Thursday, April 29, 2010

Malaysia v Ireland in pictures

FIH Pictures: Santiago, Women's hockey world cup qualifier.

Malaysia beat Ireland 3-0


IN A a very hot afternoon in Santiago, Malaysia defeated Ireland to earn their first win in this BDO World Qualifier.
From the very beginning of the match, Malaysia imposed a fast pace attack with long passes to their forwards who kept the Irish defense on their toes.
Ireland, in their quest to compete with Malaysia transitioned fast from defense trying to create attacks specially with their and most experienced player, Eimear CREGAN.
In the first half, both teams battled hard to control the game. However, Malaysia was more successful at circle penetrations and creating Penalty Corners.
In the second half of the game Malaysia become stronger, an excellent left side approach by Juliani MOHAMAD DIN created their fifth Penalty Corner of the game where Norbaini HASHIM opened the score board for Malaysia. Malaysia continues to dominate with hard long passes to forwards Norazlin SUMANTRI, Fazilla; SYLVESTER SILIN and Siti Noor Amarina RUHANI as target.
It was only four minutes later, that Rabiatul Adawiyah MOHAMED score Malaysia´s second goal.
Umpires Stella BARTLEMA from Nederland’s and Michelle JOUBERT from South Africa were full of activity in this back to back game that finished with a 3:0 to Malaysia with Norazlin SUMANTRI’s last goal.
Ireland tried to recover. However, their passes were not as effective and their receptions were ill-timed, putting them into constant pressure by the Malaysia’s Team. Even the Irish Goalkeeper, Mary GOODE made good saves today, it was not enough to manage against Malaysia’s forceful attitude.

Malaysia v Chile in pictures

Women's Hockey BDO World Cup Qualifier, Santiago

Photos (c) FIH Lorne Cowley

Malaysian coach Yahya Atan (second from left).
Malaysian coach Yahya Atan.

Malaysia lose out to Chile


Malaysia 0 Chile 1

THE match was played in a much colder weather, Malaysia who is just recovering from jet lag displayed great determination right from the start of the game. However, the local team Chile supported by many school age children and Hockey enthusiasts responded well to the task.
In the first half Malaysia was stronger than Chile, beating Chilean players to the ball and covering the field more efficiently. They earned the only Penalty Corner of the first half and had more circle entries and shots on goals than Chile. Malaysia had two clear opportunities to score in the first half, one after an excellent pass by Siti Noor Amarina RUHANI who from the right side of the field gave a long pass into the circle to Nor Hidayah AHMAD, who deflected the ball to her teammate Norazlin SUMANTRI who just missed the pass.
The Chilean National Head Coach Diego AMOROSO was losing his temper and his players displayed similar behavior, Malaysia tried to used this to their advantage by imposing stronger attacking pace that did not capitalized in any success.
In the 2nd half, a much better organized Chilean team enter the field of play. It seems that Chilean National Head Coach Diego AMOROSO modified the team's strategy to counter the Malaysians long drive attacks.
The “Diablitas” (Chileans) started pressuring high forcing Malaysia to hurry their passes creating turn overs. The 17 years old, Manuela URROZ, found herself alone with goalkeeper Farah Ayuni YAHYA after Catherine LAMBOR had lost possession of the ball when pressured by Chilean forwards, but her shot brushed off the left post.
The Chilean kept the Malaysian on their heels with long drives of their own. Fifteen minutes into the second half, Chile had 3 penalty corners in a row all 3 were well defended by Malaysia's defense unit, it was only last one that Chile had a direct shot on net with Fernanda RODRIGUEZ trying a reverse shot from the left side of the circle.
With 13 minutes to go, from a side-in deep in her zone, Chilean Andrea SANCHEZ went for a long drive into the offensive zone where Carolina VARAS awaited, she moved pass to Malaysia's last defender Norfaraha HASHIM, and when aggressively challenged by goalkeeper Farah Ayuni YAHYA, umpire Wendy STEWART called a Penalty Stroke in favor to Chile. Javiera VILLAGRA captain of Chilean Team was responsible to give Chile their first goal of the tournament and the lead in this match.
Malaysia perhaps feeling the impact of the long 30 hours traveling and not much time to familiarize themselves to Santiago, showed great willingness to counter attack. The game could have being for any team as a strong play by right wing Norbaini HASHIM just missed an excellent opportunity to score only minutes to the end of the game.
With 7 minutes left in the game, Javiera VILLAGRA went for a back tackle on Siti Noor Amarina RUHANI and was sent off leaving her team short-handed for 5 minutes. With less than 2 minutes on the clock, Siti Rahmah OTHMAN went one on one against Claudia SCHULER, Chilean goalkeeper, only to hit the left post with a drive from inside the area.
Chile marches away with 3 important points after losing to Australia 5-0 on Saturday. The Chilean Team will have 4 day off before heading to the pitch on Saturday at 12pm to face Ireland.