Friday, October 5, 2007

Sapura at the top


SAPURA topped the Malaysia Hockey League (MHL) standings going into a
five-week break when they beat Royal Malaysian Customs 4-2 at the
Pandamaran Stadium in Klang yesterday.
At the Kuala Lumpur HA Stadium, Ernst & Young blew their chance of going
top when they played to a 1-1 draw against Bank Simpanan Nasional.
During the break, the national players in the MHL will return to
centralised training to prepare for the Champions Challenge in South
Africa from July 19-27.
When the league resumes on Aug 1, the title will likely be a toss among
four teams.
Sapura scored four early goals off Kang Keon Wook (12th), S. Kuhan
(26th, 39th) and Fakhrulrazi Ibrahim (27th).
Customs came back strongly in the second half but could only score two
goals from Ranjit Singh (57th) and Faried Abdullah (67th).
Ernst & Young found the going tough against BSN after Syed Imran Ali
scored his first penalty corner in the 35th minute.
Len Aiyappa came to their rescue with a well placed 59th minute penalty
corner to share the spoils.
"BSN packed their defence and it became increasingly difficult for us to
play because we needed a win to keep a top-three finish in sight.
"And after BSN got their goal, my men were under tremendous pressure but
still managed to equalise," said Ernst & Young coach K. Dharmaraj.
o AT the Azlan Shah Stadium, Johor Baru City Council (JBCC) made it
worth their trip when they beat Dolphins 2-0, reports R.G RAJ.
With the win JBCC, who had edged Ipoh City Council 1-0 on Friday at the
same venue, moved a few rungs up the table after occupying the bottom
place since the start of the MHL. The Dolphins are now submerged at the
With the two teams evenly matched they ended in a scoreless deadlock at
half time. But the visitors were more fortunate in the second half with
their aggressive approach.
Their efforts were rewarded in the 45th minute when Razalee Yahaya
sounded the board off a penalty corner with goalkeeper Abdul Rahman Johari
Spurred by the goal JBCC continue to press the Dolphin's goal area and
found the second goal also from a penalty corner through Nor Affazly
Dolphins tried to make a comeback but to no avail, despite the three
penalty corners they forced during the closing stages.
Results: Ernst & Young 1 BSN 2, Customs 2 Sapura 4, Navy Dolphins 0
Johor Baru MC 2, Ipoh City Hall 3 Srii Aroma 1.

Maybank go down fighting


MAYBANK went down fighting to Ernst & Young in a Malaysia Hockey League
(MHL) match at the Kuala Lumpur HA Stadium yesterday.
With the defeat Tenaga, who hammered Navy Dolphins 14-0 earlier, are now
top of the standings with 19 points, while Maybank also have 19 but with
an inferior goal difference.
Maybank showed that fitness and determination can do wonders, as the
Lions, an average side, were never expected to be in the position they are
in today.
But for the Maybank defenders losing their cool yesterday, the match
could have easily been theirs.
Maybank were stunned in the seventh minute when Ernst & Young received
their first penalty corner but instead of utilising their ace Len Aiyappa,
a set-piece was hatched and Chua Boon Huat got his name on the scoreboard.
But Maybank never gave up and off a speedy counter attack eight minutes
later, they won a penalty corner and K. Gobinathan smashed in the
The match turned robust after that and Ernst & Young's Lee Sien Lam was
flashed the yellow card by unmpire Ravinderpal Singh after he collided
with Suhaimi Ibrahim in the semi-circle.
Maybank failed to take advantage of their numerical advantage as Ernst &
Young defender Maninderjit Singh was a pillar in his circle.
Lee, back from the sin-bin for just a few minutes, was yellow-carded
again for robust play - which means he will miss the next match against
Bank Simpanan Nasional today.
In the second half, tension heightened among the players and Ernst &
Young received a penalty stroke in the 43rd minute which was converted by
Amin Rahim for the three points.
Tenaga Nasional hammered the daylights out of Navy Dolphins at the same
venue earlier when they romped home 14-0.
Tenaga scored an average of one goal every five minutes after the
floodgates were opened by Azlan Misron in the first minute.
The other Tenaga goalscorers were Tajol Rosli (fourth, 56th), M.
Kaliswaran (fifth, 13th), Fairuz Ramli (14th, 18th), Syayrim Uda Karim
(35th), S. Selvaraju (42nd), Nor Saiful Zaini (49th, 66th), S. Saravanan
(55th, 58th), Nor Azaln Bakar (68th).
* AT the Pandaraman Stadium in Klang, Pahang Sports Council and Royal
Malay Regiment played to a 2-2 draw.
RMR took a two-goal lead off their Hong Kong import Arif Ali in the
second and 17th minutes, but Pahang snatched a draw with second-half goals
from Zulkifli Abdullah (57th) and Norzaiful Rizal (59th).
Today: Navy Dolphins v Johor Baru Municipal Council (Azlan Shah Stadium,
5.15pm); Customs v Sapura (Pandamaran Stadium, 5.15pm); Ipoh City Hall v
Srii Aroma (Azlan Shah Stadium, 8pm); Ernst & Young v Bank Simpanan
Nasional (KLHA stadium, 5.15pm).

Ernst & Young......2 Maybank ........1
Pahang SC..........2 RMR ............2
Tenaga ...........14 Navy Dolphins...0

Maybank in thriller


MIGHTY Sapura, trailing by two goals at the break to Malaysia Hockey
League (MHL) leaders Maybank, came back strongly to earn a draw at the Tun
Razak Stadium yesterday.
Maybank were enjoying a two-goal advantage when Mohamed Hanafi Hassan
scored a field goal in the 16th minute and K. Gobinathan a penalty corner
in the 33rd minute.
The match loked like it was headed the way of the Lions, but Sapura came
back in the second half with a Nishel Kumar double in the 43rd and 58th
minutes to save their day.
* AT the KLHA Stadium, Tenaga Nasional squandered at least 15 goal
scoring chances but still beat Srii Aroma of Penang 6-1.
Tajol Rosli scored Tenaga's first in the second minute with a superb
reverse stick shot and it looked like Srii Aroma were in for a hiding.
But Srii Aroma, who adopted a dangerous open game the entire match, were
spared the drubbing as Tenaga forwards blew their chances as the ball
whizzed left and right, but rarely at goal.
Noor Saiful Zaini (11th, 39th), Tajol (19th), M. Kaliswaran (23rd),
Syayrim Uda Karim (70th) sealed the match while L. Pragas (63rd) scored
for Srii Aroma.
"My players forgot how to score today (yesterday). Nothing went right. I
have no words to describe the match," said Tenaga coach K. Rajan.
* AT the Azlan Shah Stadium in Ipoh, Johor Baru City Council (JBCC)
scored their first win after six matches when they edged Ipoh City Council
1-0, reports R.G. RAJ.
JBCC's hero was Eszreeb Abdul Aziz who scored the winner four minutes
into the second half admist thunder and heavy rain.
JBCC, who lost 4-2 to Bank Simpanan Nasional on Thursday at the Tun
Razak Stadium in Kuala Lumpur, looked tired after the long trip to Ipoh
but took their chances well to make it an even contest. They even forced
three penalty corners against five by the hosts.
Ipoh City Council had a slight with forwards Fazreen Eksan Kulub Wahab
and P. Premkumaran taking turns to test goalkeeper Zahri Limat but to no
JBCC came charging back in the second half and stunned the home team in
the 39th minute when Eszreeb paced himself well to meet a long cross from
Khairil Hisham Che Kolek and beat goalkeeper Kezuan Ghazali.
* At the Tun Razak Stadium, Bank Simpanan Nasional sank deeper into the
mire when they lost 1-4 to Royal Malaysian Customs after taking the lead.
The Customs goalscorers were Adrian Richard Doss (32nd, 52nd), Ikmal
Abdul Jabar (33rd) and K. Manoraj (52nd). The BSN goal was scored by Syed
Imran Ali in the 23rd minute.
Today: Pahang Sports Council v Royal Malay Regiment (Pandamaran Stadium,
5.15pm); Tenaga Nasional v Navy Dolphins (KLHA Stadium, 6pm); Ernst &
Young v Maybank (KLHA Stadium, 8pm).
Tomorrow: Navy Dolphins v Johor Baru Municipal Council (Azlan Shah
Stadium, 5.15pm); Customs v Sapura (Pandamaran Stadium, 5.15pm); Ipoh City
Hall v Srii Aroma (Azlan Shah Stadium, 8pm); Ernst & Young v Bank Simpanan
Nasional (KLHA stadium, 5.15pm).

Ipoh City Hall .... 0 Johor Baru MC ........1
Tenaga .............6 Srii Aroma ...........1
BSN ................1 Customs ..............4
Maybank ............2 Sapura ...............2

NSC snubs academy


THE Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) academy delegation received a cold
shoulder from National Sports Council (NSC) director general Datuk Mazlan
Ahmad yesterday.
Led by MHF deputy president Tan Sri P. Alagandra and vice-president Dr
S.S. Cheema, they went back looking dejected as their plans went out the
window because, according to Mazlan, it was not feasible.
MHF secretary S. Satgunam said Mazlan was not receptive to the idea,
contrary to what they have been reading in the press.
"We went to see Mazlan today (yesterday) with the academy propoasl but
he was not receptive to the idea. He said it was similar to the other
sports academy proposals and will not get off the ground.
"But he gave us the green light to use the Tun Razak Stadium to develop
hockey," said Satgunam.
The academy proposal was to train and coach young, talented players in
modern hockey techniques while at the same time rejuvenate the game at a
grassroots level.
Mazlan was of the opinion that since hockey is already being developed
at the Bukit Jalil and Bandar Penawar Sports Schools, as well as the
centres of excellences nationwide, the academy will only be a waste of
"We cannot go ahead with the academy plans without backing from NSC. So
we will put in another proposal to renovate the Tun Razak Stadium and use
it as our centre of excellence," said Satgunam.
MHF selected 70 players after the Malaysia Schols Sports Council
tournament in Kuantan recently, but it looks like they will have to scrap
their idea of placing the boys in the academy.
The MHF is partly to be blamed for the proposal being thrown out the
window, because despite coming up with an elaborate plan in March to set
up the country's first hockey academy, they placed the idea in cold
storage and kept the NSC waiting.
Mazlan was to meet up with the MHF top brass to discuss the setting up
of the academy but the first meeting was called off by MHF.
The idea of an academy was mooted by Terry Walsh when he was the
national coach, but it failed to get off the ground. The idea was tossed
around in 2000 but it failed to gather momentum, however, the MHF
Technical and Development Commit-tee, chaired by Cheema, tried to make a
concerted effort to get it off the ground, but it looks like it has been
buried for good.

