Kavanagh deflected a great drive into the circle from Desmond Abbott, but could not get any closer.
Throughout the second half, both teams played great hockey in this match that was certainly the best in this tournament so far.

Australia was closer to scoring but Argentina played cleverly and showed world class skills, denying the Olympic champions on a couple of great opportunities, including a cracking short corner flick from Luke Doerner that hit the post.
With more than two minutes to go, Australia even took their goalkeeper off the field, opting to play with 11 field players, but it was to no avail: Argentina held the score over time, winning the match thanks to their two goals early in the match. Argentina are beginning to emerge as serious contenders in this tournament, while today's dropped points may well end up seriously hurting Australia's bid for the final. Australia will be disappointed after having the better part of possession in the second half, especially given that after scoring five in their opener, they struggled with their finishing.

Aussies break free

Eli Matheson of Australia celebrates scoring in his Champions Trophy debut
AUSTRALIA sailed past Korea, the Netherlands booked three points with a great performance against Spain, and Argentina were held by World Champions and Champions Trophy title holders Germany to a draw.
Australia 5 Korea 3 (2:1)
AUS: Eli Matheson FG 4m, David Guest PC 24m, Jamie Dwyer FG 38m, Andrew Smith FG 40m, Liam de Young FG 49m.
KOR: Woon Kon Yeo FG 28m, Jong Hyun Jang PC 47m, Nam Yong Lee FG 58m.
Germany 2 Argentina 2 (1:1)
GER: Florian Keller PC 6m, Timo Wess PC 69m.
ARG: Matias Paredes FG 25m, Rodrigo Vila FG 55m.
Netherlands 3 Spain 1 (2:0)
NED: Teun de Nooijer FG 10m, Ronald Brouwer FG 19m, Laurence Docherty FG 53m
ESP: Xavi Ribas PC 61m.