Monday, March 20, 2017

National U16: Inka leads Sabah charge

Pic: Inka Shafika Juani 

SABAH Girls' mauled Sarawak 10-0, with Inka Shafika Juani helping herself to a hat-trick in the National Under-16 tournament in Jalan Pantai Sunday.
  Sabah, who beat Kedah 5-0 on Saturday, will face a sterner test in the next two matches against defending champions Selangor and Kelantan.
  The 10 were scored by  Cyra Cynthia Anis (fourth, 42nd), Sufiamira Basri (30th), Inka Shafika Juani (35th, 37th, 55th), Kersimah Kauran (48th), Melanie Juim (51st) and Flovenia Silverius (52nd, 57th).
  Team manager Ibrisam Nadzri said: "We have been in full training for three weeks before arriving here but both the early matchs do not indicate our true strength. We face tougher opponents in Selangor and Kelantan, and that will be our real tests."
  Selangor Girls' also won both the matches to date by hammering Kelantan 7-0 and Kedah 4-1.
  RESULTS: Boys' Group A -- Kedah 0 Penang 2, Terengganu 0 Johor 2; Group B: Sarawak 2 Perak 5, Selangor 1 Malacca 3; Group C: Kuala Lumpur 2 Kelantan 3, Sabah 2 Pahang 1.
  GIRLS' Group A: Sarawak 0 Sabah 10, Selangor 4 Kedah 1; Group B: Penang 0 Pahang 0, Negri 3 Terengganu 0.
  MONDAY -- Boys' Group A: Negri v Johor (KPM, 5pm), Kedah v Terengganu (KLHA, 5pm); Group B: Perlis v Malacca (KPM, 7pm), Sarawak v Selangor (KLHA, 7pm); Group C: Kelantan v Pahang (KPM, 3pm), Kuala Lumpur v Sabah (KLHA, 3pm).
  Girls' Group A: Kelantan v Kedah (KPM, 7.30am), Sarawak v Selangor (KLHA, 7.30am); Group C: Kuala Lumpur v Malacca (KPM, 9.15am), Johor v Perak (KLHA, 9.15am).
  Note: All matches at Jalan Pantai, Kuala Lumpur.