Thursday, September 18, 2008

Karamjit gets Fusion to Excel

FROM LEFT -- Jagdev Singh, Karamjit Singh and Fusion Excel chief executive Paul Ting.
By Arnaz M. Khairul
ARMED with a little injection from new sponsors, Karamjit Singh and Jagdev Singh have their eyes set on just securing the Malaysian Rally Championship (MRC) overall title in the next round in Johor on Oct 11-12.
If expectations were for the duo to look at the overall title in the Malaysian Rally 2008 (MR8), which is round five of the FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC), held simultaneously during that round, it is not to be. Karamjit-Jagdev will be present that weekend, but only as competitors in the local round.
"It is not financially viable for us to compete at that level, to fork out the budget and on top of that not get any points for competing there, as the regulations have changed. Even our car will not be on par, as the regulations for APRC have allowed a number of expensive upgrades for Group N-spec cars," said Karamjit.
"So, we will look at just one objective, which is the national championship. I need only two more points to secure my 10th ever national title and that is what we're going to look for."
He was speaking after receiving a RM20,000 cash injection from new sponsors Fusion Excel International, who also provide Quantum Science alternative health products to the team.
Fusion Excel chief executive Paul Ting said the company has been helping the careers of athletes in less popular sports and as such, saw Karamjit as an ideal partner.
"We've supported a number of golfers, some bowlers, even those competing in dragon boat races. We know that unlike football or other glamourous sports, the others have difficulties in raising the funding, so when we found out Karamjit was having the same difficulties, we stepped forward and got the ball rolling," said Ting.
This is the first step towards building a budget sufficient to enable the GSR-Pennzoil Racing duo of Karamjit and Jagdev to compete in a full season of the APRC next year. That would require a budget of at least RM2 million, significantly more than the RM400,000 they need to compete in the MRC this year.