Tough weekend for Maybank


MALAYSIA Hockey League (MHL) leaders Maybank are in for a tough weekend
with back-to-back matches against powerhouses Sapura and Ernst & Young.
And with national skipper S. Kuhan available for Sapura, the Lions will
hard pressed to maintain their winning streak.
Kuhan, who received his second yellow card in the match against Dolphins
on June 13, has been spared by the MHL Technical Committee.
"The MHL Technical Committee met yesterday and decided that Sapura had
valid reason to appeal the yellow card incident and we have taken away
four demerit points off his record. He (Kuhan) can play this weekend,"
said Malaysian Hockey Federation secretary S. Satgunam.
But Navy Dolphins' Zulkarnain Embi and Pahang Sports Council manager
Mohamed Yazid were not so lucky, as both were banned for the remainder of
the MHL.
"Zulkarnain received a red card in the match against Ipoh City Hall and
the Technical Committee found that his actions were serious enough for him
to be banned for the remainder of the MHL.
"In Yazid's case the Technical Official, during the Pahang-Sapura match,
had handed him a written warning to behave, but he tore the note and threw
it away. We have banned him from sitting on the bench for the remainder of
the MHL," said Satgunam.
Controversies aside, the MHL is slowly picking up momentum and it looks
like the League title will be a two-horse race between Sapura and Tenaga.
No disrespect to Maybank who have shown great determination and fighting
spirit, but they lack the firepower to beat either Sapura or Ernst &
Tenaga Nasional have the best chance of topping the table this week with
easy matches against Srii Aroma and Navy Dolphins.
"We will have to go for goals in both the matches because Sapura have
scored 41," said Tenaga coach K. Rajan.
And now that Rajan has discovered an unpolished gem in Norazlan Bakar,
it will be easier for Tenaga to pile-up their goal tally in case the title
race is decided on goals.
"Norazlan scored two penalty corner goals against Customs last week and
shocked everyone with the power and accuracy of his flicks. He is not a
drag flicker, but his confidence is growing and he can be coached to
become an asset," said Rajan.

Sarjit to feel heat in Poland


NATIONAL juniors coach Sarjit Singh is in for a baptism of fire in Poznan,
Poland when his charges attempt to defend the Under-21 World Youth
Festival title on Aug 18-23.
The Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) yesterday named 30 players for
training to defend the title Malaysia won when they beat Germany 2-1 in
the final.
Eight other juniors - Azlan Misron, Riduan Nasir, Ismail Abu, Megat
Azrafiq, Sallehin Ghani, Hanafi Hassan, P. Prabakharan and Jivan Mohan -
will train with the seniors.
Three Sikhs were also named to the squad to fill the vacuum left by
former national stalwart Maninderjit Singh. Defenders Baljit Singh Charun
Singh (Anderson), Baljit Singh Sarjab Sigh (Malaysia Sports School) and
striker Kelvinder Singh (Tenaga Nasional) are proven hands in the Junior
Hockey League.
The juniors will start their camp on June 23.
Sarjit, who led the national side to fourth place in the Junior World
Cup in 1982 will be with the team until the 2005 Junior World Cup.
Goalkeepers: Firdaus Razali, Hanafi Hasssan, Ahmad Bazli Razali, Fitri
Abdul Aziz.
Defenders: Wan Asyrizal Wan Mustpha, Engku Abdul Malik, Bubalan
Sandrakasi, Baljit Singh Charun Singh, Baljit Singh Sarjab Sigh, Razi Is-
Midfield: Sufian Mohamad, Fikri Basar, Razie Rahim, Fauzi Rahim,An-war
Ali, Abbas Nekmat, S. Mahendran, Fakhrulrazi Baharuddin, Ahmad Anuar Sham,
P. Mahendran.
Forwards: Fairus Hamsani, Izwan Hassan, Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin, Azli
Misron, Selvaraju Sandrakasi, Fazreen Ehsan Kulub, Hafifi Hafiz Hanafi,
Ikmal Jabbar, Hoesni Rahmat, Kelvinder Singh, Shahrun Nabil.

Maybank walk into quarters


MAYBANK became the first team to qualify for the Malaysia Hockey League
quarter-finals when they shut out overall defending champions Bank
Simpanan Nasional 4-2 at the Tun Razak Stadium yesterday.
Maybank, after six straight wins, were at their best yesterday and
capitalised on the seven penalty corners they received to send BSN
BSN scored first off a Syed Imran Ali penalty corner in the second
minute but K. Gobinathan equalised off a 20th minute penalty corner and
the match looked like it could go either way.
Maybank turned up the heat, and Gobinathan was on target again in the
24th minute but four minutes later, Syed Imran levelled the score off his
second penalty corner.
After the break, BSN went into a defensive shell, and Maybank punished
them with a soft goal from Suhairi Saidi in the 47th minute. Hairul Nizam
sealed the match with a 59th minute penalty corner.
"This was a crucial win for us because the five previous matches were
against weaker teams. And after this, I expect the battle to be uphill
because we will be up against the big guns of the MHL," said Maybank coach
Wallace Tan.
"Today (yesterday) was certainly a turning point for the team because
every department clicked well. They have certainly improved since the
first match," said Wallace.
BSN coach C. Paramalingam said that now that the League title has been
thrown out the window, they will start planning to defend their overall
"It is over for us (League title hopes), now I will have to work to
improve my 25-yard line to defend our Overall crown," said Paramalingam.
* AT the KLHA Stadium, Ernst & Young steamrolled Johor Baru Municipal
Council 8-0. Indian import Len Aiyappa increased his personal tally to 21
goals as he fired home five penalty corners in the 14th, 23rd, 29th, 44th
and 47th minutes.
The other Ernst & Young goals were scored by S. Shanker (12th), Chua
Boon Huat (18th) and Daniel Thomas (41st).
Results - Maybank 4 BSN 2, Ernst & Young 8 Johor Baru MC 0, RMR 2 Srii
Aroma 1, Sapura 4 Pahang SC 1.

A stroll for E&Y


Customs .............1 Tenaga Nasional ..4
Ernst & Young........6 Pahang SC ........0
Navy Dolphins.... ...0 Ipoh City Hall ...2
ERNST & YOUNG looked like they were taking a stroll in the park, but still
packed enough firepower to demolish Pahang Sports Council 6-0 in the
Malaysia Hockey League at the KLHA Stadium yesterday.
But Ernst & Young should place the League title at the back of their
minds, and concentrate on the Overall crown because their one blunder
against Tenaga Nasional has placed them as outsiders.
"We are still in the running for the League title, but on the outer
rings, because we now have to wait for Tenaga and Sapura to drop points.
"Placing luck aside, I feel we have a better chance of landing the Overall
title which we will prepare for by improving in the remaining matches,"
said Ernst & Young coach K. Dharmaraj.
Len Aiyappa was back in form and scored a hat-trick (second, eighth,
55th) to bring his tally to 16 in five matches. Mirnawan Nawawi, looking
much sharper after shedding some weight, scored in the 53rd minute while
the other goals were scored by S. Shanker (12th) and Chua Boon Huat
"I have changed the positions of some of the players and it proved to be
a better combination, because we hardly felt the pressure at the back,"
said Dharmaraj.
Mirnawan was placed in the attacking semicircle to either make an
attempt or win penalty corners for Aiyappa, unlike the previous matches
where he moved up and down and wore himself out.
Dharmaraj also used Aiyappa as a striker in the second half, but the
Indian import was still not too comfortable with his new position.
* At the Pandamaran Stadium in Klang, Tenaga Nasional had to come from
behind to beat Royal Malaysian Customs 4-1 and moved to third on the
Customs shocked Tenaga with a 32nd minute penalty corner goal from Ikmal
Abdul Jabar but Nor Saiful Zaini equalised just before the break.
Norazlan Rahim saved the utility giants with two goals in the 55th and
57th minutes while Azlan Misron nailed the three points with a 66th
minute field goal.
Today: Maybank v Bank Simpanan Nasional (Tun Razak Stadium, 6pm); Ernst
& Young v Johor Baru MC (Pantai Stadium, 6pm); Royal Malay Regiment v Srii
Aroma (Tun Razak Stadium, 8pm); Sapura v Pahang Sports Council (Pantai
Stadium, 8pm).

Paradise found in Seremban


PARADISE Valley Golf Resort in Seremban 3 has come out with a noble way to
promote the game among budding golfers - and there is no fine print catch
in it.
Former Saujana GCC and Kota Permai GCC general manager S.A. Nathan, now
the operations director of Paradise Valley Golf Resort, has come up a with
plan where there is no hefty membership fee or even monthly subscription
to burden young and `homeless' golfers. And then, there is a saving of up
to 60 per cent on green fees.
All one needs to do is buy a pre-loaded Gold or Platinum Card - and be
ready to tee-off.
"We came out with the idea after our research indicated that there are
numerous homeless golfers out there who can't afford to take a bank loan
and buy a club membership, and then maintain it by paying a monthly
subscription fee.
"With the Paradise Valley plan, all one needs to do is purchase our Gold
or Platinum Cards and enjoy the same benefits offered by leading courses
in the country without the hassle of becoming a member," said Nathan.
So, how does it work?
"The Gold Card is up for grabs at RM700. With the bargain in hand, a
golfer is privileged to play 25 rounds of golf at the Paradise Valley."
The benefits of becoming a cardholder are plenty, with all off the below
* Handicap-proficiency test by the club
* 15 per cent savings at F & B outlets
* 10 per cent savings at Paradise Valley pro-shop
* Savings at the driving range
* Sign in as many guests (including weekends)
* Three golfing lessons for free at driving range
* Discounts at functions rooms
* Priority bookings for cardholders
"And the second scheme, which also covers all of the above, is the
Platinum Card priced at RM2,800 which is a pre-paid value of 80 rounds of
golf, plus 20 more during the promotion period from June 1 till Sept 30,"
said Nathan.
The Platinum Card is every golfers dream, because he will not only get
to play 100 rounds of golf, but can also invite as many friends as he
likes to play with him, even on weekends.
"There is no limit. For example, if the Platinum Cardholder wants to
bring 20 friends, it will be considered as 20 rounds of golf at the 18-
hole championship course," said Nathan.
Paradise Valley Golf Resort is just a stone's throw from the Klang
Valley, and on a day with average traffic, it takes only about 35 minutes
from the centre of Kuala Lumpur to get to the course.
"We also have plans to develop a golf academy with 110 bays, 40 of which
will be allocated to grass play."
The championship course was designed by Bobby Lim and Datuk Eddy Shun,
and is nestled in the middle of a growing township (1,000 acres) planned
and wholly owned by Menang Corporation (M) Bhd.
The par-72 courses' yardage is 6,877 and looks set to take off in a big
way, as the pre-paid concept is the first of its kind in Malaysia.
"It is a very simple concept, which beats the membership clubs simply
because one is not burdened with hefty fees to get started in golf.
"With no monthly subscription fee, golfers would not have to worry about
being barred from the club when they are overdue, as is the practice with
some clubs in Malaysia."
Seremban 3 is a fast growing township, with its entrance just five
minutes off the Port Dickson toll. Some of the development in the pipeline
is a 56-acre corporate park, 43 acres for business and commercial
purposes, a 23-acre medical and health farm, 49 acres of hotel properties,
14 acres for a resort complex, 178 acres for residential development and
34 acres for an education institution.
Nathan believes the five-year-old Paradise Valley, only opened to the
public recently because the clubhouse was not ready, will provide a
challenge for Malaysian golfers.
"This is a thinking man's course built in a valley with minimal impact
on the surroundings. The mature trees were left untouched, and these act
as hazards on the golf course," said Nathan.
The original waterway was also left intact, providing a hazard at every
hole for challenging play.
"Paradise Valley is an ideal getaway for Kuala Lumpur golfers because
not only is it only 35 minutes away, but the pre-paid concept is something
most golfers have been waiting for," said Nathan.
For more information on the Paradise Valley Golf Resort and the card
deal, call Danny Low or Vijay at 03-21613366.

