Thursday, April 25, 2013

DAP rocket blasted onto Pas moon...

THE Prime Minister's religious advisor Datuk Seri Dr Abdullah Md Zin yesterday blasted the DAP rocket all the way to the Pas moon, when he lambasted both parties for playing a 'hudud drama', just for the sake of a few votes.
  PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang had said that even though DAP were vocal about the implementation of hudud if Pakatan Rakyat were to come into power, they were not opposed to it.
   Umno on the other hand, were non-committal on the matter, while silently opposing its implementation.
  "It is very disturbing how Pas can make statements without any proof or basis, just for the sake  of winning a few extra votes. Everybody knows DAP's disdain on hudut, and Hadi is living in a dream world, and should wake up to reality," said Abdullah, who was the former MP for Besut.
  Abdullah pointed out that UMNO has always championed the Islamic way of living, as evident to the implementation of Syariah law.
   "Umno has always been championing the five tenets of Islam, and Syariah law is implemented in all the courts in every state. How can 
Pas claim that Umno is silently opposed to Islam by not implementing 
hudud law, as even Hadi himself had said earlier that hudud is only 0.001 per cent of the total laws in Islam?
  "It is DAP that has been very vocal in opposing the implementations of Islamic law, as Karpal Singh (Dap National Chairman) had said "over my dead body" when asked about it?
   "Another question for PAS is that how come they can't even implement hudud in Kelantan which they hold? If they can't follow their own dreams in Kelantan, why shout and rant about it during the election period only?," lambasted Abdullah.
  At a function for the retired in Kuala Besut yesterday, Besut 
Parliament candidate Datuk Seri Ibrahim Jusoh also took Pas to task.
   "Nothing that Pas politicians say can be trusted as they have been playing this game with DAP for decades. Hudud or no hudud always comes to the forefront during election years and is then placed in the dark after that.
  "Pas is fighting a losing battle in Terengganu, as they have failed 
to get the Chinese here to listen to them. As an example, a few Chinese got together and constructed a Pas booth near Jerteh, but it only lasted one day as it was torn down because they could not work together for even 24-hours.
  "How can they run a country is they can't even agree on a small booth in the run-up to the elections?," said Idris.
   About 200 pensioners were feted at the function, and most of them live and vote in the Kota Putera constituency which will see a three cornered fight between Barisan Nasional, Pas and PKR candidates.