Friday, October 24, 2008

Tengku Abdullah looks good

AT high noon today, a strong wind of change is expected to sweep away Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) president Tan Sri Admiral (rtd) Anwar Mohd Nor and his deputy Tunku Majid Sultan Iskandar when nominations close for the Nov 1 elections.
Police HA, Penang HA, Pahang HA Malacca HA and many more states have held their council meetings, and their unanimous choice to helm MHF is Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad.
“We held our council meeting on Thursday, and have nominated Tengku Abdullah for the president’s post, while Datuk Dr S.S. Cheema for the deputy president’s.
“We believe there is a need for chance at the top to revive hockey and we hope our sentiments are shared by other states,” said Police HA president DSP Mohinder Singh, a former national skipper.
And it is strongly believed that Tengku Abdullah’s home state Pahang, have also received instructions to nominate him for president.
In Penang, the state HA also confirmed that they have nominated Tengku Abdullah.
Penang HA secretary, Ranjit Singh, said: “We are confident that with Tengku Abdullah’s vast experience in sports ad ministration, the Pahang Prince is the most capable person for the top post.
Penang, however, have nominated Malacca HA deputy president and two-term MHF vice president Nur Azmi Ah mad for the deputy president’s post.
“We see a good team in Tengku Abdullah and Nur Azmi to steer hockey out of its present state.
“This decision was arrived at after a through discussion and also taking the present scenario into consideration,” said Ranjit.
And Nur Azmi also confirmed that Malacca HA have nominated Tengku Abdullah.
“We believe Tengku Abdullah is the best person, and hockey needs to be saved, as it is now or never,” said Nur Azmi.
And at an early count, the states favour incumbent vice- president’s Dr Cheema, Datuk Seri Che Khalib Mohamad Noh and Datuk Abdul Rahim Ariff.
Some of the other names for veep that have cropped up are Ken Pereira, former international Poon Fook Loke and Negri HA vice president M. Gopinathan.
As for the secretary and treasurer, the tide still favours incumbents Sgt Hashim Yusoff and S. Sanjilatheeban.
At noon today, the full list of nominations will be released by the MHF.