Friday, July 13, 2012

Olympic Torch Roti Roll..

Jul 11, 2012 - AMRTISAR: World will witness Sikhism's wonderful tradition of Langar (free kitchen) on July 21 when Sikhs will distribute free 'Roti Rolls Langar' to public to commemorate the carrying of the Olympic Torch by 101-year-old marathoner Fauja Singh (picture).
     "We are proud to share with the public, the 500-year-old Sikh tradition of serving free meals, (langar), to celebrate the carrying of the Olympic Torch on July 21 by Fauja Singh," told  Parvinder Kaur, project manager of Langgar 2012, Sikh NGO, United Sikhs on Wednesday.
     Third Sikh master Guru Amar Das had formalized the institution of langar uniting the Sikhs by establishing two key concepts of Pangat and Sangat.
     Project director, Langar 2012 , Mejinderpal Kaur said that branded in yellow t-shirts, specially designed with Fauja Singh's image, each volunteer, from the Sikh community and those invited from multiple faiths and backgrounds would come together to serve free meals to the local community of the five host boroughs of the Olympics. 
    The langar would be distributed at key points of the 30 mile Olympic Torch Route from Greenwich Park to Waltham Forest Town Hall she added.
    She said: "It was expected that there would be several langar service points in each of the five boroughs that the route traverses, each serving at least 1,000 Roti Rolls within two hours. The Roti Roll Langar is anticipated to reach thousands of people who would have turned up to cheer the day the Torch arrives in Newham, where Fauja Singh will carry the Torch."
     "Waheguru has given me all the opportunities to do all the other things in life both sporting and personal. I pray that Waheguru will allow me to fulfill this dream of carrying the torch in my home city in less than a fortnight. It would be the icing on the cake. To me this is as important as when I received a telegram from the Queen on my 100th Birthday last year," said Kaur while quoting Fauja Singh.
      At present, 15 gurdwaras from South and East London had agreed to participate and five more Gurdwaras were in the process of deciding. "We are inviting Gurdwaras from outside London from as far as north as Scotland to as far west as Wales to partner the London Gurdwaras to set up more 'Langgar 2012' service points informed.

Dharmaraj selects Sukma freshies...

NATIONAL Juniors hockey coach K. Dharmaraj has never  been so excited about the Malaysia Games, as he saw come  encouraging changes in all states at the Pahang Games.
    After watching almost all the matches, his conclusion was  that the Games has finally served its purpose.
   “All the teams hers, men and women, play attacking  hockey just like the Project 2013. There was full press in all  the matches I watched as state coaches adapted the Project  2013 style of play.
    “This is a very encouraging news, as hockey was played at  a high pace, and there were many quality players in every  state,” said Dharmaraj.
    All the Project boys who went back to their states were  either made into skippers, or took the lead in their de partments.
     “Previously, this was not the trend, as some of the Project  players looked jaded when they played for their states. But in  Pahang, my boys are making their presence felt,” said  Dharmaraj.
     The other encouraging news is that Dharmaraj has spotted  at least one new face from every state.
     “Even Sarawak has a promising player in Rhohan Utok who  can flick the ball from one semi-circle to another. He will be  among those who will be called for a camp during the fasting  period,” said Dharmaraj.
     Only Kuala Lumpur players have not been selected: “I  know them (KL boys) like the back of my hand and will select  them at a later date.”
     The fresh faces selected for training are Sobirin llias  (Perlis), Hanif Azaemi (Kedah), Azwar Rahman (Penang),  Haris Fadillah,  Meor Azqan Haasan (Perak), Amir Zulka rnain Robangi (Selangor), Asraf Zulzali (Negri), Rasydan  Saiful (Malacca), Safeed Roslan (Johor), Sufi Ismat Ro hulamin (Terengganu), Azmi Deraman (Kelantan), Najib Abu  Hassan (Pahang).

London A War Zone..

Armed and ready...


 Security: Soldiers in residential tower blocks and green open spaces were yesterday pictured installing surface-to-air missiles at a number of sites across the capital. This image shows Rapier missile systems on Blackheath Common
 Show of strength: With two weeks to go before the start of the London 2012 Olympic Games, it marks a dramatic development as part of the security operation
 Force: Soldiers are pictured preparing the missile site on the top of Lexington Building, Tower Hamlets. It is part of the biggest peacetime security operation the country has ever seen
Deadly: This picture shows troops testing anti-aircraft guns in Hyde Park, London in 1939. Many older generations of people no doubt thought they would never see such weaponry in the capital again.