Soldiers hand Bankers a scare


OVERALL defending champions Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) had a close shave
against Royal Malay Regiment (RMR) in the Malaysia Hockey League match
(MHL) after struggling to win 3-1 at the Tun Razak Stadium yesterday.
The Bankers got their first in the fifth minute when Faizal Daud scored
a field goal but after that, they played schoolboy hockey and were lucky
that RMR did not equalise.
Robert Alcantara increased the tally in the 47th minute but RMR replied
with a 59th minute goal from Shahrulamin Sidek. Just as RMR were getting
close to equalise, Faizal was on target again in the 66th minute to seal
the match.
BSN coach C. Paramalingam was a relieved man when the final horn blew:
"Over the years in the MHL, we have always beaten RMR with a very
comfortable margin, going into double digits most of the matches, but
today (yesterday) was an off day for my players and I am glad that it was
not against the big guns in the MHL."
"BSN meet Maybank tomorrow, and if they play like yesterday, they are
* AT the Azlan Shah Stadium in Ipoh, Sapura whitewashed Navy Dolphins
12-0, but their skipper S. Kuhan had to be rushed to the hospital when he
got into a scuffle with Safik Apandi Atan in the 66th minute, reports R.G.
Safik hit Kuhan on the forehead with his stick, and the national skipper
retaliated and both were sent to the sin-bin. Kuhan, bleeding at the
forehead, was then rushed to the hospital.
It became a one-sided match after Sapura got their third goal, which
killed off Navy's fight.
Three players got a hattrick, Kuhan (37th, 44th, 47th), Kang Keon Wook
(14th, 21th, 50th) and P. Prabahkaran (30th, 59th, 69th). The other Sapura
scorers were Jivan Mohan (28th) and K. Keevan Raj (53rd, 61st).
* AT the Bertam Stadium in Penang, Srii Aroma chalked up their second
win after defeating bottom-of-the-table Johor Baru Municipal Council 2-1,
reports K. KANDIAH.
T. Sivanesan opened scoring for the home team in the sixth minute with a
field goal followed by a penalty corner goal in the 23rd minute by D.
Baljit Singh reduced the deficit for the visitors in the 44th minute of
the match with a well taken penalty corner hit.
Results: BSN 3 RMR 1, Srii Aroma 2 Johor Baru MC 1, Navy Dolphins 0
Sapura 12, Ipoh City Hall 2 Maybank 4.

BSN must buck uo


OVERALL champions Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) wasted valuable training
time when they were given the run-around last weekend by an ill-prepared
Johor Baru Municipal Council.
But BSN coach C. Paramalingam said this should not be used as an excuse
when they meet Royal Malay Regiment (RMR) today at the Tun Razak Stadium.
"Yes, we were deprived of training and a match last weekend as we
travelled to Johor on Saturday hoping to train until Sunday and play Johor
Municipal Council the next day. But the water pump at the MBJB Stadium was
faulty, and the players lost some valuable time.
"But that is no excuse for them not to give their best againt the Army
men tomorrow (today)," said Paramalingam.
RMR are the disappointment of this season as, even with their Hong Kong
import Arif Ali, they are languishing among the bottom teams after four
straight defeats.
Admittedly, RMR were drawn against the big guns early - Ernst & Young,
Tenaga Nasional and Maybank - but their true colours was exposed when they
went down to the Royal Malaysian Customs.
"It is crucial that we win this weekend, but it will not be easy as the
RMR players are very fit and fast, and Sunday's match will be against
Maybank, who are at the top of the table," said Paramalingam.
But going by form, BSN should have no problems collecting six points
this weekend and move a notch up the standings.
Maybank will further consolidate their position as they meet Ipoh City
Hall today and are favoured to But the Bankers will have to contend with
second-placed Sapura taking the lead as Sapura have two easy matches this
weekend - against Navy Dolphins and Pahang Sports Council - which should
give them 16 points from six matches.
Leading goalscorers: 13 Len Aiyappa (Ernst & Young); 6 S. Kuhan
(Sapura); 5 Kang Keon-wook (Sapura), Syayrim Uda Karim (Tenaga); 4 Arif
Ali (RMR), Nishel Kumar (Tenaga).
Today: Bank Simpanan Nasional v Royal Malay Regiment (Tun Razak Stadium,
5.15pm); Srii Aroma v Johor Baru MC (Bertam Stadium, 5.15pm); Navy
Dolphins v Sapura (Azlan Shah Stadium, 6pm); Ipoh City Hall v Maybank
(Azlan Shah Stadium, 8pm).
Tomorrow: Customs v Tenaga Nasional (Pandamaran Stadium, 5.15pm); Ernst
& Young v Pahang Sports Council (Pantai Stadium, 5.15pm); Navy Dolphins v
Ipoh City Hall (Azlan Shah Stadium, 8pm).
Sunday: Maybank v Bank Simpanan Nasional (Tun Razak Stadium, 6pm); Ernst
& Young v Johor Baru MC (Pantai Stadium, 6pm); Royal Malay Regiment v Srii
Aroma (Tun Razak Stadium, 8pm); Sapura v Pahang Sports Council (Pantai
Stadium, 8pm).

MGA receives support to eradicate crocodiles


THE Malaysian Golf Association (MGA) has received overwhelming support
from golf managers around the country to eradicate the "buaya menace" who
are spoiling the sport for short-term gains.
Newly-elected MGA vice-president Low Teck San said yesterday, his phone
has not stopped ringing since Timesport exposed two of them in the recent
National Press Club-Pharmaton Golf Champions at the Nilai Springs Golf
Club in Negri Sembilan.
One of the winners of the team event declared a handicap of 16 and
finished his round on a gross 74, scoring 50 stableford points, while his
partner declaring at 24 had a gross 86 with 46 stableford points.
Which means the 16-handicapper played a fantastic 14-under.
"I am happy to say that we (MGA) have received overwhelming support from
golfers, and golf managers in the country in our quest to eradicate the
handicap cheats which have brought disrepute to this noble and ancient
sport," said Low yesterday.
Low, who is also the MGA National Handicaps System (NHS) chairman, said
he held a teleconference with the president of the Golf Club Managers
Association of Malaysia Zulkifli Datuk Ismail yesterday, and has received
full support to resolve this menace once and for all.
"Zulkifli, who is in Surabaya, promised full support and said a meeting
with all club managers will be held soon to resolve this menace. We at the
MGA will also go on a Tour to explain the benefits of being in the NHS
family," said Low.
MGA also called upon all event managers to help them achieve their
target of having all 200 golf courses in Malaysia under the NHS umbrella,
by only allowing golfers registered with the NHS to play in future
"In this area, we need the full support of event managers because if
they place a clause in the entry form that only NHS members will be
allowed to tee-off, then, it will make our task of getting all 200 clubs
under the NHS system much easier.
"It will be wonderful if we can get 100 percent co-operation from event
managers to only allow NHS holders to play. We can help them by being the
watchdogs and check the entry list of their tournaments," said Low.
Former Saujana GC and Kota Permai GC manager S.A. Nathan, who was
recently put in charge of the MGA Media Relations and Corporate Affairs
Committee, said MGA members would go on a tour of golf clubs, to listen to
grassroots views and promote the use of the NHS system.
"It is a fool-proof system which can monitor and nab handicap cheats but
about 50 percent of the 200 golf clubs in Malaysia do not subscribe to it
because their members felt there was no need for it, as golf is a
gentleman's sport and people will not cheat. But the situation is getting
out of hand, and those who have been suffering all these years because of
this buayas, want to see an end to it. We can help them by promoting the
NHS system," said Nathan.
Zulkifli said now that the ball has started rolling, he would assist the
MGA stop the menace.
"First of all, I would like to congratulate Low on his appointment as
the MGA vice-president because he is a grassroots man who can help
eradicate the buaya menace. With solid co-operation from the MGA, we hope
to get to the bottom of matters in a short span," said Zulkifli in a phone
All it takes is for golfers to part with RM12-per year to become NHS
members, so hold that jug of beer bet, and place it on the NHS instead.

Kuantan venue struck out


THE Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) struck out the Kuantan Hockey
Stadium, and gave the Johor Baru Municipal Council (JBMC) two weeks to
repair their faulty water pumps or lose their home ground advantage.
The MHF Technical Committee met yesterday and secretary S. Satgunam said
they might even fine JBMC because they failed to perform their home
"The stadium in Pahang wore out due to heavy use and there is no way
that it can be repaired for the Malaysia Hockey League matches. That is
why we have decided to do away with the venue. Pahang will have to play
their remaining five matches elswhere," said Satgunam.
The match between Pahang Sports Council and Customs was called off last
Friday because the artificial pitch at the Kuantan Stadium was in tatters
and might cause injuries to players.
Officials from the Malaysia Hockey Federation (MHF), including secretary
Satgunam, inspected the Kuantan pitch on Monday and concluded that the
venue was no longer suitable for matches.
Satgunam also said that the Asian Schools Championships, scheduled for
July 10-18 at the Kuantan Stadium, should be played elsewhere.
"We doubt that the pitch could be repaired in time for the tournament.
We will advise the organisers of the tournament, the Malaysian School
Sports Council (MSSM), to change the venue," he said.
JBMC also stand to lose out their home ground advantage if they fail to
repair the water pumps.
The match between JBMC and defending Overall champions Bank Simpanan
Nasional (BSN) was called off on Monday because the pitch could not be
watered properly.
"We have given them two weeks to rectify the fault. If they fail to do
so, they have to play their remaining match away," said Satgunam.
Meanwhile, MHF have received clearance from the National Sports
Institute (NSI) to go ahead with the scheduled four Test matches against
Satgunam said they had received the nod to stage the matches on July 1-7
on condition that the Chinese players undergo SARS (Severe Acute
Respiratory Syndrome) tests once they arrive at the airport.
"We have written to the China Hockey Federation on the matter. We will
confirm the dates for the matches if they agree to the SARS tests at the
The national team will resume training on June 23 and the four Tests
were arranged as part of their preparation for the Champions Challenge in
South Africa on July 19-28.
Malaysia will be up against hosts South Africa, England, Spain, South
Korea and New Zealand in the Challenge.

