Sunday, July 23, 2017

Matador's inaugural success...

MATADOR Hockey Club, coached by former national skipper and national coach Sarjit Singh, held their inaugural tournament at the Tun Razak Stadium on Saturday.
  It was a unique tournament as 'oldies', youth and children combined to make it a fun-filled learning experience.
  Six teams, named by the colours they wore, took part in the tournament with unique rules as well. Those under the age of 15, get two goals for the one they score.
  All teams had their equal share of oldies, youth and children and it was a learning curve for many who were as young as nine-years old.
  Children played on a full pitch, and were guided by the more experienced players, some with Olympic experiences like Maninderjit Singh.
  In the end, Team Yellow became champions by only letting in only one goal in seven matches.
  But like Matador Club president Datuk Harban Singh said at the end of the tournament: "Today, everybody is a winner and there are no losers. We plan to have another tournament in seven weeks time, and I believe in the long run it will benefit our youth."
  The team pictures speak for themselves... 
 NOTE: There were four goalkeepers who rotated for the six teams. Super effort by all four to play back-to-back for different teams.

 YELLOW .. Champions pose before the tournament
 WHITE... Had the most number of U15 players. 7 in total.
 BLUE.. with evergreen Tut-Tut
 YOUNGEST... Girl power
 RED ... And dangerous
 RUNNERS-UP.. Incredible Hulks
 CHAMPIONS .. Yellow power
 All in the family..

SELFIE Le Le Re...