Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Defensive frailties are a learning curve ...

THE Project 2013 team let in a massive 23 goals in four matches against the Australian Juniors, and the team management attributed it towards a 'learning curve'.
The juniors are on a playing tour of Australia and New Zealand to prepare for the Junior Asia Cup in Malacca next May, which also serves as a World Cup Qualifier.
Project 2013 lost their first match 9-1, second match 2-1, then drew 5-5 before being whipped again 7-2 in the final friendly.
Yes, the defence did let in a massive number of goals, but we are on a playing tour and should take it as a learning curve.
"The first match turned into a difficult one because we arrived at 2.30am and after training at 9am, we played the match at 3pm and the boys were heavy footed," said team manager K. Gobinathan.
They subsequently played better in the 2-1 defeat and 5-5 draw but collapsed in the last game.
"We are fielding Under-18 players, while the Australian side is made up of Under-23 players so the maturity gap was there.
"We will play another match against a senior league side, which has many national players, and after that the team will travel to New Zealand," said Gobinathan.