MHL turning into circus


THE Malaysia Hockey League (MHL) is fast turning into a circus, as matches
are being cancelled faster than one can say MHL.
Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) were supposed to play Johor Baru Municipal
Council yesterday at the JBMC Stadium, but the match was abandoned when
the water pump failed to function.
BSN, who arrived in Johor Baru a day earlier for training purposes, are
left with no avenue for compensation as the MHL Guide Book has no
provisions to penalise teams which fail to meet their responsibilities as
"We arrived on Sunday and went for training but found out that the water
pump was not functioning. The stadium officials then used the fire brigade
hose to water the pitch and we were able to train. But today (yesterday)
JBMC used their lorries (with water pumps) to water the pitch but they
could not reach the centre of the pitch due to low water pressure.
"The umpires and technical officials decided to abandon the match," said
BSN team manager Nor Azmi Ismail.
Nor Azmi is now pondering on who will compensate them for travel,
accommodation and other expenses.
The Guide Book, has only this to say under responsibilities of home
team: Must ensure proper watering of the field of play before the match
and during half time.
Last Friday, the match between Pahang Sports Council and Royal Malaysian
Customs was called off because the pitch at the Kuantan Stadium was deemed
unsafe to play (see accompanying story).
Malaysia Hockey Federation (MHF) secretary S. Satgunam was lost for
words, as he was returning after inspecting the pitch in Kuantan when he
received the news: "This is getting out of hand. The responsibilities of
the home team is cleary stated in the Guide Book and they must ensure that
everything is in place before the match starts.
"We will discuss this matter during the technical committee meeting
tomorrow (today)."

Tenaga on a power trip


TENAGA Nasional played a flawless defensive game to beat Ernst & Young 2-1
in a highly entertaining Malaysia Hockey League (MHL) match at the Kuala
Lumpur HA Stadium yesterday.
Tenaga drew first blood in the 30th minute when Azlan Misron scored a
penalty corner rebound but Ernst & Young equalised just before the break
when Chua Boon Huat connected over goalkeeper S. Kumar's shoulders.
But Tenaga, the fitter side, clinched the winner when Fairuz Hamsani
deflected in, in the 45th minute.
Ernst & Young goalgetter Len Aiyappa was reduced to a spectator as
Tenaga did not give away a single penalty corner in the first half. In the
second, Ernst & Young won a total of four penalty corners but Aiyappa
looked nervous and failed to increase his 13-goal tally.
Tenaga coach K. Rajan attributed the win to regimental training.
"Fitness is at the peak right now, because I conduct fitness training in
the morning and tactical moves in the evening seven days a week," said
* SAPURA hammered Ipoh City Hall 9-2 with goals from Kang Keon Wook
(fourth, 26th, 61st 70th), Nishel Kumar (24th, 53rd, 57th), S. Kuhan
(35th) and Jiwa Mohan (50th) at the KLHA Stadium.
The Ipoh goals were scored by Fazreen Ekhsan Kulub (38th) and Prem Kumar
* MAYBANK notched their fourth straight win when they beat Royal
Malaysian Customs 2-0 at the Tun Razak Stadium.
Maybank now have 12 points and meet Ipoh City Hall on Friday - where
they are almost assured of another three points before thy start playing
the big guns in the MHL.
The Maybank goals were scored by Ismail Abu in the second minute and
Suhairi Saidi in the 22nd minute. Customs came to life in the second half,
and raided the Maybank goalmouth from every angle, but poor finishing was
the order of the day.
Although they have 12 points, Maybank coach Wallace Tan is still not
happy with the way his team has been performing.
"There is still much room to improve because my team played together for
the first time during the curtain raiser of the MHL on May 30 because some
of the players had national duty," said Tan.
* PAHANG Sports Council beat Johor Baru Municipal Council 3-0 with goals
from Zarit Zainal (13th), Sunil Prasad (26th) and Al Aman Mustafa (41st)
at the Johor Baru Stadium.
Today: Johor Baru MC v BSN (JB Stadium, 5.15pm).

Maybank edge closer


Srii Aroma ......2 Dolphins .......1
Maybank .........4 RMR .................2
MAYBANK edged closer to the quarter-finals of the Malaysia Hockey League
when they beat Royal Malay Regiment (RMR) 4-2 at the Tun Razak Stadium
It was the Bankers' third straight win, and they are expected to collect
another three points against Customs today to consolidate their position.
Maybank started with a field goal in the ninth minute from Suhairi Saidi
and were two-up in the 27th minute when national defender K. Gobinathan
slammed home a penalty corner goal.
And one minute from the breather, Suhairi gave the bankers a good
cushion with a penalty corner goal.
Maybank pulled further ahead in the 46th minute when Riduan Nasir scored
but Army refused to retreat and produced a gallant fightback instead.
Supri Mat Junoh (53rd) and their Hong Kong import Arif Ali (60th)
narrowed the gap, but Army ran out of time and succumbed to their fourth
consecutive defeat.
Maybank coach Wallace Tan was ready for the second half comeback.
"RMR players always come back strongly in the second half. I noticed
this in all three of their previous matches. My men knew that they had to
score early goals for the three points, and played to the game plan," said
At the Bertam Hockey Stadium in Penang, Srii Aroma finally broke their
losing streak by beating Navy Dolphins. Arvin Kumar (13th) and S. Vengades
(38th) nailed Navy while Hazanizam Azizan (56th) narrowed the gap.
Today, fireworks are expected at the Kuala Lumpur HA Stadium when Tenaga
play Ernst & Young.
Ernst & Young, top of the table with nine points, are the ones to beat
for any League title aspirants. Tenaga, an all-local outfit, will find the
going tough because Ernst & Young's Indian Import Len Aiyappa has been in
terrific form - scoring 13 penalty corner goals in three matches.
But Tenaga, with the experienced Nor Saiful Zaini in their side, have
enough depth to rattle their highly touted opponents.
Tenaga coach K. Rajan, who rested some key players in the match against
RMR on Friday to prepare for the clash against Ernst & Young, knows very
well that if his players do not give away too many penalty corners, half
the battle would already be won.
Today: Maybank v Customs (Tun Razak Stadium, 5.15), Sapura v Ipoh City
Hall (Pantai Stadium, 6.0), Tenaga v Ernst & Young (Pantai Stadium, 8.0),
Johor Baru MC v Pahang SC (JB Stadium, 5.15).
Tomorrow: Johor Baru MC v BSN (JB Stadium, 5.15).

Sapura edge BSN


THE much awaited Malaysia Hockey League match between Sapura and Bank
Simpanan Nasional (BSN) fizzled to a boring affair as both teams only came
to life in the last 10 minutes at the Tun Razak Stadium in Kuala Lumpur
Nishel Kumar turned match winner for Sapura with a deft touch in the
68th minute off a penalty corner rebound, but BSN coach C. Paramalingam
felt that they were robbed by both the umpires in the 2-1 defeat.
The match almost turned into a free-for-all in the 66th minute when
BSN's Rodhanizam Radzi and Sapura's K. Logan Raj got into a shoving match.
But the situation was brought under control when umpire Gurmit Singh
flashed the yellow card to three players.
Sapura skipper S. Kuhan, who pushed Rodhanizam in his haste to break-up
the fight, was flashed the yellow card. BSN's Rodhanizam and Faizal Daud
also sat in the `sin bin' for the remainder of the match.
Sapura drew first blood in the 15th minute when Fakhrulrazi Baharuddin
scored an opportunist goal. But after that, both teams wasted numerous
chances, with Sapura failing to score from a string of penalty corners.
But after Pakistani import Syed Imran Ali equalised with a 56th minute
penalty corner, there was more urgency in Sapura's game and Nishel
hammered in the winner for a crucial three points.
"We were robbed in this match by poor umpiring. Some of the decisions
taken by the umpires against my players were very bad calls. I normally do
not criticise umpires, but today (yesterday), two veteran umpires messed
up our game," said Paramalingam.
Sapura skipper Kuhan felt his team played very badly.
"It was one of our worst matches. Nothing went right except for the
three points we won. I had an off day, as none of the penalty corners went
in," said Kuhan.
* AT the Azlan Shah Stadium, Ernst & Young hamered Ipoh City Hall 6-1.
Indian Import Len Aiyappa scored a hat-trick in the eighth, 10th and 53rd
minutes to bring his three-match tally to 13 goals. The other Ernst &
Young goals came from Mirnawan Nawawi (23rd), S. Shanker (42nd) and
Shahrun Nabil (69th). The Ipoh goal was scored by Fazreen Ekhsan Kulub in
the 17th minute.
Results: Ipoh City Hall 1 Ernst & Young 6; Pahang SC v Customs (match
abandoned); BSN 1 Sapura 2; RMR 2 Tenaga 6.
Today: Srii Aroma v Navy Dolphins (Bertam Stadium, 5.15pm); Maybank v
RMR (Tun Razak Stadium, 5.15pm); Johor Baru MC v Pa-hang SC (JB Stadium,
Tomorrow: Maybank v Customs (Tun Razak Stadium, 5.15pm); Sapura v Ipoh
City Hall (Pantai Stadium, 6pm); Tenaga v Ernst & Young (Pantai Stadium,
Monday: Johor Baru MC v BSN (JB Stadium, 5.15pm).

Slow start to season


THE Malaysia Hockey League (MHL) got off to a slow start last week as the
early favourites have yet to show their true potential.
But today at the Tun Razak Stadium, an explosive battle is on the cards
when overall champions Bank Simpanan Nasional host highly-touted Sapura.
BSN did not display their true colours in their 5-0 demolition of Ipoh
City Hall, while Sapura blew a 3-0 lead to end up sharing points with
Tenaga Nasional last weekend.
So, both teams will be out to prove a point.
"We did not play at our best in the first match against Ipoh because the
boys were still adjusting to each other. Also, we did not have our sweeper
for the match," said BSN coach C. Paramalingam.
But today, sweeper Megat Azrafiq will be back as he has been certified
fit to play, albeit with his right knee heavily strapped.
Megat, who picked up the injury during the recent playing Tour of
Europe, will be looked upon to deliver the passes and flicks which could
crack Sapura's defence.
BSN played Sapura in a friendly before the start of the MHL and the
players were on hand to watch the Sapura-Tenaga match to scout for chinks.
The bankers foreign import, Pakistani Syed Imran Ali Warsi, made a
convincing debut by flicking home two penalty corner goals and it will be
a battle between him and national skipper S. Kuhan.
Kuhan has scored five penalty corner goals in two matches for Sapura,
and it is highly likely that his form, or Imran's, will determine the
outcome of the match today.
Fixtures - Today: Ipoh City Hall v Ernst & Young (Azlan Shah Stadium,
5.15pm); Pahang Sports Council v Customs (Kuantan Stadium, 5.15pm); Bank
Simpanan Nasional v Sapura (Tun Razak Satdium, 6pm); RMR v Tenaga (Tun
Razak Stadium, 8pm).
Tomorrow: Srii Aroma v Navy Dolphins (Bertam Stadium, 5.15pm); Maybank v
RMR (Tun Razak Stadium, 5.15pm); Johor Baru MC v Pahang SC (JB Stadium,
Sunday: Maybank v Customs (Tun Razak Stadium, 5.15pm); Sapura v Ipoh
City Hall (Pantai Stadium, 6pm); Tenaga v Ernst & Young (Pantai Stadium,
Monday: Johor Baru MC v BSN (JB Stadium, 5.15pm).

