Friday, August 17, 2012

Baljit moves to UniKL

ONE of the best defenders in the world, Baljit Singh, will  leave Tenaga Nasional and join UniKL for the Malaysia  Hockey League starting on Sept 1.
    Baljit made his senior international debut for Malaysia in  the 2007 Azlan Shah Cup, and has 134 caps to his name to  date.
     “There is a feeling of sadness leaving Tenaga but I needed  a change in my career and that’s why I decided to join UniKL  this season.
    “I thank Tenaga for giving me a chance to represent and  also work for them but there comes a time when tough  decisions need to be made and I felt the timing is important  both in terms of career my game,” said Baljit.
    An Andersonian, he represented the Ipoh school in the  2002/2003 Junior Hockey League and then joined Tenaga in  2004 and helped them to three overall titles in the MHL, in  2004, 2007 and 2009.
   And it was the 2009 MHL that Baljit fondly remembers: “It  was then that we won the overall title and I was named as the  best player of the tournament.”
   Baljit had wanted to move to UniKL last season, but a  counter offer by his employers Tenaga Nasional Berhad  stopped the move.
    “Playing for UniKL offers me a new challenge as they are a  young team and I will have to guide youngsters in defence.  But I take it as a challenge.”
    He will play the role of sweeper for UniKL in the coming  MHL, something that this lanky defender is accustomed to as  he has often been called upon to double up in that role in the  national team.
      "I look forward to a good outing and though it is a short  league, there will be quality matches each week. I aim to do  my part to help UniKL make the semis and take it from there,"  said Baljit.
     When asked about his feeling about playing his former club  Tenaga: “I now don UniKL colours and will give my all to  ensure they win matches, be it against Tenaga or any other  opponent in the MHL.”