Sunday, February 25, 2018

JHL: Division Three poser...

MALAYSIAN Hockey Confederation (MHC) competitions committee, in its last meeting, had decided to have a three division Junior Hockey League (JHL) this season.
  However, due to lack of entries, as many teams opted out -- the Competitions Committee decided to only hold a two division tournament.
  A few Competitions Committee members are baffled with the decision, as their last meeting was held on June 10, and even this year's JHL rules had a three division tournament (to be created).
  "So who decided to revoke the earlier decision, as the MHC Competitions Committee has not met since the last meeting in June 10, 2017?," questioned a member of the committee who declined to be named.
  Competitions Committee manager Brian Fernandez said: "We could not hold a three division tournament because of lack of entries, and also the JHL will take a break for the National Under-16, as well as the Youth Olympics to allow players from some teams to represent their states as well as the country.
  "Due to the prolonged tournament, it was decided that the JHL will not be held on a three division format as agreed earlier."
  When asked the date of their last meeting, Brian said it was sometime last year but he could not remember the month or date.
  "It was last year, but I can't remember the exact month or date. The information is in my office and I can only check it on Monday," said Brian.
  The Competitions Committee chairman is George Koshy, and a member said the last meeting he attended was in June 10, last year.

JHL: Malacca decline promotion...

THE Junior Hockey League (JHL) team managers meeting was held Saturday, and the Malacca Municipal Council (MBB) received the biggest shock when they received news of being promoted to Division One.
   JHL entries closed end of January, but until yesterday teams had yet to receive any news on the teams competing in Division One and Division Two.
  Malacca, who finished third in Division Two last season, were 'promoted' to Division One when Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL) did not put up a team.
  Shocked Malacca team officials immediately declined the promotion, as they did not have the players to challenge Division One teams.
  The Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) competitions committee then decided to promote Perlis, who finished fourth, and after much persuasion, Perlis agreed but are expected to face a tough time this season against the 'big guns' of JHL.
  There will be 10 teams in Division One, and 17 in three groups in Division Two.
  MHC decided to start the Division One matches on March 7, while the Division Two will start on March 28.
  Many team managers came out of the meeting room looking disturbed, because their questions were not answered, and they were brushed aside.
  "We were told not to make any media statements on the JHL team managers meeting or we will face disciplinary action from the MHC," said a manager who declined to be named.
  Many managers are not happy because until yesterday they still did not know which team is playing and where they will travel to.
  "Malacca received a shock when promoted because UniKL (who finished seventh in Division One last year) did not put up a team.
  "The questions that were asked were also brushed aside, and even though we have to submit our team lists by Monday, we have yet to receive the fixtures.
  "Since we have to travel all over during the JHL, giving us early information (like fixtures) would have made it easier to arrange for travel and accommodation if we need to stay overnight," said a manager who declined to be named.
  Four Thunderbolts teams, sponsored by Tenaga, and Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ)-Tigers, Old La Sallians Association of Klang (Olak), Perlis Lions, SSMS Resilient, Datuk Bentara Titanium and SSTMI Juniors will play in Division One.