Walk around the clock


THE Second Malaysia International 24-hour walk, to be held at the Genting
Outdoor Theme Park on Aug 4-5, has attracted the men and women's
However, the biennial walk will only have two categories this year -
doing away with the Malaysian categories.
"We did away with the Malaysian categories because we want the local
athletes to compete with the world's best. So this year, there will only
be the men's and women's Opens," said organising chairman and president of
the Race Walkers Association of Malaysia Datuk Peter Chin Fah Kui.
Chin, who is also Deputy Minister of the Housing and Local Government,
said entries will be limited to 180.
"The venue can only accommodate 180 athletes and if we open the field
further, it will become cramped and athletes will not be be able to cover
good times," said Chin.
The 2001 men's champion Gregor Adam Urbanowski from Poland completed a
distance of 202.78km in the 24-hour walk and will be back to defend his
Women's defending champion Sandra Browm of the United Kingdom (181.5km)
has also confirmed her entry.
"The race starts at noon on Aug 4 and 5, and the winner will be decided
on the distance covered around the 865-per lap circuit. Genting Highlands
was selected as the venue again because of its mild temperature which
averages around 25 degrees Celcius. This will make it very comfortable for
the athletes to cover good distances," said Chin.
The qualifying criteria for the event is very strict and organisers will
only entertain those who competed in the last race, or athletes who
competed in the 2002 Penang 12-hour walk. Those who hold a walks
certificate with a good distance can also submit their entries.
The top 20 athletes will receive prize money, while those who complete
162.5km will be awarded the Centurian Club medal.
"The top prize for the men's and women's categories is RM5,700 while
those who cover more than 50km in the men's event and 35km in the women's
will receive medals," said Chin.
Sponsors for the event are the Ministry of Sports, Kuala Lumpur
Athletics Association, Nestle Products, Genting Highlands and Malaysia
Airlines. The Media support is from Nanyang Siang Pau, Nanban, The New
Straits Times and NTV7.
Entries close on July 7. For more information, call 03-20940504.

Hanafiah captures title


HANAFIAH Jamil had a bad day on the greens but his two-day total of 143
was still good enough to land him the under-18 title in the second leg of
the SportExcel-National Sports Council championships at the Seri Selangor
Golf Club in Petaling Jaya yesterday.
Hanafiah, who fired a 69 in Tuesday's first round, double-bogeyed the
second and 18th yesterday but made up with birdies on the fifth, sixth,
15th and 17th for a two-over 72 which won him the title.
Hanafiah, 16, has set his sights on a bigger slice of the golfing pie.
Playing to a zero handicap, he is determined to land an amateur title
before he turns 17.
"My target right now is to win an amateur tournament before my 17th
birthday. I came close in the Perak Amateur Open where I finished second,"
he said.
At the Perak Amateur Open, played at the Meru Valley on the outskirts of
Ipoh last month, Hanafiah fired a two-round total of 221.
Second in the category was another budding golfer Anis Helmi who had
rounds of 75-73.
In the Girls' under-18, 13-year-old Ainil Johani of Kota Permai GC
lifted the crown with a total of 157.
Best Gross - Blue Tee: 143 Hanafiah Jamil (Rahman Putra) 69-74; Red Tee:
157 Ainil Johani (Kota Permai) 79-78.
Boys' Under-18: 143 Hanafiah Jamil (Rahman Putra) 69-74; 148 Anis Helmi
(KRTU) 75-73; 152 Helmi Abdul Rahman (Kota Permai) 74-78.
Under-15: 146 Park Jun Seok (Bkt Beruntung) 71-75; 157 Ken Wong Pi Hou
(Penang Golf Resort) 79-78; 159 Izwan Izhar (Octville) 77-82.
Boys' and Girls' Under-12: 168 Hisyam Abdul Majid (KGNS) 84-84; 172
Calvin Choo (Seri Selangor) 86-86; 175 Adreas Adler (KLGCC) 85-90.
Girls' Under-18: 157 Ainil Johani (Kota Permai) 79-78; 170 Khairun
Hanisah (SIGC) 90-80, Melanie Tham (MALGA) 87-83.

Blistering Sportexcel meet


A HOLE-IN-ONE, two Eagles, and a three-under 72 set a blistering pace in
the second Leg of the SportExcel-National Sports Council tournament at the
Seri Selangor Golf Club in Petaling Jaya yesterday.
Mohamed Hanafiah Jamil from Rahman Putra GC fired the 69 in the Under-18
category, the hole in-one was achieved by 15-year-old Teo Eu Gene, and the
two Eagles belonged to South Korean Park Jun Seok in the Under-15
Hanafiah, the 2001 and 2002 Under-15 champion, graduated with flying
colours against the big boys with birdies on the sixth, eighth, 11th, 14th
and 18th holes. His only blemish was the bogeys on the second and 12th
(The tournament was held on a shorter course, by bringing forward the
"The greens were very dry and fast, but my putter was hot and I managed
to come back with a good score after the two bogeys," said Hanafiah.
In the Under-15 event, Park had Eagles on the fifth (427 metres) and
13th (468 metres), but bogeys on the second, seventh, 12th and 15th marred
his round. His birdie on the 18th took his tally to one-under par 72.
Teo, who returned a score of 84, fired the ace on the 131-metre eighth
hole using an eight iron.
"I was just trying to place the ball on the green, but it overshot and
landed on the fringe, and then rolled downhill into the hole," said Teo.
Selected scores - Boys' Under-18: 69 Mohamed Hanafiah Jamil (Rahman
Putra GC); 73 Haziq Hamizan (Negara Subang); 74 Hilmi Abdul Rahman (Kota
Permai), Victor Gan (Tanjung Emas), Damien Chin (Bukit Jambul).
Under-15: 71 (Bukit Beruntuing); 77 Idzwan Azahar (Octville); 78 Mohamed
Ilya Jamil (Rahman Putra); 79 Ken Wong (Bukit Jambul); 80 Daniel Ng
(KRTU), Ai Boon Chen (Kukup).
Under-12 (Boys' and girls'): 84 Mohamed Hisyam (KGNS); 85 Andreas Khoo
(KLGCC); 86 Calvin Khoo (KGSS); 89 Michale Chua (KLGCC); 90 Ng Choo Teck
(KRTU), Darren Lau (Royal Pahang).
Girls' Under-18: 79 Ainil Johani Abu Bakar (KGNS); 86 Jang Eun Bi (Bukit
Beruntung); 87 Melaine Tham (Ponderosa); 89 Bernie Tan (Staffield); 90
Khairun Hanisah (SIGC).

Len nets seven in rampage


Ernst & Young...................11 Dolphins................1
Customs................3 Srii Aroma...................2
LEN Aiyappa was in menacing form for Ernst & Young to drown Navy Dolphins
11-1 in their Malaysia Hockey League (MHL) match at the KLHA Stadium
Len, who scored 28 goals last season to finish second behind S. Kuhan,
who had 29 goals, scored seven yesterday to bring his MHL tally to 10
goals after only two matches.
The Indian import looked confident enough to crack last season's tally
but he needs better understanding from his pusher S. Shanker and stopper
Englishman Daniel Thomas because both of them bungled repeatedly
Ernst & Young had 19 penalty corners, but could only score eight because
the stopper and pusher, between them, bungled the rest.
Navy Dolphins, who shocked Pahang Sports Council 1-0 in their opening
match, rattled Ernst & Young with a first-minute goal from Mohamed Noor
Saad, but that was the only time they had control of the ball.
Len equalised in the 16th minute and then scored six more penalty corner
goals in the 18th, 28th, 30th, 35th, 41st and 43rd minutes.
Former national skipper Mirnawan Nawawi scored two, in the 24th and 39th
minutes, and Chua Boon Huat was finally on target, in the 47th and 60th
minutes, to complete the rout.
Ernst & Young coach K. Dharmaraj said the fixtures helped them a little.
"We were lucky because we have played weaker teams first. Our next
opponents are Ipoh City Hall and they should pose no problems. But after
getting nine points, the opponents will be tougher and my players will
have to bring out their best," said Dharmaraj who utilised all his
reserves yesterday, including second choice goalkeeper Saiful Azahar.
o At the Pandamaran Stadium in Klang, Royal Malaysian Customs beat Srii
Aroma 3-2 and now have six points after two matches.
The Customs goals were scored by David Jerome (16th, 32nd) and Lam Mun
Fatt (64th) while the Srii Aroma goals were scored by S. Kathiresan (11th)
and D. Baskaran (52nd).
Fixtures - Today: Pahang Sports Council v Maybank (Kuantan Hockey
Stadium, 5.15), Sapura v Tenaga Nasional (KLHA Stadium, 6.0).

Relaxed BSN rout Ipoh


Johor Baru MC ....... 1 Sapura ...............11
BSN ..................5 Ipoh City Hall ....... 0
R. M'sian Customs ... 5 R. Malay R'ment ...... 3
OVERALL title holders Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) played at half-pace but
still thrashed Ipoh City Hall (DBI) 5-0 in a Malaysia Hockey League match
at the Tun Razak Stadium in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.
Down south at the Johor Baru Stadium, Sapura whitewashed Johor Baru
Municipal Council (JBMC) 11-1, and as touted, will be the team to beat in
the MHL this season.
BSN's Pakistan import Syed Imran Ali proved yesterday that he will be
taking a leading role by scoring two penalty corner goals in the 21st and
51st minutes.
Faizal Daud opened the scoring for BSN in the 10th minute, and the other
two goals were slotted in by Muazam Mohamed in the 24th and 38th minutes.
National player Megat Azrafiq, who got injured during the recent Europe
Tour, was rested by BSN coach C. Paramalingam.
"The boys played very well today (yesterday) and the three points will
go a long way to help us in our quest of winning our fourth straight
Overall title.
"I did not play Megat against DBI because his injury has yet to heal
properly. But against Sapura next week, he will be ready to help his team-
mates," said Paramalingam.
DBI were like lost sheep as they did not have the services of three
players for the tough match against BSN.
DBI, making a come back to the MHL after a 10-year break, missed the
services of three Anderson school players. The trio, forwards Fazreen
Eksan Kulub Wahab, Hafifi Hafiz and defender Baljit Singh could have made
a huge difference as BSN were shaky in their opening match.
* AT the MBJB Stadium (Johor), Sapura hammered the daylights out of JBMC
with goals from Jivan Mohan (ninth), S. Kuhan (15th, 55th, 70th), P.
Prabahkaran (16th), V. Vinodhan (20th), K. Keevan Raj (25th), K. Logan Raj
(26th), A. Nagarajan (27th), Jiwa Mohan (38th) and Kang Keon Wook (68th).
* AT the Pandamaran Hockey Stadium (Klang), Royal Malaysian Customs beat
Royal Malay Regiment 5-3 with goals from Ranjit Singh (ninth, 44th),
Faried Abdullah (35th), Azlin Fairuz (38th) and Guna Bawan (52nd).
The RMR goal-scorers were Ramli Ismail (19th), Azahari Yusof (60th) and
Arif Ali (70th).
Today: Royal Malaysian Customs v Srii Aroma (Pandamaran Stadium,
5.15pm), Ernst & Young v Navy Dolphins (KL Stadium, 6pm).
Tomorrow: Pahang Sports Council v Maybank (Pandamaran Klang, 5.15pm),
Sapura v Tenaga Nasional (Kl Stadium, 6pm).

