Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jacko jokes from the www. (wild wily wreaths)


When Farah Fawcett got to heaven, and went through the pearly gates, she was greeted by God. "Wow!" exclaimed the Holy Ghost. "We really enjoyed your work here. Especially Charlie's Angels! I still have a poster in my office of you with that red bikini!" Farah is a little taken aback. "Thank you, Lord..." Jehovah goes on, "Well, I have a special reward for you. I'm prepared to grant you one wish. Have anything in mind?" Not one to act selfish and change God's opinion of her, Farah thinks for a second and decides upon a wish. "I'd like for all the children of the world to be safe and sound forever." "Done!" exclaims the Heavenly Father. He snaps, and Michael Jackson appears next to Farah.

FOR SALE -- One white glove with slightly stained middle finger.

BREAKING NEWS: The government have stated Michael jackson can't be cremated cause it's against their green policy. As his body is over 80% plastic he has to be recycled... and i guess turned into toys.

Michael Jackson's upcoming london dates have been canceled. They were James 9. and Thomas 11.

Madonna sent her condolences to the Jackson family. Then asked how much they wanted for the kids.

michael jacksons not really dead, he's been found at sea bobbing on a boy.

Reports that Michael Jackson was in the ER having a heart attack were false. He was actually in the childrens ward having a stroke.

How is Michael Jackson like a cigarette? They are both mostly white, they are bad for children and another name for them is "a fag"...

Whats the difference between michael jackson and sir alex ferguson......ferguson can still play giggs this summer

Michael Jackson’s death has now been ruled a suicide. Apparently doctors told him that the only way he could get whiter is if he died.

Mcdonalds is going to honor michael jackson with a burger called Mcjackson.apparently its a 50 yr old piece of meat in 4yr old buns.

2 paramedics standing next to jacko, one said to the other, "how do u perform CPR", the other one said "well, do u see that heart there, just beat it"

What were Michael Jackson's last words? "Take me to the children's hospital."

Jakkos dying wish was to be cremated and have his ashes mixed in with kellogs coco pops cereal so he could go through young kids asses one more time

What do Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett have in common? They'll both be at next Friday's John Denver concert.

The Jackson family to the funeral directors: "Do you take plastic?".

Michael Jackson, mother Theresa and George Bush were flying on an airplane full of elementary school children. The engines die and the plane is about to crash. There are only 3 parachutes. Mother Theresa:We have to save the children! George Bush: Screw the children! Michael Jackson: Do you think there's time?

NEWSFLASH! Uri Geller has reported Michael Jackson is said to be distraught after finding out ghosts can't have sex. Casper the friendly ghost is said to be relieved.