Monday, June 13, 2016

Two more likely for Premier Division...

THE MALAYSIA Hockey League (MHL) entries close on July 1, and the Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHF) are looking at eight teams in the Premier Division.
  Last season there were six teams and Terengganu Hockey Team, coached by Sarjit Singh, were crowned as the double champions.
  And there were 13 teams in Division One, while the women's league had 11 teams.
  The MHL is scheduled from Aug 5 to Sept 25.
  "We hope teams will adhere to the deadline with regards to the closing of entries and registration of players," said Competitions Committee chairman George Koshy.
  "Ample notice has been given to the teams and I hope there will not be cases of teams appealing after the closing date."
  The Premier Division will see a significant change in the fielding of national players.
  "A team can register any number of national players but only eight can take the field at any given time. And the definition of national players also includes foreign players, of which, each team can register a maximum of six.
  "And the early indications are that two more teams might register for the Premier Division making it an eight-team event," said Koshy.