Saturday, June 15, 2013

Paul Revington quits, Dharma and Lim proposed to be axed..

Paul Revington during happier days..

MALAYSIA’S World League Semi-finals hopes were shredded to rags yesterday when chief coach Paul Revington sent in a shock quit e-mail.
    And the Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) coaching committee met at Bukit Jalil, with its 16 members baring their fangs and claws to propose that Junior World Cup coach K. Dharmaraj and 1Mas Project Director Lim Chiow Chuan be removed from their duties.
   Apparently, both Dharmaraj and Chiow Chuan had a hand in Revington’s sudden decision even though the World League will be held in Johor Baru from June 29-July 7.
   “I received an e-mail from Revington stating that he quit as the National coach with immediate effect. It came as a shock, and when I tried to call him, I could not get through.
    “However, after a lengthy deliberation by the coaching committee members (16 attended yesterday), it was decided unanimously that we do not accept his resignation as Malaysia needs a coach with such caliber to helm the national side.
   “It was proposed that the coaching committee meet or get in touch with Revington in the next few days, to try and convince him to reverse his decision. The World League is just around the corner, and a change now could turn disastrous,” said coaching committee chairman Manjit Majid Abdullah.
   Among the reasons cited by Revington is a threatening email, as well as outside interference from certain quarters which has made his job as a coach very difficult.
    It was also learnt that some of the players are no longer willing to take instructions from him.
    And in case Revington, on the National Sports Council’s payroll since July last year, decides to stake his stand, the coaching committee decided on a back-up plan.
    “It was decided that in case Revington is adamant on his stand, former coach Sarjit Singh will take charge for the World League in Johor,” said Manjit.
  Sarjit was removed as the seniors coach after Malaysia finished third, behind Japan and Germany, in the 2008 Kakamigahara Olympic Qualifier.
     The proposals to remove Dharmaraj and Chiow Chuan will be forwarded to the MHC management committee, which will meet on June 30 in Johor to deliberate on the urgent matter.
     For the record, Dharmaraj led his juniors to win the inaugural Sultan of Johor Cup, then the Junior Asia Cup gold which took Malaysia into the New Delhi Junior World Cup in December.

Paul Revington quits...

Malaysian  coach Paul Revington quits today in a shocker, as the World League Semi-finals looms...
     Reasons to follow soon...
     Junior World Cup coach K. Dharmaraj and 1Mas boss Lim Chiow Chuan proposed for the boot...