E&Y gun down RMR


ERNST & Young beat a gritty Royal Malay Regiment 4-1 in the Malaysia
Hockey League curtain-raiser at the Tun Razak Stadium in Kuala Lumpur
But the scoreline does not paint a true picture because the star-studded
Ernst & Young have yet to get their act together and were a very shaky
side - especially in the first 35 minutes when they only had a slim 2-1
And that spelled trouble for them, as K. Rajan's Tenaga Nasional were in
menacing form, thrashing Johor Baru Municipal Council 8-1 in another
Ernst & Young coach K. Dharmaraj was wearing a worried look.
"The only consolation is that we won. Otherwise, we played very badly
today (yesterday). There is no other way to describe the match because we
were awarded 14 penalty corners but could only score from three of them,"
said Dharmaraj.
The foreign signings in Ernst & Young saved them the blushes as Indian
Len Aiyappa scored a hat-trick off the 14 penalty corner attempts he made,
while Englishman Danial Thomas scored a field goal.
The RMR goalscorer was Ramli Ismail.
The Malaysians in the team, including national players Chua Boon Huat
and Amin Rahim, and former pillars Maninderjit Singh and Mirnawan Nawawi
looked like they needed a few more matches to get the rust off.
* AT the KLHA Stadium, Tenaga Nasional steamrolled Johor Baru Municipal
Council 8-1 with goals from Nor Saiful Zaini (third), Azlan Misron
((18th), Syayrim Uda Karim (25th, 59th), Norazlan Rahim (50th), Tajol
Rosli (61st, 66th) and S. Saravanan (62nd).
Johor's consolation goal came from Karim Makpol in the 58th minute.
* AT the Bertam Stadium in Kepala Batas, Maybank scored twice in the
second half to defeat Penang's Srii Aroma, reports K. KANDIAH.
After a listless first half, which saw a number of scoring chances from
both teams go to waste, Maybank made amends after the break.
Three minutes into the second half, Maybank were awarded a penalty
corner and Mohamed Riduan Nasir made no mistake.
Maybank sealed the match in the 63rd minute when Suhaimi Ibrahim scored
off a penalty corner.
* AT the Azlan Shah Stadium in Ipoh, Dolphin (Navy) got off to a winning
start when they beat Pahang Sports Council (PSC) 1-0, reports R.G RAJ.
Dolphin skipper Sivalingam Muniandy turned match-winner when he blasted
home a penalty corner in the 43rd minute.
PSC had a slight edge in the first half where they had four penalty
corners but their attempts were foiled by Dolhpin keeper Khairi Mohamed
Results: Navy Dolphins 1 Pahang SC 0, Srii Aroma 0 Maybank 2, Tenaga
Nasional 8 Johor Baru MC 1, Royal Malay Regiment 1 Ernst & Young 4.
Today: Johor Baru MC v Sapura (JB Stadium, 5.15pm), Bank Simpanan
Nasional Ipoh City Hall (Tun Razak Stadium, 5.15pm), Royal Malaysian
Customs v Royal Malay Regiment (Pandamaran Stadium, 5.15pm).
Tomorrow: Royal Malaysian Customs v Srii Aroma (Pandamaran Stadium,
5.15pm), Ernst & Young v Navy Dolphins (KL Stadium, 6pm).
Monday: Pahang Sports Council v Maybank (Pandamaran Klang, 5.15pm),
Sapura v Tenaga Nasional (Kl Stadium, 6pm).

Viva receives timely boost


VIVA Taekwondo Centre received a timely boost from Lotto on Thursday in
preparation for a good showing in the 23rd MTA-Milo-Magnum National
Taekwondo Junior Championships at the KLBA Hall in Cheras this weekend.
Sportzone Sdn Bhd Chief Executive Officer and president Datuk Sri Ram
Sarma handed sports attire to 18 members of the centre in Petaling Jaya on
"Lotto is proud to be associated with taekwondo as it is a very healthy
sport which produces all-round athletes and builds character," said Sri
Viva, run by 1988 Seoul Olympics bronze medallist M. Vasugi, has many
potential medallists but the two who are knocking on the doors of glory
are Jonathan Fernandez and Noornadia Norrizan.
Noornadia did well to win a bronze in the Australian Youth Olympics and
a silver in the Dutch Open and is tipped to win the lightweight title in
the junior championships.
Malaysian Taekwondo Association (MTA) junior development programme
coordinator K.M. Rajendran paid tribute to clubs like Viva, who have been
producing national material over the years.
"MTA is very proud to be associated with clubs like Viva which have been
working on overdrive to nurture national exponents.
"As for the junior meet, initially, the plan was to select exponents for
the Asian Junior Taekwondo Championships in Vietnam but the meet has since
been postponed because of SARS.
"But still, we will be on the lookout for exponents as MTA will be
reviewing its training squad and new exponents who do well in the National
Junior Championships will be included," said Rajendran.
The MTA will go ahead with its centralised training on Monday and
Tuesday and selected exponents will also be sent to the Korean Open in
The Korean Open will be held on July 16-21 but only a handful of
exponents are expected to be sent to the competition, based on their
performances in the National Juniors.

Expose the cheats!


THE Malaysian Golf Association (MGA) must make public the names of golf
cheats if they want to eradicate handicap manipulators.
This was the opinion of veteran golf course manager S.A. Nathan, who has
seen the biggest of cheats in his 17 years in the profession.
"If the MGA is serious about closing the chapter on golf `buayas', they
must make the names of golf cheats public via the print media so that
others will be afraid of being exposed this way.
"Right now, players who are caught cheating normally receive a three-
month suspension but they are back on the course in a jiffy as not many
people know their true character", said Nathan, who was recently appointed
director of the Paradise Valley Golf Resort in Seremban III.
Nathan also feels that the lucrative prizes offered by organisers of
Malaysian tournaments are the main reason why golfers cheat.
"The number of golfers cheating on their handicaps is growing by the
year because of the lucrative prizes offered by local championship
organisers. The greed factor has grown steadily and it is killing a
gentlemans sport. A concerted effort must be made by all golf clubs in
Malaysia to counter this unhealthy trend", said Nathan, who played a big
role in promoting the Saujana Golf and Country Club and the Kota Permai
Golf Club.
MGA vice-president Low Teck San felt that the National Handicap System
(NHS) is the only way to stop cheating on the greens.
"The NHS system is a foolproof way to make sure that there are no
controversies but not many golf clubs subscribe to it.
"I personally feel that most of the clubs are unaware about the benefits
of the NHS and that is why they are reluctant to subscribe to it," said
Low also feels that many golf tournaments in Malaysia are not being run
in the proper way because they do not seek the sanction of the MGA.
"If clubs approach us for sanction, we can provide them with the needed
assistance and there will not be any controversies. Also, I feel that it
is time all event organisers make it compulsary that only golfers with the
NHS are allowed to register for tournaments.
"This way, gradually, every golfer in Malaysia will hold an NHS account
and the validity of their handicaps can be checked at a click on the MGA
website," said Low.
The issue of unrealistic handicaps arose at the National Press Club-
Pharmaton Golf Championship gross team title at the Nilai Springs Golf
Club in Negri Sembilan last Saturday.
One of the winners of the team event declared a handicap of 16 and
finished his round on a gross 74, scoring 50 stableford points, while his
partner declaring at 24 had a gross 86 with 46 stableford points.
Which means the 16-handicapper played a fantastic 14-under.
But since his club, Seri Menanti, does not subscribe to the NHS, there
is no way of finding out about his true capabilities.
Many golfers have been complaining about handicap cheats in the country
but nothing has been done to solve the problem which has a ready-made
solution in the NHS.

BSN confident despite exodus


BANK Simpanan Nasional (BSN) were dealt a severe blow when seven of their
players decided to leave - some without even a handsake or an
acknowledging nod.
But veteran schemer C. Paramalingam has managed to string a team which
is capable of lifting the Malaysia Hockey League overall title for the
fourth straight year.
Goalkeeper Roslan Jamaluddin, Amin Rahim, Lee Sien Lam, M. Jivan and P.
Prabahkaran left for greener pastures while Pakistanis Sohail Abbas and
Kashif Jawad hae national duty back home.
The new season begins tomorrow, and BSN's first match is against Ipoh
City Hall on Saturday - and they are expected to collect their first three
points with ease.
"After several key players left us, many wrote us off as also-rans. But
I have 20 determined players who will be out to prove everyone wrong,"
said Paramalimgam.
"As far as I am concerned, BSN remains intact and ready, and we will be
all out for our fourth consecutive title."
Paramalingam's secret weapon this season will be his Pakistani signing
Syed Imran Ali Warsi.
Syed Imran, only 20 but a towering lad, has been training with Sohail
back home and has almost perfected his penalty corner flick.
"Syed Imran is a very disciplined player and he is getting along well
with the rest of the players. He is a very talented midfielder and his
flicks are getting better," said Paramalingam.
BSN's biggest hurdle in the MHL will be Ernst & Young who they meet in
the middle of June.
Ernst & Young have secured England international Daniel Thomas Haydon
and Len Aiyappa from India. Len, a deadly flicker, proved his worth by
helping Andersen Sports Club to emerge runners-up to BSN last season.
Among the notable locals in Ernst & Young are Roslan, Amin, Chua Boon
Huat and Shahrun Nabil.
Tomorrow: Navy Dolphins v Pahang Sports Council (Azlan Shah Stadim,
5.15pm), Srii Aroma v Maybank (Bertam Stadium, 5.15pm), Tenaga Nasional v
Johor Baru MC (KL Stadium, 5.15pm), Royal Malay Regiment v Ernst & Young
(Tun Razak Stadium, 6pm).
Saturday: Johor Baru MC v Sapura (JB Stadium, 5.15pm), Bank Simpanan
Nasional Ipoh City Hall (Tun Razak Stadium, 5.15pm), Royal Malaysian
Customs v Royal Malay Regiment (Pandamaran Stadium, 5.15pm).
Sunday: Royal Malaysian Customs v Srii Aroma (Pandamaran Stadium,
5.15pm), Ernst & Young v Navy Dolphins (KL Stadium, 6pm).
Monday: Pahang Sports Council v Maybank (Pandamaran Klang, 5.15pm),
Sapra v Tenaga Nasional (Kl Stadium, 6pm).

