Saturday, August 22, 2015

Dharmaraj prefers women...

FORMER National coach K. Dharmaraj has had enough with the men, and if granted, he now wishes to train the women instead.
  Dharmaraj, who was elevated to the senior men's coach after taking his charges to a fourth spot in the Junior World Cup, does not want to re-visit the scheming and plotting which saw him unceremoniously dumped after a disastrous senior World Cup outing at the Hague, Netherlands.
  "I would rather coach the women now, as I've had a bad experience with a group of senior players who got together and plotted my exit. There was just too much of unnecessary stress and I also believe if I'm placed back with the men, many players will prematurely retire and I don't wan't that on my shoulders," said the present Kuala Lumpur Hockey Club and National Sports Council (NSC) development coach.
  The Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) has hired Australian Terry Walsh as Technical Director, and together with the coaching committee, Walsh is expected to announce the various national team coaches for the men and women in two weeks time.
  Dharmaraj also feels its up to the MHC and their selectors to kick out dead-wood, and trouble makers from the senior side.
  "I believe the MHC know everything and it is up to them, the scouts, as well as the new coach to select who they want and kick out who they feel would cause further trouble in the team.
  "As for me, I believe the women have potential and with 16 teams in the Junior World Cup, there is a great possibility of qualifying for the tournament if effort is placed," said Dharmaraj.
  On another note, KLHC will play Tenaga in the second round of the Premier Division Sunday, and the three points slant towards Dharmaraj and his men.
  In round one, KLHC beat Tenaga 3-1.
  RESULTS: Division One: Group A: BJSS 4 Masum-USM 1; Group B: PKS-KPM 3 ATM Airod  4, UiTM x Nur Insafi x.
  Women -- Group B: KL-Sukma x PKS-KPM  x.
  SUNDAY: Divison One (Second Round): Maybank v UniKL (Pitch I, 8pm), Sapura v Terengganu HT (Pitch II, 6pm), Tenaga v KLHC (Pitch II, 8pm).
  Division One -- Group A: MSN-THT v MSP-YP-SSP (batu Buruk, 6pm), Masun-USM v MBI (KLHA, 5pm); Group B: UniKL Young Guns v Nur Insafi (Pitch I, 6pm), SSTMI v Politeknik (SSTMI, 5pm).
  Women -- Group A: Politeknik v Penang Juniors (Malacca, 5pm), MSN-PHT v The Cops (Batu Buruk, 4pm); Group B: MSN-Kedah v SSTMI (Padang Serai, 5pm), PKS-KPM v UiTM Lions (Pitch I, 4pm).
  NOTE: National Hockey Stadium unless stated.