Monday, February 6, 2017

Top teams invited for Seventh SOJC...

JOHOR Hockey Association (JHA) have invited top junior sides for the Seventh Edition of the Sultan of Johor Cup to be held on Oct 22-29.
  A star studded field of Argentina, Great Britain, Germany, India and Australia have been contacted to play at the Taman Daya Stadium against the hosts.
  "We are extending invites to these teams as they had expressed interest in participating this year," said JHA Deputy President Datuk Manjit Majid Abdullah.
  "These are top junior teams and it will help boost the image of the tournament. We have also received interest from a few other countries and will keep our options open and invite them should any of these five decline."
  Among the countries on the reserve list are New Zealand, Japan, Pakistan and Egypt.
  Manjit said that they were also looking at other teams like South Africa, Spain or Belgium for the tournament.
  Should India accept the invite, they will be making a return after a years absence.
  Australia are the defending champions and Malaysia as well as Great Britain have emerged as champions before.

MHC: No news from FIH yet...

THE Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) called Premier Division managers for a meeting yesterday to prepare for 'all-weather' leading to the World League Round Two.
  After Canada withdrew for the Dhaka, Bangladesh, World League Round Two recently there is a possibility that Malaysia might move from their initial venue in Trinidad and Tobago to Bangladesh.
  But the MHC are still tight-lipped about any changes in venues.
  "No we have not received any news from the FIH (International Hockey Federation) on a change of venue. This meeting was called to request for national players in the Premier Division to attend training every Mondays.
 "The teams agreed, and there were no further issues," said MHC CEO K. Logan Raj.
  National men's coach Stephen van Huizen also said he does not know about any change in venue, and is just preparing for the World League.
  "I have no news about the change in venue for the tournament, and in fact even my players have asked me the same question but I could not answer their queries.
  "The only difference between both the venues is the travelling time of about 30 hours to Trinidad and Tobago while its about four hours to Dhaka.
  "Also, in Trinidad and Tobago, we are grouped with European and Caribbean sides while in Dhaka it will be basically Asian teams," said van Huizen.
  However, the hasty meeting might be to prepare a team early for Dhaka as the tournament dates would become closer if there is a change in venue.
  Malaysia are slated to play their WL in Trinidad and Tobago on March 25-April 2.
  But if they replace Canada, Malaysia will play in Dhaka on March 4-12.
  The Malaysia Hockey League Premier Division matches end on Feb 26, and the Dhaka tournament is just a week after that.
  In a news report, Bangladesh Hockey Federation secretary general Abdus Sadeque said: "It is very sad that Canada have withdrawn from the tournament on security grounds, which we learnt on Monday through the FIH (International Hockey Federation).” 
   In Dhaka Canada were in Group A with Fiji, Oman and Bangladesh, while in Group B are China, Egypt, Ghana and Sri Lanka.
  While in Trinidad and Tobago Malaysia are in Group A with Barbados, US and Chile. In Group B are Japan, Switzerland, Russia and the hosts.