Join the fight against cheats


THE Malaysian Golf Association (MGA) is keen to get to the root of the
handicap cheating phenomenon, but until there is cooperation from all 200
golf clubs in Malaysia, MGA will remain just advisors.
MGA deputy general manager J. Rathakrishnan said yesterday that only 98
clubs are registered with their National Handicapping System (NHS) while
102 clubs keep their own scores and hand out handicaps.
"We can only monitor the handicaps of players from the 98 clubs which
subscribe to the NHS system. That is why we need the cooperation of the
rest of the clubs to become NHS members to enable us to hand out the
correct handicaps to golfers in Malaysia," said Rathakrishnan.
"And until this is done, we have no way of saying whether the handicaps
of non-members are genuine or not."
The issue of unrealistic handicaps arose at the National Press Club-
Pharmaton Golf Championship gross team title at the Nilai Springs Golf
Club in Negri Sembilan last Saturday.
One of them who declared a handicap of 16, finished his round on a gross
74, scoring 50 stableford points, while his partner declaring at 24 had a
gross 86 with 46 stableford points.
Which means the 16-handicapper played a superb 14-under.
But since his club, Seri Menanti, does not subscribe to the NHS, there
is no way of finding out about his true capabilities.
A.S Khamis, who was voted in as the honorary secretary a few days back,
said they did discuss the matter on his first day on the job yesterday.
"Our priority is to get all 200 golf clubs to subscribe to the NHS so
that there will no longer be controversies in the sport. It is a difficult
task, but we aim to achieve it," said Khamis.
The veteran golf administrator also blamed lucrative prizes being
offered by tournaments in Malaysia as the main cause why some golfers
cheat on their handicaps.
"Golf tournaments in Malaysia are one of the best in the world because
they shower the winners with loads of goodies. I have played in Australia,
New Zealand and the United Kingdom, and the only prize the winner gets
there is, maybe, one golf ball.
"The prizes in Malaysia are lucrative enough to make some players nurse
their handicaps," said Khamis.
And the fact that nobody loses his or her amatuer status by collecting
the lucrative prizes fuels the desire to cheat further.
So what is the solution?
"Golf clubs must subscribe to the NHS and police their members. The club
captain or general manager can also make sure that there is no more
cheating if they insert a clause which makes it compulsary for a player to
have an NHS membership number before allowing him/her to take part in any
"Once this is implemented, there will no longer be any disputes, and I
am sure members will push their clubs to become NSH members and the
problem will be solved," said Rathakrishnan.
The cost of becoming a golfer with an NHS account is pittance - RM12
"Every golfer can afford to pay RM12 a year and have an NHS account
which can be checked on our website. But then again, we can't force
anybody, and it is up to the management of the golf clubs to make sure
that their members benefit from the NHS," said Rathakrishnan.

Alex Lee Trophy to beef up fund


THE Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) will be holding the inaugural Tan
Sri Alex Lee Trophy at the Saujana Golf and Country Club on June 25.
The objective of the event is to raise funds for the Tan Sri Alex Lee
Athletes Education Fund which went into a semi-frozen state after its
launch in 1999.
Lee, who died in a scuba diving accident off the coast of Papua New
Guinea on Oct 31, 1999, held the post of vice-president in the OCM and was
president of the Squash Rackets Association of Malaysia - and a host of
other positions.
"The Alex Lee Athletes Education fund now stands at RM270,000 which was
collected from well-wishers, the Commonwealth Games Federation and the
OCM. But for the past five years, we have not been taking care of the fund
because of other numerous responsibilities.
"But now we (OCM) have decided to form a separate committee to take care
of the fund and we would like to start by holding this annual challenge
trophy to remember his immense contributions to sports and also collect
more money to sustain the education fund," said OCM secretary Datuk Sieh
Kok Chi yesterday.
The fund has helped five needy athletes to date, with cyclist M.
Kumaresan being one of them.
"We have set overselves a target of RM500,000 so that the revenue
gathered could provide at least four annual grants of RM12,000 each to
needy present and former national athletes to further their studies," said
Malaysian Golf Association president Thomas Lee was choked with emotion
when asked to speak about his brother's fund.
"As the senior vice-president of the OCM, he had contributed much
towards the development of sports in the country and I am sure he would
appreciate his name being used to collect money for an education fund for
athletes, a topic which was always close to his heart," said Thomas.
The inaugural trophy will be held at the Bunga Raya Course and the
format will be team stroke-play competition.
The entrance fee is RM1,200 per team (four golfers) and all competitors'
handicaps will be subject to a 25 per-cent reduction. Non-golfers can join
the lunch for a fee of RM100.
For more information, call OCM at 03-20787648.

Perfect gift for Rizal


RIZAL Amin's (pic) birthday wish came true when he emerged the gross
winner of the Pharmaton-National Press Club Golf Championship at the Nilai
Springs Golf Club in Negri Sembilan yesterday.
Rizal (handicap 3), who turned 20 on Friday, had a gross of 68 to win
the title. Finishing second was Jalaluddin Alias who shot a 74 to pip
Zaiful Nizam on countback.
In the team event, the pair of Asri Madzlan (24) and Jalaluddin Alias
(16) won the title with a score of 96.
"I started playing golf when I was 10-years-old and with good coaching
and encouragement from my father, I have finally landed my biggest title
to date," said a beaming Rizal, who plays his golf at the Kuala Lumpur
Golf and Country Club.
A total of 120 golfers teed off for the championship but none were lucky
enough to land the biggest prize of all - the Nissan Sentra 1.6 worth more
than RM100,000 - which was on offer for a hole-in-one at any of the four
par-three holes.
The prizes were given away by National Press Club president Ahirudin
Attan who thanked the Nilai Springs Golf Club for being such perfect
"I would very much like to thank the management of Nilai Springs Golf
Club as not only did they let us utilise their beautiful course but did
not charge us green fees either. I was told that this is a bargain which
is hard to get at any course in Malaysia," said Ahirudin.
Selected scores: - Gross: 68 Rizal Amin (handicap 3); 74 Jalaluddin
Alias (16 - on count back), Zaiful Nizam (12); 76 Safri Ahmad Shaer (12);
77 Jummy Chia (5 - ocb), Bahari Abdullah; 79 Alex Yap (7 - ocb), Lee Yan
Long (10), Abdul Rahman Harun (12); 81 Abdul Jalil (11 - ocb), Datuk Dina
Rizal (12); 82 Haizal Ariffin (12 - ocb), Paul Wong (7); 83 Khairul Annuar
Azizi (9 - ocb), Shamsul Ibrahim (13); 84 Pekan Ramli (10 - ocb), Ang Ting
Kang (11), Mohamed Hanapi Amin (16), Mohamed Shahrum (14) Mazlan Mokhtar
TEAM: 96 Asri Madzlan (24)-Jalaluddin Alias (16); 84 Zaiful Nizam (12)-
Haizal Ariffin (12); 83 Bahari Abdullah (11)-Abdul Rahman Haron (12); 78
Norazman Ismail (18)-Mohamed Hanapi Amin (16); 77 Datuk Dina Rizal (12)-
Abdul Jalil (11) ocb; Safri Ahmad Shaer (12)-Paul Wong (7); 76 Khoo Boo
Boon (23)-Lau Peng Kai (14); 75 Patrick Choo (20)-K.C. Kang (24) ocb;
Sobri Pariluddin (20)-Abdul Aziz Kasim (23); Mazlan Mokhtar (12)-Shamsul
Ibrahim (13); 73 Leslie Lopez (12)-Lee Yan Long (10); 72 Winston
Jeyaprakash (19)-Mohamed Badri Jaafar (16) ocb; Tina Lim (16)-Peter Hoe
(20); 71 Tan Kok Cheng (18)-Mokhsin Abdullah (24); 70 Lim Ah Wah (18)-
Ganesan Sundram (19); 69 Harris Kudus (16)-Alex Yap (7) ocb; Ang Ting Kang
(11)-Khairul Annuar Azizi (9) ocb, Raymond Yee (22)-C.K. Low (20); 68 Tony
Francis (17) - K.P. Waran (16).

120 tee off with top prizes in sight


THE Pharmaton-National Press Club Golf Championship tees off today at the
Nilai Springs Golf Club in Negri Sembilan with 120 media and corporate
golfers shooting for honours.
The championship, to foster a better working relationship between the
media and corporate figures, has plenty of handsome prizes, especially at
the four par-three holes, to be won.
The grand prize for a hole-in-one is a Nissan Sentra 1.6 worth more than
RM100,000, courtesy of Tan Chong Motor, and a lucky golfer can drive it
away if he aces any of the four par-three holes - making chances a lot
If there is more than one winner for the Nisan Sentra, the prize will be
Golfers will also be showered with lots of goodies as at stake are two
29-inch television sets, two DVD players and two mini hi-fi sets from
National Panasonic.
The other prizes awaiting golfers and lucky draw winners are digital
cameras, handphones, karaoke sets, vacuum cleaners, diamond jewellery and
holiday packages.
Among the other sponsors and well wishers for the tournament are
Malaysian Assurance Alliance (RM20,000), Ambank (RM10,000), 100PLUS
(RM5,000), Milo (RM5,000), Cross Creek, Cannon, Alcatel, Nokia, JNG (M),
Wilson, Riche Monde, Tetra Pak (M) Sdn Bhd, Ecotint Sdn Bhd, IJM
Corporation, Selberan Jewellery, Astro, DRB Hicom, Damai Service Hospital,
Pat-Lin Communications Sdn Bhd, Denise the Wine Shop, Sheraton Subang, AXA
and AVIVA.

Nissan Sentra awaits the lucky golfer


GOLFERS teeing off in the Pharmaton-National Press Club Golf Championship
at the Nilai Springs Golf Club in Negri Sembilan tomorrow were given a
better chance of landing a Nissan Sentra 1.6 courtesy of Tan Chong Motor.
The hole-in-one prize, worth more than RM100,000, can be achieved in any
four par-three holes - making the odds of sinking one much brighter.
A Tan Chong Motor spokesman said yesterday that they have always had a
healthy relationship with the media, and this is a chance for them to show
their appreciation.
"We decided to make the odds of winning the Sentra much better by
placing it at all four of the par-three holes because we value the
contribution of the media in this country," said the spokesman.
But if there is more than one winner for the Nisan Sentra, the prize
will be shared.
Golfers will be showered with goodies as at stake will also be two 29-
inch television sets, two DVD players and two mini hi-fi sets from
National Panasonic.
The other prizes awaiting golfers and lucky draw winners are digital
cameras, handphones, karaoke sets, vacuum cleaners, diamond jewellery and
holiday packages.
Among the other sponsors and well wishers for the tournament are
Malaysian Assurance Alliance (RM20,000), Ambank (RM10,000), 100PLUS
(RM5,000), Milo (RM5,000), Cross Creek, Cannon, Alcatel, Nokia, JNG (M),
Wilson, Riche Monde, Tetra Pak (M) Sdn Bhd, Ecotint Sdn Bhd, IJM
Corporation, Selberan Jewellery, Astro, DRB Hicom, Damai Service Hospital,
Pat-Lin Communications Sdn Bhd, Denise the Wine Shop, and Sheraton Subang.

Ong can put a stop to the rot


By Jugjet Singh; Arnaz M. Khairul

REITERATING that he is virtually helpless in the campaign to save playing
fields, Sports Minister Datuk Hishammuddin Hussein has called on Housing
and Local Government Minister, Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting to play a bigger
role in this matter.
"As a Sports Minister, I fully support the campaign to save playing
fields, otherwise it will be a disaster. But my hands are tied because it
falls under the jurisdiction of the local authorities," said Hishammuddin
after chairing his Ministry's post-Cabinet meeting in Kuala Lumpur
"We must all work towards a common goal which is to preserve the quality
of life."
Hishammuddin also took a swipe at developers for their ill-management
which eventually leads to the loss of playing fields.
Among the numerous fields under the spotlight is the Ulu Klang
Recreational Club (UKRC) which has been marked for development by the
Selangor state Government.
And even the Deputy Sports Minister Ong Tee Keat, who is the Member of
Parliament for Ampang Jaya where the UKRC field is, just shook his head
and said: "I was the first to write and ask for the field to be saved, but
if people do not listen...," lamented Ong.
While Hishammuddin and his deputy's hands are tied due to the immense
political red-tape, no mention was made by both of them about seeking a
dialogue with the relevent authorities to save, or provide alternative
plots for fields which are marked for development.
"As I have said earlier, if anyone knows about school fields that are
going to be turned into, say labs, or more classrooms, please let me know
because we (Ministry of Sports) have an understanding with the Ministry of
Education to stop such intrusions," said Hishammuddin.
Hishammuddin said he also couldn't do much about State Government
policies, which dictate that development take precedence over sporting
Asked whether there was a need for him to call for a directive to
preserve plots of land where playing fields are located, Hishammuddin
said: "I can call for directives, but who's going to listen?"
"I would however, like to take developers to task. When we have playing
fields in residential areas, they should be kept. Sometimes new areas have
the playing fields for the first few years.
"Then the developers decide not to take care of it, and when it is down,
we lose it.," said Hishammuddin.

Prizes pour in for tournament


THE Pharmaton-National Press Club Golf Championship received an energy
boost from 100Plus yesterday, as RM5,000 in cash and product sponsorship
worth another RM5,000 were pledged for the event which will tee off at the
Nilai Springs Golf Club in Negri Sembilan on Saturday.
The championship also received two 29-inch television sets, two DVD
players and two mini hi-fi sets from National Panasonic yesterday.
The other prizes awaiting golfers and lucky draw winners are digital
cameras, handphones, karaoke sets, vacuum cleaners, diamond jewellery and
holiday packages.
A brand new Nissan Sentra 1.6 worth more than RM100,000 will be the
hole-in-one attraction, together with a set of irons by JNG for each of
the four Par-three holes.
But if there is more than one winner for the Nisan Sentra, the prize
will be shared.
100Plus Brands manager Ben Foo said they are proud to be associated with
the National Press Club (NPC), and would like to make a lasting
"This is the first time we are getting involed with the NPC and our
contribution is RM5,000 in cash and RM5,000 in kind. But I assure that it
will not be the last, because we would like to be associated with other
NPC projects as well, said Ben.
National Panasonic associate director of corporate communicatins Shahar
Noor was at hand to present their contribtions.
"We have been with the NPC for a very long time and I remember we
contributed when the placed was renovated a few years back. Our
contribution this time is a `small gesture' to help the NPC grow in size
and standard to become on par, or even better, than the Press clubs around
the world," said Shahar.
The championship also received a helping hand from Royal Selangor as
their communications executive Wong Wei Kim handed in the challenge trophy
Vincent Wong, TaylorMade assistant marketing manager, also chipped in
with two TaylorMade drivers worth a total of RM2,500.
Among the other sponsors and well wishers for the tournament are
Malaysian Assurance Alliance(RM20,000), Ambank(RM10,000), Milo (RM5,000)
Cross Creek, Alcatel, Nokia, JNG (M), Wilson, Rich Monde, Tetra Pak (M)
Sdn Bhd, Ecotint Sdn Bhd, IJM Corporation, Selberan Jewellery, Astro, DRB
Hicom, Damai Service Hospital, Pat-Lin Communications Sdn Bhd, Denise the
Wine Shop, and Sheraton Subang.

Teams sign up foreign stars as league kicks off early


THE Malaysian Hockey League (MHL) has been brought forward to May 30 from
June 6 and will take two breaks to accommodate the national team's
The Malaysia Hockey Federation (MHF) decided on the move in a meeting
with team managers as all the national players will be involved in the 12-
team League.
The first break will be on June 22 to cater to the national team's
preparations for the Champions Challenge in Randburg, South Africa, on
July 19-27. The League will resume on Aug 1.
The second break will be on Aug 10 when the preliminary round matches
are completed.
This is to facilitate smooth training sessions for the National Under-18
squad in their preparation for the Junior Men's Challenge in Poznan,
Poland, on Aug 18-23. Malaysia are the defending champions of the FIH-
sanctioned tournament.
"The league will resume on Aug 28 and the final will be held on Sept 7.
We have also decided to move the Asia Cup, which we will host, from Sept
13-20 to Sept 20-27," said MHF deputy president Tan Sri P. Alagendra.
The MHL is expected to be keenly contested this year as most of the
teams have hired foreign players to boost their chances.
Defending overall champions Bank Simpanan Nasional, who failed to secure
Pakistan duo Sohail Abbas and Kashif Jawad due to national duty, have
signed their fellow countryman Imran Warsi.
Sapura have South Korean skipper Kang Keon-wook while Ernst and Young,
formerly known as Andersen Sports Club, have hired Englishman Daniel
Thomas and Indian Len Ayappa.
Not to be outdone, former league champions Royal Malay Regiment have
secured the services of Hong Kong international Arif Ali.
The teams confirmed for the MHL are Bank Simpanan Nasional, Ipoh City
Hall, Royal Malaysian Customs, Ernst and Young, Johor Baru City Council,
Pahang Sports Council, Maybank, Royal Malay Regiment, Sapura, Srii Aroma
PISC, Tenaga Nasional and Royal Malaysian Navy Dolphins.

Right approach can do 'em good


THE MHF-Milo-Admiral-NSC Junior Hockey League ended on Sunday with new
hope for Malaysian hockey.
There was keen competition among the 22 teams at the start of the
tournament and when the final whistle was blown on Sunday with Tenaga
Nasional emerging champions, 11 had shown they had the quality while close
to 40 players can be groomed into better players.
However, Malaysian hockey can do with an improved racial balance.
Out of 434 players who had competed in JHL this season, there were only
four Chinese boys - one each from Old La Sallians Association of Klang
(Olak), Tenaga Nasional, Perak Malays and Synergy Hockey Club.
All four, however, have a long way to go before they can even convince
national selectors of a chance to play at higher level.
This is one area the Malaysian Hockey Federation have to address fast
with the help of the Education Ministry.
The JHL also showed that ill-tempered players can be turned into gems
with the right approach as is the case with Tenaga's S. Selvaraju.
Selvaraju was in a hopeless situation after being flashed the red card
for throwing his hockey stick at the technical desk while playing for
Malaysia Sports School last season.
However, he was given a second chance when national selectors included
him for the January International Four-Nation at Bukit Jalil. But the
coaches were in a dilemma as they did not know how to handle his on-field
He was branded by some as a talented player but with no future in
But when he came under the wings of Tenaga coach K. Rajan, his fortune
took a turn for the better. He helped Tenaga reach the final by scoring 10
goals and in the process became the joint top-scorer in Division One and
was named the Most Promising Player of the JHL.
"Before signing him up, I told him that if the situation becomes bad and
he could no longer control his temper, just raise his hand and I will rest
him for a few minutes," said Rajan.
It worked wonders as the ill-tempered youth turned into a gem-of-a-
player. In the initial JHL matches, Selvaraju could be seen walking
towards the bench asking to be substituted at regular intervals, but in
later stages, he kept his temper in check and never protested when he
received rough treatment on the pitch.
There is a lesson to be learnt here for national coaches who simply
wrote him off without bringing out his best. The only official who had
fought for Selvaraju was MHF Special Projects manager Poon Fook Loke.
Rajan has been with the Tenaga juniors for four seasons and guided them
to become the League champions in 2000 and 2001, and on Sunday, the
overall title.
"The jinx has been broken (as they have always fumbled in the knock-out
stages) and today (on Sunday), we took the first step towards many more
years of glory," said Rajan.
While Tenaga and Malaysia SS have the financial means to rope in the
best players in the country, Anderson Xybase are the poor cousins who
survived the JHL on true grit.
Anderson School coach Mokhtar Baharudin deserves recognition from the
National Sports Council and MHF for his commitment to the game.
Each Anderson player's daily food allowance at the school hostel costs a
pittance - RM4.50 while the budget for those at Malaysia SS RM20.
"We are a poor school when it comes to money, but my players make it up
by giving their best when on the hockey pitch," said Mokhtar, who is also
the warden at the school hostel.
"I'll need to field another team in the JHL next season so that there is
is a continuity of players in our programme. I have more than enough
players to make up two teams but money seems a big problem. I will try my
best to source for more money and place a team in Division Two next
season," said Mokhtar.
From the current batch, only one player will be overaged next season as
Anderson Xybase gambled with a majority of 16-year-olds and it paid off

No silver lining for women


IT is no secret that women's hockey in Malaysia is at its lowest ebb at
this moment and there are very few who can call themselves national
The national team, as shown by recent results, are that in name only and
the just concluded National Women's Junior league does not paint a
brighter picture for the future either.
Teams had to be forced to compete, and though Kuala Lumpur won the
title, it is not because they were a class above but simply because their
opponents were a class below.
And the prize money of RM5,000 for finishing top is not going to help
the development of the game in the city as it is a pittance compared to
the RM25,000 received by Tenaga Nasional for the Men's Junior League
overall title.
A KL official lamented that their total cost of playing in the women's
JHL was much higher than the prize money.
This, coming from a team which played all their matches at home, except
for the final where they had to `travel' to Bukit Jalil, is damning for
the women's future.
Batu Pahat, Pahang and Perlis, to name a few, not only lost several
matches but also ended up poorer.
Most coaches believe a carnival JHL is the only answer to their
financial woes.
The MHF(WS) should seriously consider this point because it looks like
they are facing an uphill battle to save the NHL, and next season, there
might not be enough teams.
MHF(WS) has hired India coach R.V. Kumar to lift the sagging standards
of women hockey but he can't be expected to pull off a miracle.
Kumar is no stranger to Malaysia as he was Sabah's coach before the last
Malaysia Games.
MHF(WS) secretary Dr S. Shamala said yesterday Kumar's paperwork has
been settled and he might arrive before the month's end.
"We have selected the national trainees from the JHL but will wait for
Kumar to have a look at them before naming the final list.
"He might have his own ideas and might want to have a look at a wider
pool before picking his trainees," said Shamala.